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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by pop3blow2, Mar 18, 2019.


What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

    0 vote(s)
  1. Also...just out of curiosity, how do you guys usually go about exploring the songs? Chronologically, by album, skipping around?
  2. Yes! Please keep reminding me
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  3. Hell @Josh K , thanks for popping in! I'm bias, of course, but Mandy would be a great first discography rate for you to participate in. It's the first one I've hosted, so I'm trying to do her some pop justice, too & make it special.

    There's no right or wrong way. In the rates I've done, I usually just start from the beginning & work my way through. Commentary is optional. Some people write commentary for only some songs, some write for almost everyone, & some don't write any at all. The important thing is your scores!

    If you have any favorite Mandy acting roles, you can share those in your ballot too. If there's enough interest, I'll make a mini-chart of Popjustice's favorites.
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  4. Couple of random notes as I'm prepping the next Mandy Annual (to be posted sometime in the next couple of days):
    • Mandy Moore is one of the best live pop singers I've ever heard. Ever. I had this opinion going into the rate, but listening to hours of live performances on YouTube, etc has just solidified that. Singing live isn't the end-all be-all of pop, but it's a special talent not everyone has.
    • Thanks to everyone who voted for Mandy in the monthly chart! It was great seeing Coverage on there & I also appreciate the extra promo for the rate. Seeing 20 years of Mandy fandom finally have some sort of outlet is so oddly fulfilling for me & seeing her all over PJ in different threads has been fun.
    • The first ballots have been coming in... So exciting! It's fair to say things will be interesting & that I will not be on the same page as some of you on some songs. Haha! That said, the commentary so far is great (even when I disagree) & even moving a few times. You all are awesome.

    The next Mandy Annual is for 2003, obvs. I have a lot of opinions, anecdotes, & things to say about Mandy circa 2003-2004… as this is when I was pretty much peak Mandy (though there were some also some patches of ‘peak Mandy’ around Wild Hope in 2007 & Tangled in 2010). I mean, Coverage is one of my 'everythings' in the history of my music fandom, so of course I have a lot of thoughts.

    That being said, I’m trying to keep the 'Mandy Annuals' a bit concise (I mean, as concise as I can be) & informative.... rather than get too editorial or opinionated with them. So, I may save some of my more complete thoughts about that era for song commentary or any ensuing 'extra write-ups' they inspire. (If nothing else, this thread will hopefully not be without tons of Mandy content for future generations to rummage through.)
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  5. *realizes she forgot to include self-titled in her albums chart despite her songs chart being chock full of Mandy* SHIT!
  6. It's all good. I was super happy one Mandy album made it. I really didn't expect that. It was nice seeing all that Belinda on the album chart, too.
  7. [​IMG]

    “You stretched for the stars
    and you know how it feels to reach
    too high,
    too far,
    too soon...”

    The Mandy Moore Annual: 2003

    As 2003 started Mandy seemed ready to take on the world. Based on the success of A Walk To Remember, she was getting scripts left & right. She had a canon of film roles in the works & spent part of the spring completing her 4th album. As if Mandy-mania wasn’t already amping up with general public after 2002, nothing shoots your celebrity up faster than a high profile romance. In early 2003, Mandy had that too, as it was finally officially publicized she was dating tennis superstar Andy Roddick. (Mandy & Andy… the press eats up that kinda stuff.)

    Spring saw a couple of random Mandy one-offs. This included her episode of Punk’d on MTV (I mean every pop star had an episode of Punk’d in the early 00’s , right?). She also lent her voice an episode of the cult classic cartoon Clone High, where she played herself.

    As summer started, the promo machine went to high gear for her next starring role, How To Deal. The success of A Walk To Remember had placed a certain degree of expectations on the film. The teen dramedy was released in July. Despite a huge release (over 2,000 theaters) & a fair amount of buzz, it met with a thunderous ‘thud!’, both critically and, perhaps even worse, financially. The box office receipts were so bad it was pulled from theaters after its third week. Ouch.

    It was no one’s fault, per se, as it was going up against some stiff summer competition & just got lost in the shuffle. (It probably should’ve a spring movie… even then, who knows.). I love the movie & always thought it a sweet film. It's surely one of those movies that would be better turned into a short-run Netflix show today (as they possibly tried to squeeze too much movie into less than two hours). In 2003, that obviously wasn't an option, though. Ultimately, since Mandy was the lead actress in the film , a supposed teen draw, & an up & coming big name in the industry, so in the press the brunt of the films failure seemed to fall on her shoulders. She handled it with her typical grace. (The grace of a 19 year-old, mind you.)

    With the drama of a movie flop under her belt , she moved onto starting promo for her next album. Things were also looking good in her romantic life (and her famous beau even won a US open with her attendance). I try not to fall down the celebrity couple rabbit hole, because it’s sort of a gross industry. That said, even I was eating up Mandy & Andy 2003. Much like everything else about her, there was something even sort of different about even her celebrity relationships. Meanwhile, the press was eating up the teen boom, especially amazing female teens. This hit fever pitch with the iconic foldout Vanity fair cover featuring: Mandy, The Olsen Twins, Hilary, Lindsay, Raven, Alexis Bledel, Amanda Bynes, & Evan Rachel Wood.

    In the fall, promo for Coverage was ramping up. The lead off single 'Have A Little Faith In Me', released over the summer, had limped onto to pop charts (and even fizzled on MTV's TRL). Despite being a fairly on-brand single for Mandy in some ways, it just didn’t catch fire. Undeterred, Mandy (and Epic to be fair) put a ton of energy into the launch of Coverage. She had spots on many talk shows (including Oprah), a live AOL Sessions, there was a VH1 special, & heck she even got a feature on NBC’s Dateline (many of these are embedded below.) The album actually did ok critically & at the very least, most critics loved that she was doing something different than her peers... and complimented her taste in song choice.

    As a diehard Mandy fan, in peak mode, this was one my pop golden ages. I have probably never rooted more for an album’s success in my pop fandom, than I did for Coverage. I certainly have an essay coming about that at some point. Regardless, seeing her literally everywhere, was so special. And she was everywhere.

    When Coverage was finally released in October, it actually debuted higher than any Mandy album before (#14). The initial rush, though, was sadly the only one. The album plummeted off the charts over the next couple of months. Epic, who had given Mandy free reign on the album (since she recorded it on her own dime), seemed uninspired by the project & put little effort into the remainder of the campaign. No other singles would really be pushed. After 5 years of diminishing returns with Mandy on the label, they both seemed done with each other.

    As the year wound down, Mandy was at all kinds of awards shows. She also hosted the VH1: Women Rock Concert -Songs From the Movies. Always a musical theater geek, she was the perfect fit & even got to break out into song with Debbie Reynolds. She also popped on The Osbourne’s more than once (including the Christmas episode this year) which I aways found sorta fun. I really liked the friendship she seemed to have Kelly & whenever I saw them together & it made me smile.

    It was an odd year in the career in the year of Mandy Moore. A year where she arguably got more positive media coverage & hype than she ever had. To see that lead to two relative flops was... well, as a fan it was crushing. As someone fascinated with the pop machine, it was beyond interesting. As a human, to see how she handled it all was also inspiring.

    As if Mandy hadn't proven her versatility enough, she ended the year continuing a beautiful version of the standard 'Secret Love' to the Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack. Little did we know at the time, this would the last proper Mandy recording we would get for the next 3 years.

    How To Deal (Trailer: Early 2003)

    Oprah: (Fall 2003)

    Dateline NBC Feature (Fall 2003)

    VH1 All Access (Fall 2003)

    Women Who Rock: Songs From the Movies Special (Winter 2003)

    Mandy Magazine Mentions (from my archives!)

    Seventeen August 2003


    60 Things I Want To Do Before I'm 30

    #4: Cuss somebody out - People have this image of me as wholesome, and that's very much who I am. But for some reason, I love to cuss. I don't do it front of my parents, because they don't like it all - my dad says it's not not proper for a young lady. But I just love the F word. It's jus the best word ever. That said, I've never cussed anyone out.

    #53: Learn About A Different Religion - I want to learn about a different religion. I grew up Catholic, but my grandfather was Jewish. Knowledge about other religions can help you understand your own better. I think it's kind of hypocritical to believe one thing and don't know about any others.

    Teen People November 2003


    Becoming Mandy 2003

    "Making this album was another huge step for me in my growing up. I can't tell you how good it felt not to be told, 'Hi Mandy, this is your record & this is how every song will sound.'... which is how it used to be. I recorded a bunch of older songs that I love & want younger people to hear, and I made this album exactly how I wanted to make it." - (ed. Gawd this quote gets me. She really did that! The rebellion of it all was just so subtle & glorious. I love her.)
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  8. Coverage is the best cover album ever.
  9. The relatability here.
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  10. If this isn't me EXACTLY.
  11. Actually, it's not me exactly, because fuck isn't the best word ever. My favorite swear word is bitch, but hell and ass are right up there.

    Other than that, though.
  12. How Do I deal may be the one early 2000s Mandy movie I haven't seen.
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  13. I love her responses when asked about other singers who wear revealing outfits. Sex positive queen.
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  14. I know! I mean, I already adored her at the time, but her ability to both be positive about other women's choices, while sincerely standing the ground 'that wasn't her thing' was usually articulated so well by her... and she was 19! It made me respect her all the more. She never really threw any of her peers under the bus about their artistic choices, per se, but also still managed to rightfully draw attention to the fact that what she was trying to do was different and maybe even more rebellious in some ways ... which I actually completely agreed with. Coverage is one of the most rebellious albums ever made by an artist, much less a woman & 'bubblegum' popper at that... who decided to make it during an era where 'pop sexuality' had been turned to 11.

    I said it until my friend's ears bled in 2003, I'll say it many more time during the rate, so I'll go ahead & say it now. Mandy Moore, three years removed from 'Candy', going into a garage, making Coverage (an album where track 1 is a freaking XTC song!), & confidently handing to her label as her fourth album... is one is the most pure punk rock things I've ever seen a major label artist do. (My heart screams just thinking about it! It's so inspiring.)

    I literally fell out of my chair the first time I saw the track listing for the album. It wasn't so much the Joni, the Carly, or the Carole. Those choices were amazing, but made sense.

    It was combining those artists with: XTC, The Waterboys, Joe Jackson, & Joan Armatrading. I was like, 'this girl is another level.'

    Her. Mind.
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  15. Confession time: I'm almost done with Wild Hope and I hate to say this but really nothing is really clicking for me. I was never really into her 'poppy' days besides "Candy" and that hasn't changed and though I like a lot of acoustic pop artists, her particular brand isn't resonating with me much. I don't know what it is, but I'm a melody driven fan of pop music and vocals, but I don't find Mandy's voice very exciting and the melodies aren't ever catchy to me so here I am with one 11 (obvious) a 9, and a bunch scores in the 4-8 range and a few 3s. Should I keep scoring? I don't want bring down averages with my scores and I fear I'm not really going to be as engaged in the proceedings because most of these songs are not going to be memorable for me. I hate to say all this but I also feel I need to be honest and put forth that I have definitely tried. This is one reason why I am usually pretty hesitant about doing rates where the material is all new to me.
  16. Hmmm, that's an interesting dilemma. I appreciate your honesty.

    On the first part, at least based on the few of ballots I've gotten, your scores would not be dragging down the overalls. I have no idea how that will check out in the next couple of weeks though, as I have no idea how many people are going to vote & how the final scores will skew.

    That said, while I like/love pretty much all her music... based on her career arc, genre jumping, & fringe extras, I expected some divisive scores, so that's fine.

    On the second part of of your concern though, if you've tried to get into her later stuff & just aren't feeling it, I completely understand if you want to bail. I imagine it's a wildcard participating in a rate where a lot of the material is new to you. I've done it a couple of times so far (for artists I wanted to learn more about) & it's worked out ok, but I could see how it might not at some point. If you're just not liking the music & have little interest in her 'overall Mandy-ness' in the context of pop-culture (like I imagine/hope some people participating do), then the proceedings might not be super interesting to you going forward.
  17. Just to continue my train of thought from above. Obviously I want as many people to vote as possible... but I also completely understand Mandy Moore's music career & discography is a completely freaking weird grab bag.

    Between her bubble gum pop, proper pop, a weird covers album, random Disney soundtracking, other assorted weird soundtracking (including her go as a singing country & western cat on a children's show)... and oh, two albums of folk/rock..... yeah, I imagine there's a reason she's had never had a complete discography rate on here... Haha!

    She reminds me of another favorite artist I'd love to do a rate for at some point, Charlotte Church. I mean, talk about a weird discography to tackle!

    All of that weirdness is one reason I love her, but I also completely understand if it's all not for you. So, hopefully most of you who are participating like/love Mandy enough to rate everything fairly in context... and hopefully at least some of you find her overall discography as wonderfully quirky as me. (I also just think she's a wonderfully versatile vocalist, but some may disagree. )

    I also hope some of the Mandy Annual posts help put some of her discog into context, as that was at least part of their goal.

    *Edit: Note to people considering voting or on the fence
    Ultimately, I know Mandy's music might be somewhat fragmented & compartments of it might not be to your overall taste (or you just might not think some of it is even very good period... that's ok), but I'd still love for you to participate if you like/love any part of her music, as your thoughts/stories/or scores word be very appreciated. This rate is as much for some overall #MandyJustice if anything.

    Maybe you'll find some new songs you like by her or wind up with a better overall appreciation of her talents.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Added an edit to a thought above, because basically ..... my brain.

    For me, this both a discography rate & an 'operation #MandyJustice', so thanks again for participating & following along up to this point. Hope it's been enjoyable!

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