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Maluma - PAPI JUANCHO / #7DJ

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MC54, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. The latin heartthrob has dropped a surprise 22-song set, entitled PAPI JUANCHO.

    “This year has been, like, full of surprises, and they’ve not been that positive,” Maluma, 26, told The New York Post over the phone from Miami, where he’s launching his new LP. “I wanted to give a good, very positive surprise.”

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  2. No Bad Bunny or JLo feature? BOOOO!

    But if there's one silver lining for 2020, the sheer volume of music we've gotten is insane.
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  3. His english collaborations with Jennifer Lopez are being held for their joint-movie soundtrack, apparently.
  4. Oh I'll be damned. Hawái has also entered the Spotify WW Top 10 which is nothing to scoff at considering his career seemed to have taken a definite plunge. The song is a sweet bop so I'm glad it's finding success.

    A 22 songs set though? I may try it later.
  5. The cover is a TOOT.
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  6. This is a lot more instant than 11:11 after a few listens. The singles are two of the weakest songs though kii.
  7. This is as poor as I suspected it would be. I kept the singles, Salida de Escape, Boy Toy and Mai Mai but there are no signs of growth whatsoever other than my crush on him.

    I wonder what's keeping him or his team from at least trying to expand on his sound and do something remotely interesting as Maluma is now five albums into his career and stuck behind the same sonic pallette while the likes of Bad Bunny, J Balvin and to some extent Ozuna keep trying new things and succeeding at it commercially and critically.

    Edit: Viento (Interlude) is also quite good.
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  8. Wait a bit @ Hawái reaching #3 on the Global Spotify chart. That's quite good. I wonder if it became some sort of Tik Tok hit?
  9. If only he released a visual album with just dancing for a straight hour.
    Oh well, Instagram it is.
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  10. The results of good marketing. He was the only thing everybody talked about these last few days. He closed his Instagram because his ex girlfriend (the song is dedicated to her) is dating Neymar, and the football player made fun of Maluma listening to Hawaii in a vídeo while celebrating the victory of his team. It was viral and helped the song a lot.

    Yesterday, Bayern Munich won against the Neymar team and celebrated with the song too and Maluma appeared with a Bayern t-shirt.
  11. LordT! Thanks for the input ddd. Who knew footballers could be so petty but Neymar and his antics both off and especially ON court more than deserve it.
  12. Oh boy, this is truly "first world problems - the war". We want more of this telenovela, yes.
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  14. I for sure never thought he had another commercial peak in him. Well done.
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  15. I still don't use Hawái at all but I'm glad King is getting another hit out of it.
  16. Hawaii is the new Despacito. The song is literally everywhere.
  17. I wonder if he’ll need a Spanglish remix to properly smash in the States or if he’ll be capable on his own?
  18. Bieber remix incoming.
  19. Honestly, I could (unfortunately) see it happening.
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