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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

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What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

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  1. [​IMG]

    "I've got one, two, three, four, five
    Senses working overtime
    Trying to taste the difference 'tween a lemon and a lime
    Pain and pleasure, and the church bells softly chime"

    The Mandy Moore Annual: 2004

    How big of a star was Mandy Moore in 2004? Well, let’s put it this way, as 2003 wound down there were unfinished scripts floating around Hollywood simply titled: ‘Untitled Mandy Moore Starring Vehicle’. Yeah, studios were writing scripts around her very name & on-screen presence. This was all sorta strange, I think even to Mandy. I mean, at this point she had only achieved one hit movie where she was a lead & another as part of an ensemble . Yet, here she was being taxed with opening a movie with only her name & having its success riding on her. She was 19.

    One of those aforementioned 'vehicle films' came to fruition in January of 2004. Maybe lighting could strike again…. with a romantic comedy right at the Valentine’s day season? Or maybe not.

    Chasing Liberty, a picturesque film where Mandy played the president’s daughter on a journey of self discovery through Europe, was released to yet another dismal reaction. This time, it faired worse both critically & financially than the disaster that was How To Deal. Though to be fair on the financials angle, it did open in less theaters. Still, with back to back anemic box office pulls, it was becoming obvious that despite all her talent & charm, maybe Mandy just wasn’t a box office ‘opener’.

    Mandy was still doing some promo for her pet project Coverage in early 2004, including releasing one final single ‘Senses Working Overtime’. (Let me just end this era of my Coverage stanning by saying this. The fact that Mandy was able to milk Epic for one more single out of her obviously dead album before they 'parted ways'… and that single choice was freaking 'Senses Working Overtime', is one of my favorite pop things of all time. There’s not enough exclamation points, emoji, or text formatting I can apply here to express my joy about this. Ok, back to the regularly scheduled programming.) While details were sketchy, Mandy left Epic Records(Sony/550) in early 2004. The commercial failure of Coverage & an obvious change in musical direction that Epic wasn’t exactly on board with, led to their parting of ways. Contractually she still had two albums left with them, but these would be filled by the first of two ‘Best of Collections’ in 2014.

    Regardless of these setbacks, Mandy was all over the newsstand. She appeared on no fewer than 10 major magazines in 2004, many in the early part of the year. Maybe she couldn't sell movie tickets or albums, but girl could move some magazines. In her personal life, her very public relationship came to an end with Andy Roddick. The reasoning seemed to be his apprehension & struggle to being in such a high profile romance, oddly mirroring some of the plot points of Chasing Liberty. The woman's career really does get interestingly meta sometimes.

    The seeds for Mandy’s foray into fashion design where also planted in 2004, when her love of vintage t-shirts was parlayed into actually designing some. She mentions this in one of the clips embedded below, but this would actually grow into something bigger in the coming years.

    In June Mandy was finally, err saved, from her streak of flops. Mandy was cast as the slightly misguided/evil Hilary Faye in the cult black comedy Saved! which was released to widespread positive reviews & acceptable box office returns for a small film (at its peak it was only in 589 theaters in the US). Due to its satirical take of religion, Mandy found herself in the crosshairs of some backlash, though. The film both caused some controversy for its subject matter & even for Mandy herself, as some people obviously thought her character of a virginal preacher’s daughter in A Walk To Remember was really her. (Oh, the things we project onto pop stars.) Mandy’s proclivity to be completely iconoclastic in her artistic choices in this era was probably one of my favorite things about her.

    While there was sadly no soundtrack for Saved!, the movie did feature Mandy singing twice. Once was the quirky duet choice of her & Michael Stipe (lead singer of R.E.M. & producer of film) doing a cover of the Beach Boys classic 'God Only Knows' . As a fan of all three, this was right up my alley. Since this was never officially released, I was surprised to see the amount of scrobbles the song had on when researching a song-list for this rate. (She also sang a parody ‘inspirational song’ with her group The Christian Jewels in the movie. I left that off the discography rate, haha!)

    Outside of that, there was no musical output from Mandy in 2004. The first of her ‘Best Of’ compilations was released in November & was actually a pretty good overview of her music career up to that point. It also included a DVD of her videos & AOL live sessions. Though she disowned the inclusion of songs from her first two albums on the ‘best of’, come on now Mandy let’s be real… the label was gonna milk your couple of moderate hits for all they could.

    The release of the ‘Best Of’, added to the air closure that the proceedings seem to have at the end of 2004. The first 5 years of Mandy’s career had contained some dizzying highs & pretty rough lows. Now 20 years old, she seemed to be perfectly fine with completely shedding her teen idol past & moving forward. What path would that be, though?

    Chasing Liberty trailer (January 2004)

    Chasing Liberty Interview (January 2004)

    Making of Saved! (Summer of 2004: Volume sort of low, sorry! But an interesting mini-doc.)

    Late Late Show (June 2004. Wow, she was on that show a lot!)

    Mandy Magazine Mentions (from my archives!)

    YM Feb 2004


    She's Not Afraid Of Taking Risks

    "There's so many movies for kids about losing your virginity before graduation. In A Walk To Remember, Jamie shows people there's another way to go about things." Much like Mandy. She's hoping January's Chasing Liberty will be just as successful. It's a part Mandy could relate to, since a President's daughter is a lot like a paparazzi-stalked actress. "Everywhere I go, someone is watching", she says.

    Despite her success with sweet-girl roles though, like A Walk To Remember, Mandy doesn't want to be typecast, which is why she took the role in How To Deal."I wanted to be someone I have nothing in common with - an authoritative chick who is cynical about love", says Mandy.

    Teen Vogue November 2004


    Making Her Move

    Amanda Leigh Moore's whole career has been built on an air of sweetness & light: She first rose to to fame as the singer of "Candy", a teen pop single so sickly saccharin it could cause cavities. Then she made her movie-star debut as the ultimate do-gooder in the Christian-themed dying young drama A Walk To Remember. But lately, even before the the twin torpedos How To Deal & Chasing Liberty opened to anemic ticket sales & abysmal reviews, Mandy has been thinking about burning it all down -- in of course her gracious good-girl way.

    Paper May 2004


    I Don't Want Candy

    Moore says of her period with Sony. "It was time to be with people who understand me and to have a bit more creative control." She cringes when recalling how her career began in 1999. "I was a big old geek. I was 15 with this horrible hair and tacky makeup and outfits. I know what it's like to be on the road, singing music I detested. I was dancing because it was popular, even though I hated it. It's what people were buying into. You're out on the road promoting something you had no say in. It wasn't working, and I was frustrated. I just wanted some authority."

    Now that she's switching tracks in her career, Moore's all about living in the present. She doesn't want to predict who she'll be or what she'll be doing 10 years down the road. She is, however, ecstatic to be shedding the sugar-coated public persona of her teen years. "It's like this new chapter in my life is opening up," she says with a big, toothy smile. "I'm doing these completely different films. I'm starting a new record. Things are sort of up in the air. It's a bit of a gamble and a risk, but I'm happy -- really, really happy."

    Marie Claire May 2004



    What Was I Thinking Fashion Moments

    Halloween Costume
    Age 4

    "This costume was one of my most treasured possessions. I was crazy about the Gators cheerleaders. That's not exactly a shocker since we lived in Orlando & both my parents went to the University of Florida. So when I got this costume I thought I was such a grown-up with pom-poms & a short skirt. I wore it for a few Halloweens in a row. It worked: I scored a lot of candy as a Gator Girl. " (ed. This little blurb is so on brand it's AMAZING. What a little opportunist. Haha!)

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  2. "Chasing Liberty" meant all the Mandy fans knew who Matthew Goode was years before "Watchmen".

    I still adore Saved! Mandy and Macaulay must have had a blast making that.
  3. I know! I just watched again the other night. It's such a good little movie & with a pretty amazing 00's cast. Jena Malone has always been a fave of mine, so her and Mandy in the same movie was a pretty big deal. Lots of other people really steal scenes, too.. including Macauley, Heather Matazarro, & Eva Amurri.
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  4. I tried watching Chasing Liberty last night and just couldn't.

    Tried watching Saved! today and enjoyed it... up until the DVD started skipping, rendering it unwatchable. Sad times.
  5. Yeah, it's definitely hokey. I find it oddly charming for nostalgia & like the on location shooting, but it's not essential viewing. I remember seeing at the theater in 2004 with a friend & we were like the only ones in there. Poor Mandy.

    Ugh...oh no! I've had that happen before & it's so frustrating.
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  6. Also...

    I had some issues with my draft for the 2004 post earlier (I didn't realize I had it open in two tabs, oops). As such, it published with a few more errors & typos than normal! I think I have fixed them & also fixed one of the magazine pull quotes, too that was incomplete. Sorry about that.

  7. So I’ve been doing more ratings today. My scores for the Mandy Moore album are insanely high, what a great album.

    Also, I’m not sure which song will get my 11 yet. Usually in rates I know from the off but there’s about 3/4 that I could give it to in this one.
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  8. Whew... what a list! Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen that yet.

    I would've screamed for heads in 1999 if Candy made any 'best of' lists, haha! Now, I completely agree it belongs on there... despite what Mandy thinks. (Sorry Mandy, don't kill us.)

    The album poll would seem to agree with you.

    I do, too.
  9. I understand artists hating their early manufactured music, but the songs are still soooo good it makes me sad.
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  10. Yeah, I can understand artists not liking their work & disregarding it. Especially if they were very young and had no say in the proceedings. I imagine it’s frustrating to then get a bit older and still be known for songs you don’t like & were just told to sing.

    That said, the songs happened & a lot of people love them. As an artist, do you owe a certain amount of acknowledgement or reverence to them? Who knows. I guess that’s a personal choice, I try to respect. If I like the songs, I like them though!

    I’m rambling a bit, as this isn’t necessarily just a ‘Mandy thing’, but a part of pop I find interesting in general. It infects the ‘one hit wonder’ part of the industry too. So many artists have one huge hit and then go on to create their best work years later, but none of it sells as well. Many then start to resent the hit that made them famous at all. It’s something I find interesting... from just a human psychology & artistic process angle.
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  11. I think Mandy's softened on her first two albums over time. She performed Candy several years ago when she was on Rachael Ray.
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  12. Yeah, she did. Even when I saw her live in 2007, she was doing a 'rock/blues version' of Candy on that tour. She was starting to begrudgingly realize it was always going to be with her & was probably her signature song.

    It's been interesting researching all of this stuff for the rate & being reminded of how she changed her opinions. Her early interviews were all like: 'My new single is Candy & it's so much fun! I love it!' Three years later she's like: 'Oh my, that song is hot garbage. I should refund your money.' Haha!

    Definitely though, from 2003-2006 was peak Mandy trying to distance herself from her 'bubbblegum past' & be seen as a serious artist/actress. That makes sense. She was in her early 20s & trying to set a career course past all that & was tired of talking about. She just wanted to burn it down! As she got a little bit older & more comfortable in her own skin, she seemed to own up to her early work more & appreciate it within the overall fabric of her career. I can understand that.
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  13. Carly xoxo. And you're right, it is really interesting.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Happy 35th Birthday to multi-talented woman who inspired this rate. Not only has she brought great joy to millions around the world with her music, movies, & more... but she's been caring soul for animals & ally in many fights over the years. She's passionate, creative, smart, funny, & overall just generally inspiring.... which has hopefully come through in this thread so far.

    Here's a fun piece did on her last year on her Birthday.

    This part stood out, because she really kind of is an 'old soul'.

    Unlike a lot of actresses, Moore is not afraid of aging. In fact, she has always felt like an old soul. “I feel like I’m a 62-year-old in a 32-year-old’s body,” she told “I can’t wait until the day when watching 60 Minutes is perfectly acceptable for my age. The aging process: I say bring it on.”

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  15. I have re-requested Saved! and American Dreamz from the library so hopefully will get playable copies this time.

    Is The Real Story worth buying on Amazon? It's not available through the library.
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  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I really don’t like how they directed Mandy to sing on her first two albums. The forced nasal quality does her absolutely no favours.
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  17. It's not really essential. It's a decent overview of her first year+ in the business (being discovered, first tours, MTV, & her music videos, etc.) It's all edited together sorta weird. In 2002, if you were a hardcore fan, it was probably a must-own. Now, it's just kind of fun piece of noughties ephemera. I watched it a couple of times in the early 00's & never came back to it until this rate. I sorta forgot I had it! (but also glad I held onto to all this random Mandy stuff.)
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  18. I tend to agree with this, especially on So Real. There's a lot of reasons for this (maybe my song commentary will get into). Basically though, when they let her sing naturally in her upper register, there's a freedom to her voice.... that really none of the other pop girls of the day had.

    I mean, to me 'Only Hope' is a great meter for this. While she didn't sing as much in her higher register on her later solo stuff, that song showcases how pure her voice can be without any production, forced vocal ticks, etc.

    Personally, I prefer her lower tone, as its more soulful. The fact her voice is so versatile, though, is something she doesn't quite get enough credit for.
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  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Oh also the reason why How To Deal was such a disjointed movie is because it’s actually a weird mix of two different Sarah Dessen novels - Someone Like You and That Summer. I don’t think Dessen ever got another movie adaptation after How To Deal, which is a shame. My favourite Sarah Dessen novel is Just Listen and that’s the adaptation I wish teenage Mandy got to star in because it revolves around music.
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