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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by pop3blow2, Mar 18, 2019.


What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

    0 vote(s)
  1. I had no idea Mandy gave her voice to a cat for a tv series? I thought it was only for the song, until now that I watched the karaoke clip.
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  2. Yeah no surprise and no disappointment here. When I got tagged though, I thought it'd be one of my 10s.
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  3. Yeah, since I'm using a patent-pending 'Extraordinary-themed' reveal structure for the scores you all submitted, people might be tagged at random... since only the first 5 are tagged in a post. Maybe you'll get tagged as a high scorer or maybe you'll get tagged as a medium scorer. Mandy is the patron saint of randomness!

    I think most of your scores were 'Sparkles in the sky', though.
  4. Oh yeah definitely. There were just a few extras I wasn't too fussed about, like this one.
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  5. It was actually a pretty cute tv show. I mean, it was for little kids obviously, but I chuckled & smiled watching it with my niece. Compared to some other stuff I've had to watch with kids, it was actually enjoyable. It was quirky & had Mandy as a cat in it, so I was sold!
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  7. You can't spell feminist, without...

  8. Really amazing hard work with so much thought, care and passion is being put into this rate for Mandy, and that makes me smile. Mandy Moore is definitely one of those special artists that I could have easily seen myself hosting my own rate for, but I'm too lazy. So I'm so happy to see another fan come onto the scene and finally do her justice like she so justly deserves. This rate is going to be amazing to follow. I look forward to every post and every highlight.

    Makes since having scarf being the first song out, I really liked it but I agree with others
    that Mandy's talent was more deserving of bigger things. So cute that Mandy played as a
    wild western cat, seems fitting for her. Bytheway, I'm a cat person too.

    Oh and for those wondering, my current avatar is Mandy's 2005 Candy compilation, which I found interesting was released without her previous permission. I love the cover of the album though, and I felt like this compilation was a good mix of her best songs.
  9. So, I planned on getting another reveal out today, but was giving a voter a chance to send in scores for 2 remaining songs.... one of which is technically on the chopping block next. I've PM'd them a couple of times & if I don't hear back by tomorrow, I'll proceed.

    To be fair, it's not their fault. I posted a PM-able list the first day of the rate that had an error in it. They just happened to copy & paste that one for score submission purposes, in the short window before I fixed it. So, because of that, their ballot was missing a couple of songs.

    Just giving everyone a heads up, so you know what's going on.
  10. VivaNancyDrew mode activated...
    So, bye to Healing Incantation. Or possibly Love Shot, but I doubt it. And if it is Love Shot in second-to-last place, I'll be pissed.
  11. Love Shot is head a shoulders above the other two, and then some!!
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  12. Healing Incantation can't be out yet! But neither can Love Shot!
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  13. It had better be Healing Incantation!
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  14. I mean, Healing Incantation shouldn't be out yet either, over some of the other songs still in (Quit Breaking My Heart...), but it's clearly the worst of those three.
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  15. [​IMG]

    "Healing Incantation" | 5.782

    Rated 83rd out of 84 total songs

    Rated 20th out of 21 soundtracks & extras

    Chart info or stats:

    The 14th most scrobbled Mandy Moore song on
    The 8th most streamed Mandy Moore Song on Spotify

    Liner Notes

    Written by: Alan Menken & Glenn Slater for the Disney Film Tangled. Released November 16, 2010.
    Some great detailed info about this song at the Disney Fandom Wiki, here >

    "My own parade…"

    I knew the Disney songs would be divisive in the rate. 'Healing Incantation', being a short little piece at that, had the cards stacked against it. That said, it's a beautiful vocal by Mandy that still gives me chills, so I had to include it. It's also a pivotal plot point in the film & since I was determined to highlight Tangled some in this rate, leaving it out seemed wrong.

    I have a lot to say about Mandy as Rapunzel. Some I'll talk about in the write-ups, but honestly there's probably a mini-essay inside of me that will likely spill out during the rate (I've jotted down some things, for sure.)

    One thing I find completely fascinating about her turn as Rapunzel & the ensuing soundtrack, is that for many, it's some of her most known music. If you open up Spotify & search for Mandy, usually songs from Tangled fill half of her top 10 most popular tracks. (factor in A Walk To Remember & she's arguably more known for soundtrack work than anything.)

    As I mentioned in one of my write-ups, Mandy wanted the role of Rapunzel, bad. She went through many auditions & even missed the role originally. Kristin Chenoweth was the original choice for the role, but scheduling conflicts led her to bow out. (Nothing against Kristin Chenoweth, but can you even imagine Mandy not in the role, now?)

    The role came at a time when Mandy's life & carer was in flux. She had come off Amanda Leigh (which honestly underperformed even by 'Mandy standards') & was in a new marriage with Ryan Adams. If you read about her family life around this time, things were chaotic. Her mom came out as gay & left her husband for another woman. Mandy seemed disillusioned with many things at the time & this just added to it. She admits to rushing into marriage a bit, just for the sake of perceived stability in her life. The Tangled project also added some stability for her, I think. Just based on the amount of passion Mandy put into the role originally & how she continues to provide her voice in other media for Disney, I think shows how attached she is to the character. Rapuznel really was an avatar for Mandy in a lot of ways.

    The song 'Healing Incantation' is sung with such unconditional love, it's even more powerful to listen to through the lens of knowing bits & pieces about her life. I think things felt broken in her life & she wanted to fix everything. Being such a Mandy fan & reading interviews with her over the years, you get the sense that she's an emotional giver... and as such she has sometimes been taken advantage of (more on that in the future). This has sometimes been done at a cost to her own self-care or happiness. All of this just piles onto the symbolism of how much I love this movie & her as this character. Her life & career is filled with so much meta-symbolism, it's no wonder she's one of my favorite pop stars of all-time. And now she's immortalized as a Disney princess. (Can the other ladies in her class say that?!)

    My Score: 9

    "Kicking up confetti leaves…"

    8 - 10: Sparkle In The Sky
    @Music Is Life (10) : Technically this shouldn't work as a standalone song cause it would make no damn sense, but it's gorgeous and it's place in the movie is obviously important. The sped-up version is also a moment. (me: Yes! Make sure you see the clip below where little kid Rapunzel sings it to Pascal.)
    @Zar-Unity (8) : Short and sweet. This must of been one of Mandy's most popular movies that she's been in. Again her vocals really capture your attention on beautifully thematic music like this. So did Mandy's character have super magic powers in Tangled like she seems to have on my ears from her music? (me: Yes. You should totally watch Tangled if you get the chance. It's such a Mandy treat.)

    @unnameable (8) : I love the deeper sound on her vocals here (me: it really is one of her best vocals, to me. Like some others I wish it were longer, but I know that's not the song's point.)

    6 - 7.9: Corner of your eye

    @LKane (7.8) It difficult to rate disney songs mixed with her albums. (me:Understandable, but they had to included in her discog rate. Right?)

    @chris4862 (7), @vague (7.75) very sweet, but so short. (me: see the looped version below, ha!)

    @RUNAWAY (6)
    @Sprockrooster (6)

    6 and under: Still Undiscovered

    @VivaForever (5) Huh, she actually sounds like Mandy here, rather than Rapunzel (me: I mean, I aways hear Mandy, but I understand what you mean here. It's definitely a more classic 'Mandy vocal')

    @tylerc904 (2), @Robert (5), @Robsolete (4), @ladylloyd (3), @Florencia. (5),

    @ohnostalgia (4): I mean it’s basically an interlude. (me: for her life!)

    @CasuallyCrazed (.75)

    For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

    Find 'Healing Incantation' too short? This YouTuber looped it!

    Not Mandy singing, but a sweet moment from the Tangled Animated Series

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  16. I figured you'd be the one to figure it out, Nancy!

  17. I never knew this. LOVE Kristin, but she'd have been a terrible Rapunzel.
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  18. Also, I just remembered this gem of a photo from a while back:

    • Irene Bedard (Pocahontas)
    • Kate Higgins (Aurora)
    • Jennifer Hale (Cinderella)
    • Jodi Benson (Ariel)
    • Mandy Moore (Rapunzel)
    • Sarah Silverman (Vanellope)
    • Ming-Na Wen (Mulan)
    • Paige O'Hara (Belle)
    • Linda Larkin (Jasmine)
    • Auli'i Cravalho (Moana)
    • Pamela Ribon (Snow White)
    • Anika Noni Rose (Tiana)
    • Kristen Bell (Anna)
    • Idina Menzel (Elsa)
    • Kelly Macdonald (Merida)
    Mandy snatching that next-to-center spot. Queen.

    And I'm still cracking up at Irene Bedard wearing those enormous heels and still being shorter than anyone but Paige O'Hara (also wearing rather large heels). I mean, I'm sure they're all in heels, but not like THAT. And I like to think Jen is keeping her distance from Jodi Benson on account of the latter's (alleged) homophobia.
  19. I'm glad that Disney finally used her voice. Mandy has such a princess voice indeed.
  20. So Real has three votes in the favorite album poll while I Wanna Be with You has none?!

    I am... disgusted.
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