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Maluma - 11:11 (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. That is a very bad album cover.
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  2. It gives me Coverlandia teas
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  3. The cover is a mess but I'm really looking forward to this. HP is one of my favourite singles from this year.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The cover made me think of Magnolia Crawford
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  6. Looks like it was taken in front of my bathroom mirror.
  7. Will give this a listen surely guided by my thirstiness too.
  8. Where's Shaki?
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  9. That cover is tragic but I'm excited.
  10. Thinking the same thing, I guess anything they've recorded will be on her's.
  11. Get her on the "Soltera" remix please.
  12. New song, "Dejale Saber". It's cute but didn't quite hit me in anyway.

    In more interesting news he's made what I think it is his late night US tv shows debut on Jimmy Fallon. Great performance although the censoring of the cursing Spanish words is amusing but understandable.


  13. Not bad on first listen. The Savan/Ilya track (Tu Vecina) goes off obviously.
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  14. "Tu Vecina" oh my god yes.
  15. Love it too. It does strangely sound like Havana - Camila Carbello to me though.
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  16. I am...enjoying this album very much.
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  17. I was just about to come in here. It’s basic hoe bop in the best way. I’ll replace that girl he’s singing about, gladly
    Te Quiero, Saldera are also bops
  18. Reeeeeeally nice record. HP, Te Quiero, Tu Vecina, 11PM, and Soltera are IT.
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  19. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    His non-impact. Decided to give this album a listen, it's very 16 versions of Macarena isn't it? So little variety. But it's summery boppy enough. I like Me Enamoré de Ti the most.
  20. I still have to listen to this. I was so wrong about HP, it grew on me a lot and surprisingly smashed. And 11 PM is just wonderful, competing for best song of his career honestly!
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