Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

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    Votes: 5 10.0%
  • I Wanne Be With You

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  • Mandy Moore

    Votes: 19 38.0%
  • Coverage

    Votes: 8 16.0%
  • Wild Hope

    Votes: 13 26.0%
  • Amanda Leigh

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Boy, that’s a generous reading.

Yeah & not really most my articulate thought either.

To be fair, there are probably hundreds of little reasons an artists decides to cover a song, so I shouldn't pretend to know why or how every artist arrives at their decision. Some of those reasons are likely more meaningful that others, depending on the song, project, etc. Some cover choices are purely driven by other 'less artistic' factors. I was just reducing a train of thought down to the bare bones. I know that even as someone who has been a songwriter as a hobby, sometimes I just learn other people's songs when I got nothing else, but want to play music. There's something to be said of just the inspiration of learning someone else's song that can inspire you.

Coverage (really 'cover albums') in general are bit different in nature than a one-off cover to me though. I think that if an artist is going to expend their creative energy to do a whole of album covers, there's likely more deliberate thought put into the project & song choices (especially if you're a 19 year old young woman, spending your own money to make album that will hopefully distinguish you from your peers.)


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Remember when I accidentally got everybody in the Carly rate pissed off at me for saying that Judy's version was the original? I'm still not over it. And I still say I was right since hers was the first one officially released.

Yeah, I don’t think you’re wrong. However, there is only a two year difference between them so I suppose I still consider Joni’s the original even though it was released later. Weird, I know.
I'll likely have the next reveal up later today or tomorrow. I think it will be less of a surprise to many than 'Help Me' was.

Also, before my avatar changes with the next reveal, are we not going to mention that fierce bob Mandy was rocking at 13 or whatever. Junior Style Queen.

"I Like It" | 6.833

Rated 72nd out of 84 total songs

Rated 13th out of 16 on So Real/I Wanna Be With You

Chart info or stats:

The 34th most scrobbled Mandy song on

Liner Notes

Written by: Howie Dorough, Mike Lorello, Tony Moran, Denise Rich
Produced by: Tony Moran

track 11 from So Real released December 7, 1999.

"My own parade…"
"You are the perfect one in my life
You make me happy so very happy don't you know?"

'I Like It' is both potentially everything good & everything bad with So Real, from concentrate. The scores & commentary here, even help suss that out a bit.

While I pick on So Real for being a tad on the generic side of early 00’s pop, truth be told, it is an oddly sonically diverse record. It covers a lot bases in 13 tracks. Now, the proficiency in which it covers those 13 bases is up for legitimate discussion, but all-in-all, the album does attempt to give a very young singer a decent amount of 'of the era sonic backdrops' for her voice. In short, I like the production backdrop on this one & generally enjoy Mandy's vocal.

This is my second highest rated song on So Realat an 8.4. That's right, no song on the album got higher than an 8.5 from me. That’s what I mean. I don’t hate it… I don’t love it. I like it. I just like it. The word ‘like’…. hrrmph. Let me digress for a second.

That whole concept was part of Mandy’s early identity problem to me. She wasn’t really hate-able or controversial. Likewise, she didn’t really quite generate the same fervor as Britney or Christina. Maybe she generated more passion (among her fanbase) than Jessica, but I’m not even super confident saying that from a general public POV. I was pretty meh about Jessica, but expectations were pretty big for her out the gate starting with such a big hit... so she had the air of a 'big pop girl' to me.

Mandy was just there... being ‘likable’.

Being likable is actually a good thing, but sadly pop culture feeds on controversy. Mandy quickly got painted as the ‘safe' or even a ‘boring’ pop star by some. Britney & Christina were battling for icon status & Jessica had the big voice. Mandy, was the girl next door, which played well as an MTV personality… but was that a longterm strategy for being a pop personality in the era? I'm not saying I agree, these were just the tropes painted.

A lot of music on
So Real was part of this likability package, for me. It's just fine. It seldom dipped into terrible, but also never broke any real boundaries or wowed me. The tracks were pretty basic & safe. Outside of some dicey lyrical choices that were maybe intended to her make seem risqué (but generally miss) there wasn't much controversy here. There also wasn't a whole lot else to differentiate her , to be honest. Despite that, Mandy was still got lumped in with all the other girls. Maybe Epic should be grateful for that.

'I Like It', is a solid a little mid-tempo disco bop, though. Mandy’s early connections with Backstreet Boys come through, as Howie Dorough gets in on the collaboration action here. The final product is my actual favorite upbeat/mid-tempo on the album. (It also does contain my favorite misheard lyric on the album. When ever she sings, ‘you’re only one who gotten through’… I always heard ‘you’re the only one who’s the god damn proof!'. The first time I heard the song I was like, ‘damn Mandy is getting intense here.’)

I had an argument with myself about this song one time in the early 00's, after I became a Mandy fan & finally listened to So Real all the way through. Here’s the deal, spoiler alert: I don’t like 'Candy' (I started the rate with that nugget for a reason. Haha!) I didn’t like it when it came out & I basically tolerate it now as a formative piece in one of my favorite pop star's career. Anyways, my internal argument stemmed from a thought I had that if ‘I Like It’ (my favorite bop on So Real) been Mandy’s debut singe, I would’ve liked her more from the start. But here’s the rub, ‘I Like It’ its a nice song, but still would’ve paled badly in comparison to Britney’ & Christina at the time. So Mandy would’ve still likely been third tier at best to me. Even though I’m not a fan of ‘Candy’, is there really anything else on So Real with that sort of signature power:? Good or bad song... an obvious signature is a big deal for a new pop star.

"I Like It" turns out to be a low-key anthem for So Real. It’s kinda sonically interesting, has a nice vocal, & some loaded lyrics. Ultimately though, we end up with a song that settles into being enjoyable, but inessential.

At least Mandy’s first single wasn’t a ballad. Oh, Jessica. ( @iheartpoptarts... pointed this out in the 90’s pop princess rate & I screamed with laughter when I read that after recently going back through that rate.) Though, lets be honest, had Epic got 'I Wanna Be With You' for Mandy a bit sooner, they totally would’ve launched her with that song… and the course of my Mandy fandom might’ve been weirder.

My Score: 8.4

"Kicking up confetti leaves…"

Sparkle In The Sky
@Zar-Unity (9.7):
This one was co-produced or written by one of the members from one of those very popular boy band pop groups of the middle 90's. I remember several people hating on this song and calling it very cringy and
complete filler. It's just not true. This song is actually one of Mandy's best songs from her early output. It's one of the best tracks for showcasing Mandy's amazing soulful voice. The production is actually
pretty amazing and works so well with her singing. Completely captivating pop magic here! The only thing that this song could suffer from a bit is the very repetitive lyrics from some of the words to the song. But the
more you hear this one, the more you appreciate it and don't really mind the lyrical repetition. In fact the lyrical repetition kind of works in the song to keep up it's smooth groove. (I know our opinions divide some on So Real, but we seem to be on the same wavelength here. It's one of my faves on the album.)

@vague (8.5) : oprah_i_like_it dot jif ddd. this is great, tbh. she sounds really nice on midtempo grooves like this. (Yeah, there's a couple of mid-tempos on I Wanna Be With You, that are among my fave 'pure pop' Mandy songs.)

@ohnostalgia (8): I don't hate it. (much like @VivaForever below, some commentary that stays in theme of my write-up. I like it!)

@Sprockrooster (9), @ladylloyd (9) , @Remorque (8)

Corner of your eye
@LKane (6.4): this one is a funky song… Not exactly my kind of song but it is fun (There a lot good bits in there, enough for me to really enjoy, at least.)

@Music Is Life (7.5): This is fine. Her vocals are not that good here. The production is fun though, if a little generic. (For some reason I thought you'd love this one! Fair thoughts, though... and its fun to be surprised by people's opinions.)

@unnameable (7.5) : while writing commentary for this rate, I end up using synonyms for sweet, pleasant and general associations with positive emotions. I can’t help it, so much of her poppier work gives me these feelings, and amongst the angstier parts of her work the purity of her voice and the little touches to offset the darkness still make me feel this way. (Mandy is just generally likable. I think this what makes lot of her more 'bittersweet mature' music later in her career even more crushing to me. There's a general sweetness through most of her music.)

@tylerc904 (7), @Robsolete (7), @chris4862 (7), @RUNAWAY (6.5)

Still Undiscovered
@VivaForever (4): I don't like it. (Thanks for staying in theme for the write up.)

@Florencia. (4): Cute, boring. ( maybe this on brand for what Epic wanted from So Real. haha!)

@Robert (4), @CasuallyCrazed (1.5)

For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

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I don’t like 'Candy

I Like It is one of my least favourites from the debut era so I’m not too disappointed to see it going now. I remember always hearing/reading how a member of BSB co-wrote a track for her, so I think I was expecting a big BSB type bop. This is another track that’s grown on me more recently though.
The sheer commitment to eliminations this early. A month in and only 12 songs are out!

@pop3blow2 your adoration from Mandy is amazing. Other rates wish we were getting paragraphs for songs coming in 72nd place. I expect a full page dissertation for my 11!

That's so very nice of you! To be honest, I hoped get out 4-5 elims per week... so I'm a little behind, but not too bad. I'm not stressing though, so long as everyone is good with the pace (& hopefully quality) of the reveals.

Since this is my first rate & it's for such a special artist in my pop fandom, the whole thing is a pretty personal passion project. (as I'm sure everyone picked up on early). As such, I wanted each elimination to be special, as she has very few songs I consider not worthy of a good write-up. Even some of her of her lesser known/more generic songs have interesting angles to me; in context of her career, her collaborators, or even just deeper general pop culture commentary. Then of course, there's the personal aspect of it all.

I appreciate everyone's patience & support as I unpack 20 years of pent-up of thoughts about her career addition to confronting the personal emotional baggage attached to certain periods of my fandom of her from some 'not-so-good' periods in the early 00's.

Hope everyone likes the rate so far.

"Everblue" | 6.856

Rated 71st out of 84 total songs

Rated 9th out of 10 on Amanda Leigh

Chart info or stats:

The 59th most scrobbled Mandy song on
The 6th most scrobbled song of Amanda Leigh on

Liner Notes

Written by: Mandy Moore & Lori McKenna
Produced by: Mike Viola

track 6 from Amanda Leigh released May 26, 2009

"My own parade…"

"High above the stars are dancing
To a song one bird is singing
And it's you my Everblue

What if I loved you
What if I loved you
You know I love you
My Everblue, Everblue

The stars line up in both great ways... & in painful ways sometimes. When I was planning out my first rate, I was fairly certain I wanted it to be Mandy Moore for a variety of reasons:

  • The most obvious was. since I consider her among my favorite pop stars of all time & she had never had a disocg rate here... so it seemed perfect.
  • Because she’s not very active anymore with music the last decade, I feel she's (probably rightfully) pretty under-represented & under-appreciated on PJ. As such a big fan, I wanted to help remedy that some, though.
  • To help remedy that, I wanted this rate to also sorta be a pseudo-20th anniversary celebration of her career… in all of its facets. (especially since she’s seen a bit of a resurgence in popularity due to ’This Is Us’.) It just felt like 'the time' to look back at her career... especially since she might finally me gearing up to make new music.
And then, out of nowhere, Mandy was in 'the news'... more than she had been in awhile.

My Mandy rate was already in the queue
when the story broke about the emotional abuse she dealt with in her marriage to Ryan Adams. It was a lot to digest. Up to that point, I considered myself a pretty big Ryan fan & had been for some time. I knew their relationship/divorce would play some into my commentary a bit in places, since I was a fan of both. (Y'know some interesting diversions about two artists I loved randomly collided together for a moment.)

Well, the news of the last months made broaching the subject of their relationship in this rate more difficult, but oddly more immediate to me. I wanted to be a show of support her some how, even in just a small way, more than ever.

I personally thought something seemed off the last few years they were together, but…. wow. I was sickened & saddened when I learned the details. I also, greedily, was upset that a decade of potential music from an artist I adore had stripped away from her fans. (The irony is that I started this site-up on May 26th... exactly 10 years after Amanda Leigh was released. 10 fucking years.)

The new knowledge of her troubles, definitely added a layer of heartbreak & bittersweetness to her music for me when rating… like that was even possible. As if I don’t have enough filters to listen to Mandy’s music & view her career through already… now there’s another. And it’s fucking crushing, on many levels to me.

Look, I think I hate Ryan Adams now. I don't like the emotion of hate, but its relevant sometimes. I almost went into & completely deleted all my scrobbles of his music when I heard the news in February. I wanted to erase him. Erasing him would be easy for me, though... and that seems slightly unfair. I do want to give him as little attention as possible now, but I also want to be fair to Mandy’s discography. This means talking about certain aspects, that make me cringe a bit now, to make sure they get mentioned in proper context for understanding her music & giving it proper due. Considering what the women associated with him went through, that’s a small inconvenience for me. I did just want to get it on the open, as parts of
Amanda Leigh & even some of her other (albeit rare) post 2010 material might have some more commentary that touch on their relationship some.

The reality is that Mandy has bravely & maybe accidentally become a symbol & outspoken leader of a much deeper abuse issue in music. An issue that stems from the basic control men have in the industry, that gets lorded over women, minorities, & others because they can. Control was the root of abuse she suffered that prevented us from getting new music from her the last decade. This angers me for many reasons, but much like the song we're discussing today... I don't want this to be a bitter post (I do invite you to
check out this thread @ohnostalgia created to talk about the overall issue of there needing to be more woman in production roles, etc.) It may seem a small thing, but just by supporting more women, minorities, LGBTQ, & more in music, it does make a difference & give them more of a voice... thus possibly preventing further abuse from happening in the future.

So, the song. Whew.

‘Everblue’ is a pseudo ‘call & response’ sequel
to the 2008 song ‘Evergreen’ by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (I'm linking to the song here if you want to listen for context. If you don't want to give it the time of day... that's more than ok) It was fine, but was not really a song I cared much for until ‘Everblue’ came out. I then read rumblings that it was about Ryan & a response to his song. As a music nerd & fan of both artists this piqued my interest. Like many artists, Mandy & Ryan seemed to use their art to communicate some, at least at first. It was kinda sweet, romantic, & in retrospect... a sign they were possibly doomed. Good gawd, this is complicated.

Mandy & Ryan started dating in 2007 & got engaged in 2008. If I remember correctly, I think they briefly paused or separated their relationship, before finally getting married in 2009. I could be wrong on that point, though. His song, ‘Evergreen’ (lyrics) finds Ryan seemingly wanting to settle down & feel contented. Theoretically. The song seems to show a struggle with such notions. Maybe is retrospect, the lyrics read less sweet & poetic, & more like a warning sign.

“And maybe you’ll find someone to lay some roots down next to you
Be more like the trees and less like the clouds stop moving around so much

Evergreen lay down beside me
Evergreen, Evergreen

Evergreen make me feel whole again”

Mandy's ‘Everblue’ is a beautifuly sad song that seems to both acknowledge concerns about an impending relationship, while also being resigned to wanting to try to make it work. It’s a sad sweet, romantic, notion. I’m not 100% certain, but if there was a period where they questioned moving forward in their relationship before marriage, ‘Everblue’ seems to be directly referencing that period.

Mandy said in the track-by-track commentary for Amanda Leigh that 'Everblue' was the first song she & Lori McKenna wrote for the album. She said:

'Everblue came from a dark spot. A sad spot…. I didn’t want to come off as bitter or annoyed; I just wanted to remind the person I’m talking to in the song I could kinda see beyond this facade, I could see through the cracks & what I saw was beautiful.’

(and to think I referred to Vanessa as the ‘queen of silver linings’ in her rate. *sheesh*)

Mandy admitted in interviews after her & Ryan divorced that she had rushed into marriage too quickly with him, all for the sake (illusion) of stability in her life. Her career was in flux & her family life had turned a bit unstable after her mom came out as gay & left her dad. Mandy was all of 24 & had spent the majority of her life with her family intertwined with her. The album
Amanda Leigh has her struggling with all these concepts of ‘what is my home now?’ or ‘what is my family now’? Even titling the album after her full real name, seems to be a admission that she was struggling with her identity. While there is a light side to some of the sonics on Amanda Leigh, the lyrics are pretty heavy in places; starkly poetic musings of a 24 year woman looking for balance.

"Happiness is not a burden
Oh how the pendulum will swing
I have felt the ground
I've seen the seeds
Out of which grew golden wings"

'Everblue' always gave me goosebumps. It was just so sad sounding. It was actually probably my favorite song on Amanda Leigh the first couple of times through. It’s still a fave on the album. It fell just short of a 10 from me… and I can’t tell you exactly why. I think it floats in the same headspace as the song 'Wild Hope' for me (which is an ultimate Mandy song for me) but maybe doesn't quite have the same impact as that one. It also maybe felt a tad out of place on Amanda Leigh, as it has more of a Wild Hope feel to me. Maybe that’s why I dinged a bit? Who knows. Those are absurd, hairsplitting reasons. It’s a probably a 10, though… so I don’t know who I was fooling giving it 9.7 (especially after dumping my heart out here about it.)

"Love doesn't come alone, now does it?
Present perfect tense
So you made yourself a little world
Where even strangers make more sense

I play the pain upright, straight ahead
And with the beat
You can ease yourself into the light
Or keep that record on repeat"

My Score: 9.7

"Kicking up confetti leaves…"

Sparkle In The Sky

@ohnostalgia (10): The way Mandy sings Everblue! *my heart*

@Music Is Life (10): I love this. I don't really know why but I love everything about this.

@Zar-Unity (10):
What a lovely melody and vocal performance on this song! I forgot just how beautiful and dreamy this song was. Could this actually be one of Mandy's best performed songs? I think so. I think that her soulful voice works really well doing this kind of dreamy indie pop. But I do still miss her soulful singing on R&B songs, but I guess those days are over for good now. At least we still get Mandy making a return to grace us with her gorgeous soulful voice on free spirited sounding alternative pop songs like this with such nice care put into the music. I can't believe the way I'm felling right now but this is going to be another perfect 10 rated song for me!

@RUNAWAY (8.5): This song is so chill and melancholy, and I really really love it.

@vague (8.5)

Corner of your eye
@LKane (7.2): Maybe one of the weakest songs in the album, still good.

@unnameable (7): pleasant but a little repetitive

@Sprockrooster (7), @tylerc904 (6.5), @chris4862 (7.5), @Florencia. (7.5)

Still Undiscovered
@VivaForever (5) :
This sounds like one of the more boring smooth jazz albums my dad might’ve liked, except it’s not even smooth jazz. It’s just boring.

@Robsolete (5), @ladylloyd (5), @Remorque (5.5), @CasuallyCrazed (2.5), @Robert (1)

For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

Rare version on Everblue live

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What a write up @pop3blow2
What I love about them is that I keep learning new things about Mandy. I never knew Everblue was in relation to. Ryan song. I didn’t know her mum came out either.
It’s definitely added lots more layers to the song. Like I said before I know the Amanda Leigh album the least and Everblue never really stood out to me as all that special, but I will definitely listen to it with different ears now. It’s great to read appreciation in something you haven’t yet found yourself.
Another bit of feedback @pop3blow2 - as a Lastfm geek I love that you include the ranking in the writeups.

Thanks! I'm a geek too. This last reveal was the first one where Included how a song ranked in terms of popularity on an album basis. If I have time time, I'll go back through & add that stat too the other reveals.

It's not the end-all, be-all or anything, but I just find it interesting to see where songs finish in the rate compared to where they rank according 'scrobble' popularity on I know is not a pure acknowledgment of song's popularity, since not everyone uses that tool, etc. But, it's a way to add an interesting perspective/chart data to a song's popularity in relation to the rate reveal.

I started personally doing it during @ohnostalgia 's Taylor rate. Whenever a song got eliminated I would go to & see how the elim ranking compared to the popularity ranking there. Some results were crazy different!

Mandy's chart is a little more dubious, since she hasn't released much new music in a decade & the Tangled songs have some weird meta-data that makes them duplicated more than other artists in her chart.

Including the stat is a fun general idea, though.
Wow! Thanks for all that explanation on Everblue. I definitely enjoy Amanda Leigh as a whole album. It may be even in my top 20 favourite albums ever.

It's great to get new information about mandy, the album and the song! I definitely appreciate Everblue way more. Beautiful lyrics btw. I love discovering those live recordings prior to the album release. What a gem.

"When Will My Life Begin?" | 6.886

Rated 70th out of 84 total songs

Rated 15th out of 21 Soundtracks & Extras

Chart info or stats:

The 12th most scrobbled Mandy song on
(the reprises are 40th & 41st, respectively)

The song is Mandy's second most played song on Spotify with over 78 million streams.

The song is also
certified Silver in the UK: with over 200,000 streams.

Liner Notes

Written by: Alan Menken & Glenn Slater
Produced by: Scott Cutler, Anne Preven, & Alan Menken

track 1 from Tangled Soundtrack released November 16, 2010

"My own parade…"
"And so I'll read a book
Or maybe two or three
I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery
I'll play guitar and knit
And cook and basically
Just wonder when will my life begin?"

Our 15th elimination is our second from Tangled. It’s also the first 10 I bid adieu into the rate. I almost made it into the 60’s before losing one. *sigh* ( solemnly sings... ’I keep wondering when will I lose a 10’ the tune of our elimination.)

That said, I’m elated this little song made it this far. I really had no idea how the Tangled stuff would do here… and as we enter the 60’s there are still two songs left after this one.

I unabashedly love this song. It’s easily my favorite song in the movie & possibly a top 10 Disney song of all-time for me. That’s saying something, as a Disney nerd.

This might beg the question, why?

Sometimes, I overthink music. I’m sure that’s the most shocking statement you’ve read in this rate so far. Don’t get me wrong… I enjoy overthinking music. I’ve done it since I was a little kid. It’s fun to break apart songs in context of cultural impact, structure, how you relate to them personally & more. The truth is, I have a whole essay about the symbolism of Rapnuzel in relation to Mandy, her career, & more in my head. I will likely dump that out here at some point. (‘My Own Parade: Special Edition’. — Epic Records is shook.)

One reason I adore Mandy so much is that she reminded me (maybe even taught me) of a key thing about music I forgot about until Coverage came out. Joy. The simple joy of music & how when it’s performed with love & passion… it can just simply make you happy. No pretension, no image, no anything. Just a girl singing her heart out to some songs she loved. What most of us fans do on a daily basis to our favorite songs. The joy of music in its purest form.

The first time I played Coverage It just made me happy. I just loved the passion & joy of music she brought the project. The Tangled soundtrack made me feel the same way. Specifically, ‘When Will My Life Begin?’. It just makes me happy when I hear it. I want to sing along.

Since I am a Disney fan & seen every movie many times, it would be easy to not ‘really be surprised’ anymore. But it’s all still magic to me, though, the same way it was when I was a little kid. I just adore opening the scene in the movie with with this song. Pascal is one of my fave Disney sidekicks & was refreshingly fun in a trope that’s been done to death. The montage of how this trapped girl makes the best of her life was both fun & sad. Mandy Moore, people.

This song was probably always a 10, but the line: ‘Then I brush & brush & brush & brush my hair’ just makes smile every time. Me & my nieces would sing that line with such conviction when we watch the movie or play the soundtrack. I love the two ‘reprises’ of the song, too. All three version of the song capture certain emotions of both the character, Mandy, & her voice really well.

Mandy just brings such heart to everything she does. It’s infectious. You always feel like you’re discovering with her… even if you’ve technically already discovered what she’s discovering. I continually relate to that sense on innocent jubilation in a lot her music. Whether it be the aforementioned Coverage, the quirky independent self-love of a song like ‘Extraordinary’, or the complete commitment to a animated princess on a voyage of self-discovery.

'When Will My Life Begin?' was the first song written for film according to songwriter music god, Alan Menken. Alan Menken explained how he devised the song within the constraints of the chosen genre (guitar-themed score):

"When I thought about Rapunzel in the tower and her long hair, on a gut level, and I thought of the folk music of the 1960s—Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell—and, it wasn’t an immediate yes, but I wrote six different versions of that opening number. As performed by Mandy Moore [as Rapunzel] and it worked".

Menken noted that in the context of the musical film's structure and to move the plot forward:

"In Tangled, we had to have to have Rapunzel start with [the premise that] ‘everything’s great here [in the tower]’ and end with: ‘when will my life begin?’"

Look, I love symbolism. So this song being eliminated a few days after all our discussion about how Joni is such a thread in Mandy’s music is poetic... since Alan wrote this song inspired by people like Joni. Couple that with the fact that the last elimination was a painful diversion about how a decade of Mandy’s music was stripped away from her… and hopefully you start to see another level as to why the Rapunzel character is fascinating to me & why I think Mandy is so inseparable from the character.

Also, when will your faves have Anne 'Torn' Preven produce them as a folk song singing Disney princess?

"And then I'll brush and brush
And brush and brush my hair
Stuck in the same place I've always been
And I'll keep wonderin' and wonderin'
And wonderin' and wonderin'
When will my life begin?"

My Score: 10

"Kicking up confetti leaves…"

Sparkle In The Sky
@Music Is Life (10):
This song stood out to me the very first time I saw this movie, and was an immediate 10 back then. I just love the lyrics, and the production is a lot of fun, until that slowed down ending, which is gorgeous. (This is probably, like, the best 10 you've ever given out! I reserve the right to change my mind on that later in the rate.)

@LKane (8.8):
Mandy is a princess indeed. I’m so glad that disney finally recognized her talent.

@unnameable (8): Does anyone remember songpop, the quiz you played against a friend on facebook? I had never heard this song until it appeared in a Disney round on that. Since then, the movie appeared on UK television over Christmas so I have actually caught up with it. (Oh, yeah! I remember SongPop. So, did you like the movie when you caught it?)

@Florencia. (8)

Corner of your eye
@CasuallyCrazed (6.25) ... (I think this is the first time @CasuallyCrazed has been in the 'Corner of your eye' tier.... so I moved them up here to get a tag. Its a big day for me! Like when lanterns appeared for Rapunzel. haha!)

@Zar-Unity (7.4) :
Ahh ,this is cute! I didn't know for a while that Mandy did a voice in the big popular movie Tangled. I've never seen the movie but I've heard good things about it. I can't say that I'm too crazy here about how Mandy is singing rather awkwardly in character from the movie in this, but she does a good job with it. (My goal is to get you to watch this movie before the rate ends.)

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Still Undiscovered
@VivaForever (5): Points to Mandy for making Rapunzel’s singing voice noticeably different from her natural voice, to the point that I wouldn’t have recognized her. But Rapunzel’s voice is not nearly as pleasant as Mandy’s, and this is just not one of the better Disney songs to begin with. They don’t make those like they used to. (I love the song Belle, but thats not a completely fair comparison. That song was set up to be a fairly epic 'Broadway-style' prologue that introduced many characters & plot lines at one time. As such it's longer with dialogue stops, etc. I succeeds amazingly well at its goal. Likewise, I think 'When Will My Life Begin?' is the perfect concise little folky pop song, for the set piece of a girl trapped in a tower singing about her day & dreams. )

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Funnily, with a more straightforward vocal delivery this wouldn’t sound out of place among her discography. (You're right! Another reason she was perfectly cast.)

@ohnostalgia (5): I didn’t rate the Tangled songs too highly in the Disney rate either, sorry.

( It's ok... I do wish you liked it more, though. Hey, remember that time I submitted some crazy random commentary to your Taylor rate about how 'Starlight' was the song Rapunzel would sing if she tried out for X-factor? Yeah, my brain. Anyways, this gif made me think of that.)

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Reprise 1

Reprise 2

This amazing cover I found on YouTube by artist: Suhyun (who I don't anything about, but am looking into now!)
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