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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikl C, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi, I have basically no idea what the chinese music scene is like. I'm going there in August and I'd like to recognise some big mando hits if they're played.

    I'm familiar with Super Junior M obviously, are there any similar type artists? Or anything uptempo and amazing? Or the stone cold pop classics.

  2. Revolutionary C-pop

    There's Jay Chou who makes every female weak.

    S.H.E are probably their most popular girl group. Rainie Yang and Jolin Tsai are some famous female solo singers.

    On the whole C-pop isn't particularly interesting these days. The 90s and 80s were a lot more exciting in terms of Mandopop as it had Teresa Teng (Dengli Jun) but she died in 1995 because of an asthma attack in Thailand.
  3. I second Ribzy suggestions of S.H.E. and Jay Chou.

    My tastes are probably too out-of-date, or two not-pop to be of much interest, but here are a few links anyway:

    F4 are my favourite Chinese-language boyband:

    And they gave the world Vanness Wu, for which we should be eternally grateful:

    Leehom Wang's pretty good too:
  4. Not too informed on C-Pop, but one of my faves has already been mentioned, Jolin Tsai, she has her own PJ thread, too~

    Oh.. and if you don't mind Taiwanese Pop.. Elva Hisao's Biao Bai is good.
  5. Wait, is c-pop cantonese? They wouldn't play that in Beijing would they?
  6. I use C-pop as an umbrella term for Madarin and Cantonese pop, so pop from China and surrounding areas, really. Are you looking for Mandopop in paticular, though?
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