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Maluma - 11:11 (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Nice summer tune and damn both are hot in that video...
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  2. It’s a very cute video and I like how their voices complement each other.
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  3. Ricky really doesn't age.

    What's going on with Maluma's career and his international launch?
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  4. He'll crossover completely as soon as he releases Tu Vecina as a single.

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  5. Those two in one video is too much for my gay heart to handle. Beautiful isn't even the word. lol
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  6. Judging from this video Ricky has gone back in the closet - Slow down Papi indeed.
  7. I think he was being Maluma's wingman to get that lifeguard.
  8. I just came across Dispuesto (feat. Ozuna) and this HAS to be a single PLEASE. What a bop.

    In another news, new song with J Balvin which I will most likely love. Ugh, these two... I hate how fine Maluma is.

  9. It's out. Not bad but not amazing either, yet.

    The video is funny?

  10. Is there a presale (not O2 priority) for his concert in London? I can't find anything about it.
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  11. Me outside Maluma's tour bus parked up at the O2

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  12. My life is better now that I follow Maluma on insta.
  13. Why are the new dates not even on his website?
  14. He's touring Greece and playing in front of my building next March, what's happening.
  15. GET IT!

    Que Pena really grew on me lately; a shame it's kinda flopping. #90 on overall Spotify isn't ALL that for a J Balvin feature. :/
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  16. This is so good whew. Much better than the J Balvin collab.

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  17. If this would have been any other forum I would just post an aubergine emoji.
  18. This is helping my Spanish.

    And my loins.
  19. This gif, whew.
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