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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by harpospeaks, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. not one comment?hmm..i guess this means they are in trouble then!
    quite like the new single.heard it on R2.
    not spam btw-just wondered what anyone else made of them!
  2. Do you have CAPITAL LETTERS on your keyboard?
  3. YES! is there something im missing?
  4. A capital letter at the start of each sentence wouldn't go amiss, but your typing is kinda endearing.
  5. It's a tribute to e e cummings.
  6. Ah yes i forgot this place was pedantic about things like that!
    still-it did make me look up e e cummings
  7. Well that's my job done with regards to educating the masses today.
  8. My waistline isnt that big (yet!)
  9. mass-body mass.
    not particularly witty but then im not michael patrick king (your turn to go to wikipedia!)
  10. LP


    I saw them live last year..they were indeed very good.

    Very funky and very cool. A very tight band
  11. 1 actual reply.
    looks like theyre not cutting through at all.shame as i think the singers got a hell of a voice
    oh well!
  12. BUMP.

    Just downloaded a new album from this act today. It's actually a great little album. Very retro, very funky, incredibly summery. I guess it won't be a popular thing on Popjustice but still recommended!

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  13. I loved their debut Route to Riches, but wasn't too struck on their next couple of albums. Happened across the Golden Days album on Spotify today and it is absolutely lovely. Best new album I've heard in ages.
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