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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

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What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

    0 vote(s)
  1. [​IMG]

    "Don’t tell me how I had a vision
    That this day would come to be
    Call it luck, call it intuition
    Here I am (here we are), isn’t that enough
    For a little bit of reality
    Fate is good, fate can be real
    If you believe it’s what you feel"

    Prologue To A Fated Fandom

    “Ugh. I despise Mandy Moore. A plague onto her
    & her fans!”

    That was my first reaction to ‘Candy’ in the summer of 1999. Come on now, as pop fans we’ve all been there. We've all had visceral reactions to both things we love & hate. Mandy, unfortunately, ended up on the wrong side of that range at the start.

    I mean, this was 1999. The year of Britney (Gold), Christina (Silver), & Jessica (Bronze?). I was ‘Team Britney’, hard… so in my unfair worldview, even Christina & Jessica sorta felt like also-rans to Britney in the female pop movement of ’99. I did like Christina, though (and tolerated Jessica, I guess) but they were most definitely not Britney level in my book. For better or worse, sometimes I pick favorites & am fiercely loyal to whom I deemed the 'worthy one'.

    By the time the buzz started around Mandy Moore, she seemed like the most desperate of all the Britney copies. A cheap sales pitch by Epic to cash in on the ‘teen pop craze’. To me, there was no room for this little tween hanger-onner (is this a word? who knows?) in my pop sphere. I found her intolerably try-hard in an industry where I tend to even find the most manufactured pop endearing. I mean, she basically had merchandise in Toys R Us the same week she had a single. Dolls! There were Mandy Moore barbie dolls for a singer who had no top 40 hit. Madness! ( I mean, who did she think she was? )

    Oh, but she did have a first single…and what a single it was. It arrived in all of its glossy glory in the summer of 1999 with the full force of the pop hype machine behind it. Some loved it. For me, it landed with a gigantic ‘thud!’.

    To say I did not like Candy was an understatement. Despite the pretty intro, it deterotiated quickly into a sugary tooth decay of a song that did not work for me. From the awkwardly innocent , but weirdly loaded lyrics… to the super try hard video that seemed like a bad juice box commercial. It was all a cringe fest, to me. Everything that was successful about ‘Baby One More Time’ or ‘Genie In A Bottle’ was trying to be copied, but none of it was connecting with me. Had there been a Popjustice Forum at the time, I would’ve been there for the draggings & maybe leading them!

    As you can tell, I had that petty & visceral pop-rage we’ve all experienced as pop fans from time-to-time. This girl had incurred my pop-wrath & I wasn’t here for her. Thank you, next.

    The thing is, despite not even becoming a top 40 hit, Candy was everywhere. In some ways, Mandy Moore helped pioneer the the omni-present, semi-flop, buzz single concept. Her legion of fans got her video on MTV’s TRL for months & she started to become a name pop star despite 'proper chart' success. (In many ways, her type of success perfected a lot of pop fandom we still have in place today.) I found this oddly fascinating & also a tad infuriating.

    With me, though, she was in the pop fandom hole and it can be hard for most to get out of that once they are there. Turned out, she’s is not just anybody, though. She’s Mandy Moore… and things started to happen in quick succession that changed my mind about her.

    "I keep hangin around
    Got some attachment to you..."

    The seeds of a future rate host are planted

    The first thing that changed my mind was the release of the song ‘I Wanna Be With You’ in early 2000. Quite simply: I. Was. Floored. It showed a maturity beyond her peers & the song was just beautiful. Her vocal was stunning & the song gave me pop chills….as much I wanted to deny it. I loved the song & video. I saw her perform an acoustic version during MTV's Beach House in summer 2000 & I was wowed with her live voice. She was also interviewed & I found her completely charming. Noooo!!!! I was being bewitched by this little pop sorceress! Surely it was temporary & I would snap from this enchantment. I wasn’t yet a fan, but I backpeddled on my earlier thoughts & removed the plague I had wished upon her & her legion.

    That same year, she got show on MTV called the ‘The Mandy Show’ where she just chatted with teens about the issues of the day. (Her marketing team has to be commended for the hustle they put into her. I mean, they really wanted her to happen.) Anyways, I caught some episodes & continued to be completely charmed by her. There was something different about her. At this point, I had to admit that I was becoming a fan. I had the bought the ‘I Wanna Be With You’ single & wound up buying the album (basically a repackaged version of her debut). Deservedly, 'I Wanna Be With You' became a real hit & I started rooting for her. She was no Britney, but she had become my second fave of the ‘The Big Pop Girls’ at the time. (I mean, maybe she wasn’t really a BPG, but you get the drift.)

    She would leapfrog Britney in my fandom in 2001. The double whammy of the self-titled album Mandy Moore & her role in the Princess Diaries, moved her into the forefront of the mainstream pop girls from the era for me (though Nelly Furtado was really my fave of the time, she was sorta on the wonky fringes of the industry, & actively being marketed as the anti-big pop girl.) Mandy Moore, the album, exuded a confidence that outshone her peers & I thought it was amazing. Much like her label, I was disappointed it didn’t sell was well as it should’ve.

    2002 saw Mandy finally really become a full-fledged star, & I was perched. A Walk To Remember was a bonafide hit & the soundtrack sold very well, arguably becoming her most successful musical project up to that point. What a time...

    "I try but I can’t seem to get myself to think of anything but you"

    Last night an album of random covers saved my life

    It was 2003, where I hit peak stan for Mandy. The one-two punch of the movie How To Deal & the album Coverage sent me into transcendent pop tailspin, very few pop stars have sent me into. It’s fair to note, I was struggling with some pretty dark stuff around this time in my personal life & my Mandy fandom was one of the few happy things that kept me going. And kept me going, she did. I’ll be blunt, my desert Island album is Coverage. It has been since 2004 & if Carly Rae’s Emotion can’t surpass it, perhaps nothing probably ever will.

    Coverage failed though, spectacularly, & Mandy was unceremoniously dropped from Epic. Well.

    For me, though, she had done the unthinkable. She had gone from my least favorite thing in pop to my absolute favorite. Since then she been a mainstay in my pop obsessions, even due to her relevant lack of of consistent output.

    While, she went on to concentrate mainly on movies & tv the next couple of years, she finally gave us the amazing Wild Hope in 2007 & it was worth the wait. It was also this year, I finally got to see her live & that was a special moment.

    She gave us another great album in 2009 (Amanda Leigh) & has since mainly gone back to film & television, where she does the occasional singing or soundtrack work.

    Recent news about the abuse she endured in her marriage to Ryan Adams has shed new light on why she stopped releasing music… but she appears to revving up to start agin. Good for her & good for us.

    I think it’s safe to say, that if you’re wanting to take part in this rate, you're a pretty big fan & you’d love some new music from her ASAP (as it’s been over 9 years.) But, at least we have an amazingly solid & diverse discography to draw upon for rate purposes. Since we are twenty years into her career & it seems as if she might be starting a new era soon, this seems like the perfect point to rate her existing discog.

    "And now I'm ready to be extraordinary..."

    The Rate, The Rules, & The Rest

    I have settled on 84 songs to rate. Why 84? Well, I’m a sucker for numerology & Mandy was born in 1984. Some of the extras included might seem a bit fringe, but I have included them for three reasons.
    • One is that since this the first time she’s ever had a rate I wanted it to be very comprehensive.
    • Two is that I feel like some of the extras, while ‘fringe’ do sometimes show off a part of her talent that deserves showcased.
    • Thirdly, is that I just really wanted to include a few for pure greedy satisfaction!

    I’ve built a Spotify Playlist with over 60 of the songs. I’ve also linked them all to YouTube below.

    This rate is probably a bit ambitious for my first one, but I really want this thread to celebrate & serve as a mini-retrospective of her first 20 years in our pop lives. So, I plan some little mini essays & other diversions along the way. If you’re interested in writing a mini-essay about something Mandy related (that you feel would work better outside of your regular song commentary) let me know! I’d love contributions.

    One last thing.

    Since Mandy is perhaps known as well (or to some even more) for her movies & acting (and because I’m sure many raters have their fave Mandy movies, etc) I’m including the option to also submit a ballot your top 10 Mandy acting moments.

    This can include movie roles, tv show roles, voice work, etc. You don’t have to submit 10 if you don’t want. If she only has three you really liked etc… that’s fine.

    Your #1 gets 10 points, #2 get 9 points, and so forth. I’ll assemble those ballots into a little mini chart, so we can see what her most popular acting roles are.

    A complete list of her roles is here>

    You have 5 weeks to get me your scores, commentary, (& your optional top 10 Mandy movie/tv roles.) That’s April 22nd, people!
    *edit: Extension granted! APRIL 29th is when ballots are due!

    To send me you scores, simply drop me a Private Message. There's a PM friendly songlist below. (Remember to add up to 10 fave Mandy acting roles, too... if you want.)

    As far as your song scores, I don’t like Zeros for scores, so please rate all the songs 1-10, with one 11 for your absolute fave Mandy song. Decimals are allowed in the rate (.1, .2, etc for scores between 1-10). Send as much commentary as you want with your scores.

    Whew, that’s a lot! So excited to go on this rate journey with you all. Let’s do Mandy proud!

    Mandy Moore Discography Rate Song List (titles link to YouTube)

    So Real

    1. So Real
    2. Candy
    3. What You Want
    4. Walk Me Home
    5. Lock Me In Your Heart
    6. Quit Breaking My Heart/Reprise
    7. Let Me Be The One
    8. Not Too Young
    9. Love Shot
    10. I Like It
    11. Love You For Always

    I Wanna Be With You (The PJ Edit)

    1. I Wanna Be With You
    2. Everything My Heart Desires
    3. Want You Back
    4. The Way To My Heart
    5. Your Face

    Mandy Moore

    1. In My Pocket
    2. You Remind Me
    3. Saturate Me
    4. One Sided Love
    5. 17
    6. Cry
    7. Crush
    8. It Only Took A Minute
    9. Turn The Clock Around
    10. Yo-Yo
    11. From Loving You
    12. Split Chick
    13. When I Talk To You


    1. Senses Working Overtime
    2. The Whole Of The Moon
    3. Can We Still Be Friends
    4. I Feel The Earth Move
    5. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
    6. Drop The Pilot
    7. Moonshadow
    8. One Way or Another
    9. Breaking Us in Two
    10. Anticipation
    11. Help Me
    12. Have a Little Faith In Me

    Wild Hope

    1. Extraordinary
    2. All Good Things
    3. Slummin’ In Paradise
    4. Most Of Me
    5. Few Days Down
    6. Can’t You Just Adore Her
    7. Looking Forward To Looking Back
    8. Wild Hope
    9. Nothing That You Are
    10. Latest Mistake
    11. Ladies Choice
    12. Gardenia

    Amanda Leigh

    1. Merrimack River
    2. Fern Dell
    3. I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week:
    4. Pocket Philosopher
    5. Song About Home
    6. Everblue
    7. Love To Love Me Back
    8. Indian Summer
    9. Nothing Everything
    10. Bug


    1. Stupid Cupid
    2. On The Line
    3. Only Hope
    4. Someday We’ll Know
    5. It’s Gonna Be Love
    6. Top Of The World
    7. God Only Knows
    8. Singing To The Song Of Life
    9. Secret Love
    10. When Will My Life Begin
    11. I See The Light
    12. Healing Incantation
    13. Wind In My Hair
    14. Amazing Lucky Scarf
    15. Willin’
    16. Invisible Ink

    Album Extras/Misc:

    1. Feel Me
    2. Hey
    3. Swept Away
    4. Could’ve Been Watching You
    5. Umbrella

    PM Friendly List *(updated 3/19)
    So Real

    1. So Real
    2. Candy
    3. What You Want
    4. Walk Me Home
    5. Lock Me In Your Heart
    6. Quit Breaking My Heart/Reprise
    7. Let Me Be The One
    8. Not Too Young
    9. Love Shot
    10. I Like It
    11. Love You For Always

    I Wanna Be With You (The PJ Edit)

    12. I Wanna Be With You
    13. Everything My Heart Desires
    14. Want You Back
    15. The Way To My Heart
    16. Your Face

    Mandy Moore

    17. In My Pocket
    18. You Remind Me
    19. Saturate Me
    20. One Sided Love
    21. 17
    22. Cry
    23. Crush
    24. It Only Took A Minute
    25. Turn The Clock Around
    26. Yo-Yo
    27. From Loving You
    28. Split Chick
    29. When I Talk To You


    30. Senses Working Overtime
    31. The Whole Of The Moon
    32. Can We Still Be Friends
    33. I Feel The Earth Move
    34. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
    35. Drop The Pilot
    36. Moonshadow
    37. One Way or Another
    38. Breaking Us In Two
    39. Anticipation
    40. Help Me
    41. Have a Little Faith In Me

    Wild Hope

    42. Extraordinary
    43. All Good Things
    44. Slummin’ In Paradise
    45. Most Of Me
    46. Few Days Down
    47. Can’t You Just Adore Her
    48. Looking Forward To Looking Back
    49. Wild Hope
    50. Nothing That You Are
    51. Latest Mistake
    52. Ladies Choice
    53. Gardenia

    Amanda Leigh

    54. Merrimack River
    55. Fern Dell
    56. I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week
    57. Pocket Philosopher
    58. Song About Home
    59. Everblue
    60. Love To Love Me Back
    61. Indian Summer
    62. Nothing Everything
    63. Bug


    64. Stupid Cupid
    65. On The Line
    66. Only Hope
    67. Someday We’ll Know
    68. It’s Gonna Be Love
    69. Top Of The World
    70. God Only Knows
    71. Singing To The Song Of Life
    72. Secret Love
    73. When Will My Life Begin
    74. I See The Light
    75. Healing Incantation
    76. Wind In My Hair
    77. Amazing Lucky Scarf
    78. Willin’
    79. Invisible Ink

    Album Extras/Misc:

    80.Feel Me
    81. Hey
    82. Swept Away
    83. Could’ve Been Watching You
    84. Umbrella

    Don't forget to add up to 10 of your favorite Mandy movies/acting roles. (#1 being your fave & so on). I'll create a mini-chart of those so we can see what are her faves among PJ. You don't have to fill all 10 spots, if there's not that many you care about.(I mean maybe you just love TANGLED & want to vote for that... *hint, hint*). A complete list of all her acting credits s here, to remind you:


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  2. Pleased to announce 18 people submitted ballots for Queen Mandy!

    Here they are:

    @Music Is Life

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  3. Results, Rate Stats & more!

    • 84 Songs Total Were Included In This Discography Rate
    • I have divided them into 6 categories for more granular ranking details among her albums, etc
    • Each song will be highlighted & linked to its respective post once eliminated.
    • I'll also add where it ranked within its category & overall

    Running Elimination Scoreboard: 84 of 84 Songs eliminated


    #79 - @Robert : 'Your Face'
    #66 - @Zar-Unity: ' Let Me Be The One'
    #61 - @LKane : 'Nothing Everything'
    #57 - @chris4862 : 'Pocket Philosopher'
    #45 - @RUNAWAY : 'Ladies' Choice'
    #29 - @CasuallyCrazed : 'Everything My Heart Desires'
    #21 - @ladylloyd : 'Gardenia'
    #20 - @Robsolete & @Sprockrooster : 'Looking Forward To Looking Back'
    #19 - @Remorque : 'It's Gonna Be Love'
    #9 - @pop3blow2 : 'The Whole Of The Moon'
    #8 - @ohnostalgia : 'Saturate Me'
    #6 - @Music Is Life : 'Senses Working Overtime'
    #3 - @Florencia. : 'Cry'
    #2 - @tylerc904 & @vague : 'In My Pocket'
    #1 - @unnameable & @VivaForever : 'I Wanna Be With You'

    So Real/I Wanna Be With You (0 of 16 songs still alive)

    So Real (5th of 16 | 30th of 84 overall)
    Candy (2nd of 16 | 4th of 84 overall)
    What You Want (9th of 16 | 60th of 84 overall)
    Walk Me Home (6th of 16 | 40th of 84 overall)
    Lock Me In Your Heart (11th of 16 | 64th of 84 overall)
    Quit Breaking My Heart/Reprise (15th of 16 | 78th of 84 overall)
    Let Me Be The One (12th of 16 | 66th of 84 overall)
    Not Too Young (8th of 16 | 56th of 84 overall)
    Love Shot (10th of 16 | 63rd of 84 overall)
    I Like It (13th of 16 | 72nd of 84 overall)
    Love You For Always (14 of 16 | 74th of 84 overall)
    I Wanna Be With You (1 of 16 | 1st of 84 overall)
    Everything My Heart Desires (4th of 16 | 29th of 84 overall)
    Want You Back (3rd of 16 | 26th of 84 overall)
    The Way To My Heart (7th of 16 | 44th of 84 overall)
    Your Face (16th of 16 | 79th of 84 overall)

    Mandy Moore (0 of 13 songs still alive)

    In My Pocket (1st of 13 | 2nd of 84 overall)
    You Remind Me (7th of 13 | 25th of 84 overall)
    Saturate Me (4th of 13 | 8th of 84 overall)
    One Sided Love (5th of 13 | 12th of 84 overall)
    17 (11th of 13 | 51st of 84 overall)
    Cry (2nd of 13 | 3rd of 84 overall)
    Crush (5th of 13 | 5th of 84 overall)
    It Only Took A Minute (10th of 13 | 38th of 84 overall)
    Turn The Clock Around (9th of 13 | 37th of 84 overall)
    Yo-Yo (6th of 13 | 22nd of 84 overall)
    From Loving You (13th of 13 | 75th of 84 overall)
    Split Chick (8th of 13 | 33rd of 84 overall)
    When I Talk To You (12th of 13 | 55th of 84 overall)

    Coverage 0 of 12 songs still alive)

    Senses Working Overtime (1st of 12 | 6th of 84 overall)
    The Whole Of The Moon (2nd of 12 | 9th of 84 overall)
    Can We Still Be Friends (5th of 12 | 18th of 84 overall)
    I Feel The Earth Move (7th of 12 | 28th of 84 overall)
    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (6th of 12 | 27th of 84 overall)
    Drop The Pilot (4th of 12 | 16th of 84 overall)
    Moonshadow (8th of 12 | 39th of 84 overall)
    One Way or Another (9th of 12 | 54th of 84 overall)
    Breaking Us in Two (10th of 12 | 58th of 84 overall)
    Anticipation (11th of 12 | 62nd of 84 overall)
    Help Me (12th of 12 | 73rd of 84 overall)
    Have a Little Faith In Me (3rd of 12 | 13th of 84 overall)

    Wild Hope (0 of 12 songs still alive)

    Extraordinary (1st of 12 | 7th of 84 overall)
    All Good Things (2nd of 12 | 14th of 84 overall)
    Slummin’ In Paradise (3rd of 12 | 15th of 84 overall)
    Most Of Me (8th of 12 | 32nd of 84 overall)
    Few Days Down (7th of 12 | 24th of 84 overall)
    Can’t You Just Adore Her (12th of 12 | 67th of 84 overall)
    Looking Forward To Looking Back (4th of 12 | 20th of 84 overall)
    Wild Hope (3rd of 12 | 17th of 84 overall)
    Nothing That You Are (9th of 12 | 36th of 84 overall)
    Latest Mistake (11th of 12 | 47th of 84 overall)
    Ladies Choice (10th of 12 | 45th of 84 overall)
    Gardenia (5th of 12 | 21st of 84 overall)

    Amanda Leigh (0 of 10 songs still alive)

    Merrimack River (4th of 10 | 43rd of 84 overall)
    Fern Dell (3rd of 10 | 35th of 84 overall)
    I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week (1st of 10 | 11th of 84 overall)
    Pocket Philosopher (7th of 10 | 57th of 84 overall)
    Song About Home (10th of 10 | 77th of 84 overall)
    Everblue (9th of 10 | 71st of 84 overall)
    Love To Love Me Back (2nd of 10 | 23rd of 84 overall)
    Indian Summer (5th of 10 | 49th of 84)
    Nothing Everything (8th of 10 | 61st of 84 overall)
    Bug (6th of 10 | 50th of 84 overall)

    Soundtracks & Extras (0 of 21 songs still alive)

    Stupid Cupid (18th of 21 | 81st of 84 overall)
    On The Line (17th of 21 | 80th of 84 overall)
    Only Hope (1st of 21 | 10th of 84 overall)
    Someday We’ll Know (3rd of 21 | 31st of 84 overall)
    It’s Gonna Be Love (2nd of 21 | 19th of 84 overall)
    Top Of The World (8th of 21 | 48th of 84 overall)
    God Only Knows (11th of 21 | 59th of 84 overall)
    Singing To The Song Of Life (19th of 21 | 82nd of 84 overall)
    Secret Love (6th of 21 | 42nd of 84 overall)
    When Will My Life Begin (15th of 21 | 70th of 84 overall)
    I See The Light (9th of 21 | 52nd of 84 overall)
    Healing Incantation ( 20th of 21 | 83rd of 84 overall)
    Wind In My Hair (12th of 21 | 65th of 84 overall)
    Amazing Lucky Scarf ( 21st of 21 | 84th of 84 overall)
    Willin’ (14th of 21 | 69th of 84 overall)
    Invisible Ink (7th of 21 | 46th of 84 total)
    Feel Me (10th of 21 | 53rd of 84)
    Hey (4th of 21 | 34th of 84 overall)
    Swept Away (16th of 21 | 76th of 84 overall)
    Could Have Been Watching You (5th of 21 | 41st of 84 overall)
    Umbrella (13th of 21 | 68th of 84 overall)

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  4. Reserved 3
    Just to be safe! edit: glad I did!

    ★★Other Fun 'Mandy Rate' Stuff of Interest★★


    Links to the 'Mandy Annual' write-ups:
    (basically a short synopsis of each year of Mandy's Moore's amazing career '99-'19)

    - The Mandy Annual: 1999
    - The Mandy Annual: 2000
    - The Mandy Annual: 2001
    - The Mandy Annual: 2002
    - The Mandy Annual: 2003
    - The Mandy Annual: 2004
    - The Mandy Annual: 2005
    - The Mandy Annual: 2006
    - The Mandy Annual: 2007
    - The Mandy Annual: 2008

    Special Edition Essays

    - Split Chick Reflections: The Cosmic Duality Of Mandy Moore
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  5. Still making a couple of tweaks, but Welcome to the Mandy Moore Discography rate! Ahhh!!!!

    I realized my text editor formatted my song list wrong, so I actually only had 81 Mandy songs. My brain couldn't handle that, since I had built-up the idea of including 84 songs. (since she was born in 1984). So, I added few super odd, short song extras for my own sanity. I don't expect they will last long, but I had my heart set on 84 songs, so there. Ha!

    I'm still double checking to make sure all the YouTube links work as they should in the song list, but it's pretty much final now. I'll start tagging people in the next couple of days.

    This is my first rate, so bear with me. I'd love for there to be at least 20 voters, so if you know any Mandy fans on the Popjustice forum, please let me them know about this.

    Everything is good to go now with the song list. Got the song list back to the original 84 songs & all the links to YouTube appear correct. Woohoo! (VivaForever helped me find my missing songs.)

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  6. Wow! Great first posts @pop3blow2 !!

    I hadn't realised how extensive Mandy's discography really was! I only know the first album in full, and bits and pieces from the rest so I don't think I'll make it but I look forward to watching this thread - your love for her is inspiring! <3
  7. Thanks so much! If you decide to dive in & rate her discog, I'd love to have you. There's a six week voting window. Regardless, glad you'll be following along... should be fun & interesting.
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  8. I an here to perform a mission impossible. How to choose an 11?!?!
  9. I’ve been a massive Mandy fan since day dot, and even had a fan site back in the day, so I’m really looking forward to this rate. It seems like a lot of effort has been put into it too! I hope we get a good amount of voters. I also hope some of the songs that were done dirty in the Mandy/Jessica/Britney/Christina first album rate get better scores this time.
  10. @iheartpoptarts -- are you voting is this one?

    Here to say my 11 is set in stone as Candy, but to be fair I don't know any of her later material so ready to discover gems.
  11. I'll be honest, even after my initial rejection of Mandy (when I started to become a convert with 'I Wanna Be With You' in 2000) I've still always struggled with a great deal of So Real. Most of it is not her fault. I just find some of the songs kinda generic & not completely suited to her voice. They were of the time, though... so they make sense in context & do have a vibe that really helps encapsulate late 90's millennial-pop.

    The fascinating thing to me, is that while even at barely 15 when recorded her debut, she already had a very strong & clear recording voice. In fact, while re-listening for the rate, I was reminded by how great her voice was so young. You completely understand why she was signed to a label at that time. Unfortunately, in my opinion the beauty & clearness of her voice gets lost in many songs on So Real. There was too much of her being directed to add all kinds of trendy vocal stylizations & phrasings to the proceedings.

    All that being said, through the lens of nostalgia & her entire career arc, I find So Real kind of endearing now. It will likely receive some of my lowest scores in the rate, personally, but I understand why its beloved by many. (I'm not tanking it by any means, ha!)

    For me, though, the I Wanna Be With You album was a better use of her talent & indicator of her future greatness. For a long time, it was her debut album in my head canon.
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  12. We stan a ballad hit written by (and featuring background vocals by) Christian rock sensation Plumb. When will Jennifer Paige?!
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  13. I don't belong here with all the post-bubblegum - trust me, it's for the best!
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Only Hope better be Top 5.
  15. I'm so excited to see how this all goes. Her musical career is all over the place & I think people's faves might be too. I think this will be an interesting rate!
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  16. Haha! You know I'd love to have you, but I understand. Hope you'll still follow along.

    Due note: If you have some favorite Mandy Movie/TV roles, you can still submit a ballot of your (up to) top 10 if you want. I plan to make a mini-chart of Popjustice's fave Mandy acting roles if there's enough interest.

  17. @pop3blow2 - You may want to scour this rate and tag anyone who was involved with it for potential voters since Mandy's first era was rated.

    Host tip - always look for past rates and discussion threads for potential voters right off the bat and keep track of who said they were interested as a list on the first page so you can re-tag people along the way with reminders. *wink*
  18. Thanks!

    I made a post in the Mandy thread in Comeback Corner, too. I'll probably start tagging some possible voters soon.

    The limit is 5 names per post, right?
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  19. Yes, just five per post. Otherwise the 6th person doesn't get the notification.
    Zar-Unity likes this.
  20. I am so doing this! Its been a while since i participated in a rate, but i ADORE Mandy and I can't wait to dive back into her catalogue for this!
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