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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by pop3blow2, Mar 18, 2019.


What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

    0 vote(s)
  1. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Amanda Leigh is not as bad as this thread has been saying. Reminds me a bit of Vanessa Carlton gone acoustic.
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  2. I submitted last night but was too tired to work out the averages but I would imagine Amanda Leigh is probably my highest rated album from her, or tied with Coverage. It's just such a lovely ray of sunshine, I don't understand why people don't like it.
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  3. I certainly don't think Amanda Leigh is a bad album. It got an average of 6.something from me, but my main problem with it is that too many of the songs are just a little dull. And that's not because of the change in direction, because I absolutely adore Wild Hope, the melodies on that album were so strong to me, and had great lyrics as well. So as a follow up, Amanda Leigh just seemed a bit lacking.
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  4. For me it is totally the opposite. Wild Hope was so difficult for me to understand. With a lack of production quality. The only song that I really liked is the one that gives the name of the album. On the other side, Amanda Leigh has way more quality, and empowers Mandy's voice so much. I could really appreciate her unique voice on each song from this album. And something similar happened to me with Coverage... so yeah. In my opinion, Amanda Leigh and Coverage are her best albums.
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  5. These results are sure going to be interesting...
  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Sixteen more songs. I can do it. I can do it.
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  7. This looks like it will be a polarising set of results... not that I needed to point it out obviously put consider your write-ups pre-liked @pop3blow2 !! Xx
  8. I'm glad you added commentary.

    It was the 29th, but I was traveling the last few days... so I squeaked out a little extra time for any last minute ballots....

    Of which there were many.... haha!

    That's exciting.

    I'll be closing in the ballot box here in a bit & be back back with any update later.
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  9. I have already sent my ballot, but can I add some commentary? I will have some time this afternoon
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  10. Voting is now closed!


    So, before I left for my Disney Trip last Thursday I only had received 5 ballots. I was admittedly a bit worried, but hopeful.

    11 more ballots came in over the last 4 days. Woohoo! So plus mine, that will make 17 overall ballots I think.

    Since I was traveling the weekend, I'm a bit out of sorts. I'm trying to get back into the swing of work & life today. That said, I want to make sure all the votes are entered properly into the spreadsheet (i.e. not just rush through them to expedite reveals) to prevent any reveal errors. Since there were so many last minute ballots, it might take a bit longer to start the reveals than I planned... it should still be soon though.

    I'll keep everyone posted & announce a hard date the reveals will start in the next few days.

    In the meantime, @Florencia. & anyone else who has already submitted ballots, it's perfectly fine to send some extra commentary, or fave Mandy movies, etc... while I'm tabulating all the ballots the next few days.

    Thanks everyone!
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  11. Oh I forgot the fave Mandy movies. Thanks for the reminder!
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  12. I almost have all the ballots put into the spreadsheet. After I do that, I'll likely do one more pass through of each ballot, to make sure I entered things correctly. Then I'll proceed with the plan for reveals.

    As of right now, all I can say is the totals are interesting... as I excepted they would be. Y'all didn't disappoint in that regard!
  13. So, here we are. It's almost time!

    The votes have been tabulated & then double-checked (which I'm glad I did, as I found a few input errors).

    18 Voters submitted ballots. I'll take it! Considering Mandy has such a 'sonically diverse' discography & hasn't released an album in over a decade... I was hoping for the best. So happy to get 18 voters

    20 Years of Mandy fandom has led me to this day & I'm thrilled you all took part. I'm also thankful to those who have followed along, liked posts, etc. Hopefully you'll continue to, as there's lots more to come! Also, a special thanks to @DJHazey & @ohnostalgia who helped with some behind the scenes stuff & answering questions, etc... since this is my first time hosting a rate.

    While this little project is also meant to be a celebration & dissection/retrospective of Mandy's 20 year career, I realize its mainly a song rate & most of you are here for that. Everything else is sort of window dressing & maybe as much for me as anyone. That said, I plan to make the reveals the focus for the next bit, so they get done in timely manner. I've created a reveal template, so once I get going & get a flow, I hope to reveal 4 or 5 songs a week.

    As you've learned so far, I like 'theming' (I'm a nerd), so the reveals will have some general 'Mandyness' incorporated into them. (I mean, of course they will.) I'll work to find a balance between delivering quality, informative reveals (like I enjoy in many rates here) with a timely schedule. Several songs mean a lot to me or have interesting points I want to delve deeper into. For those I plan to add 'Reveal: Special Edition' posts, where I'll add in an occasional related essay to a reveal (sometimes the day of, sometimes later... depending on my schedule.) I want to make sure the songs get revealed as quick as possible though.

    Now, I'm a completionist, so I do plan to circle back around & finish the other 10 Mandy Annual posts, because I want to/have to. I may add one here & there during the reveals, since some of the remaining years left were a bit 'light' for her anyways & won't take long to make. Those posts have been fun to put together, as they've served several purposes, such as: being a mini-excavation of my fandom, (hopefully) fun little informative pieces for you, & once they are done this thread could wind up being be definitive Mandy Moore history (1999-2019) on PJ, (lipstick traces... haha!) I think the first 10 also served the purpose of being some good rate promo & have loved the conversation they generated.

    Once all the song the song reveals are done (a few months+ from now, likely) I'll post a mini reveal of Mandy's top movie/tv roles as voted by you. If you didn't submit those yet, you can at any point. Also, any Mandy fans who didn't take part in the song rate can still submit their fave movies/tv shows at any point & I'll add them to the results for that chart.

    All in all, my plan is to have to have rate completed by August 17 (the 20 Anniversary of 'Candy') & have all the rate's ancillary components completed by the end of the year... thus all wrapped up within 2019. I just wanted to share an overall idea of things with everyone.

    Ok, now that I got all that out of my brain... let's do this.


    First reveal later today or tomorrow... depending on how my day goes!
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  14. I’m looking forward to looking back on Mandy’s career with you all, and appreciate all the effort you’ve put into it so far @pop3blow2
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Thank you so much @pop3blow2! I’m so glad my scores made it to you safely and I’m so excited for this rate to start!!
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  17. [​IMG]

    "Amazing Lucky Scarf" | 4.447

    Rated 84th out of 84 total songs

    Rated 21st out of 21 soundtracks & extras

    Chart info (if available):


    Liner Notes (basics about song, artist/collaborator commentary, etc if available):

    Written by: Mike Himelstein & Lisa Kettle for the Disney Junior TV show Sheriff Callie's Wild West. January 2014.

    "My own parade…" ( this will be the section for my thoughts)

    Well, this was as planned! I know some of you maybe thought, 'Why is he including this random song from a kiddie show?' Basically I felt compelled to for a couple of reasons.

    One is that by the time I first heard this song in late 2015, it had been over 6 years since Amanda Leigh & even 5 years since Tangled. I had basically given up on hearing Mandy 'properly' sing again. It just didn't seem where she was at. The fact that I was able to hear her voice again in any capacity made me happy. (You take what you can get sometimes.)

    While visiting my niece at Christmas of 2015, we sat down to watch some Disney Junior. Low & behold Sheriff Callie's Wild West was on. I was immediately charmed, as I usually am by anything involving Mandy. I had read she was involved in the project, but hadn't ever watched it. I mean, obviously I wasn't the target demographic... even taking my Disney fandom into account!

    That said, my Disney fandom is definitely another reason this was included in the rate. As you've surely picked up on, my Mandy fandom crosses several streams of my life & that she wound so tied to whole other part of pop culture I love only endears her more to me.

    As I sat there watching Sheriff Callie with my niece (who also loves Tangled... taste!) I was struck by how a whole generation of kids were going to grow up listening to Mandy in a whole other way than I how think about her. They will know her as Sheriff Callie or Rapunzel. I just think that's special & felt it needed to be highlighted in the rate. While I featured several songs from Tangled, this song & moment with my niece is what made me realize there's a whole part of Mandy that has maybe brought joy to millions in a bit of a different way.

    In a completely 'on brand' aspect of why I love Sheriff Callie, I also love cats & I am a feminist. So Mandy starring as a female sheriff cat in the old west was delightfully subversive to me. Flip those established gender roles on their heads, Mandy!

    As far as the actual song (and some others on the show), well, I find them fun. This a random reference, but one time when I was watching the show I had the thought that 'if Kacey Musgraves was a superstar singing cat in the world of Zootopia... her music might be sound like this.' (My mind). Anyways, you get what I mean. There's a whimsy to proceedings that I really like. If you saw how highly I rated A Very Kacey Christmas in @KamikazeHeart's rate... this train of thought of thought & why I like this song will probably not surprise you.

    In the end, I knew this would be the first song out & considering I wanted to use that specific picture of Mandy as toddler & her mom as the reveal picture... it worked out perfect. Who knew that little girl in the picture would one day fill so many other kid's heart with joy. So #84 leaves us with a picture from 1984.

    My Score: 8.4 (really an 8, but I bumped to 8.4 for symbolism... Taylor & her '13's' are shook!)

    "Kicking up confetti leaves…" (this will be the section for your thoughts)

    8 - 10: Sparkle In The Sky

    @Zar-Unity (9.4) : Oh this sounds special! This is a extra cute type of quirky from Mandy that I've heard before. I have to say that I'm into this! What a strange thing for Mandy to be singing about but it's a children's movie so that makes since. Mandy's voice almost sounds overpowered for such a cute little simple kids theme song like this haha.

    6 - 7.9: Corner of your eye

    @LKane (7): Funny song. But I wouldn’t like to have a country album by Mandy.

    @Music Is Life (7): This is cute. Clearly for a kid's show though.

    @unnameable (7.5): Fast & fun

    6 and under: Still Undiscovered

    @VivaForever (4): I get that this is for a kiddie show, but, uh. Not good.

    @Sprockrooster (4) :
    I guess with nostalgia attached to it, this falls flat easily.

    @ohnostalgia (3): Taylor wishes.

    @tylerc904 (2) , @Robert (1), @Robsolete (2), @ladylloyd (2), @chris4862 (4), @vague (5.5), @RUNAWAY (5), @Remorque (5) , @Florencia. (3), @CasuallyCrazed (.25*)

    * Quick note, I rounded a couple of zeros that got submitted in the rate to .25's. I know not wanting 0's was maybe an odd rule in my Rate Rules page, but I just don't like them... haha! Rounding the few scores to .25 didn't effect any final results.

    Youtube embeds

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  18. I had a feeling this would be the first one out too. It's cute but... Just that. And too short!
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  19. @pop3blow2 you're already such a thoughtful & thorough host! Really looking forward to following this rate and learning more about her history (and pulling for that flawfree self-titled album to slay most of the competition hopefully.)

    "Amazing Lucky Scarf" is the perfect first out. She's capable of so much more than pandering to 3 year olds.

    Also, apologies in advance to the Amanda Leigh apologists for my somewhat scary scores. I really tried to give it a chance but it just doesn't hold a patch on her earlier discography for me, or even the highs of Wild Hope.
  20. The rate is off to a cracking start. Scarf is one of the only songs I hadn’t heard before starting this rate. Good to see I wasn’t missing out on much!
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