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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

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What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

    0 vote(s)
  1. Split Chick is by far the worst track from self-titled.

    God knows how it lasted this long.
  2. Me (as Spongebob singing joyously):
    "Every flower has to find a way to reach up to the sun
    Even through the cracks in the sidewalk!!!"

    You (as Squidward)
    "Whatever... sure."

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  3. Ok the Mandy Moore album, aka her magnum opus, is getting done dirty here now.
    "Split Chick" is flawless.
    "Turn the Clock Around" is flawless.
    I'm not sure what's still in from the other albums but I hope we're not touching the self-titled again until the Top 10.
  4. I updated the main the rate countdown on page 1.

    Probably should mention that all the soundtrack songs & extras are gone now, except the three from A Walk To Remember... which is what I expected.

    That my little random 'Hey' website demo made it #4 in that category of the rate. Well...

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  5. Just a couple things:
    1.) Make History was not featured in either Camp Rock film or soundtrack.
    2.) Get excited cause the Nelly rate is happening, and will be hosted by @nikkysan.
    EDIT: Also, Trynna Finda Way is kind of amazing?
    EDIT2: So is Halo Circus's "Oh Money!" I really need to check out their music, y'all know I stan Allison's debut. Oh and Split Chick is gone too soon. Glad you agree with me @pop3blow2 about how it should be the closer.
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  6. Yeah, I didn't think so. I know some about Camp Rock, but didn't see it on any of the official soundtracks... so I was confused. I hadn't seen those movies in ages, though, so I thought maybe I just forgot it was in there somewhere. Upon looking more into, 'Make History' was performed on the The Camp Rock tour, but not in any of the movies, etc. It was driving me nuts, dddd. I need to add that detail to the write-up.
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  7. It's okay haha. I just read that and was so confused cause you know, Camp Rock is my shit so I was already 90% sure it was technically incorrect info, but I checked the soundtracks anyway just in case. It did lead me to listen to the song for the first time and bop so thank you.
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  8. Have we discussed that she's releasing her new song (presumably from the new album) next Tuesday?
  9. Whoa! Really? I haven't seen her mention that. I just follow her on Twitter, though. Do you have any other info or derails?
  10. Just this tweet so far, but hopefully she'll announce it soon:

  11. Derails. This makes me chuckle.

    Oooh, that's awesome. Thanks.
  12. [​IMG]

    "Most Of Me" | 7.903

    Rated 32nd out of 84 total songs

    Rated 8th out of 12 from Wild Hope

    Chart info or stats:

    The 33rd most scrobbled Mandy song on

    The 7th most scrobbled song from Wild Hope on

    Liner Notes

    Written by: Mandy Moore & Lori McKenna
    Produced by: John Alagia

    Track 4 on Wild Hope released June 19, 2007

    "My own parade…"

    “You should know my story by now
    And why I'm optimistic cautiously”

    As long as my dissertation on Mandy’s inherent duality was a couple weeks back, it could’ve been longer. I tried to limit myself, mainly so I didn’t wake up to some PM’s from you all that were basically like, ‘We get it. We get it.'

    Another reason I cut it off, before I completely rambled off the rails, was like we really hadn’t even got into the bulk of the songs where that idea really shines... so I knew I'd had some more opportunities to dive into the topic.

    We’re in it now.

    “Feel like I know where this is going
    And I might know how it ends
    But I'm still
    Willing to begin”

    The lyrics & message to ‘Most Of Me’ tie so well in those push/pull dynamics Mandy seems to constantly be drawn to in her career.

    Lyrically, it wouldn’t even be insane to view some of the concepts in ’Most Of Me’ as a more mature take on the very ‘Split Chick’ sensibilities in the song we just eliminated. Both songs really deal with the expectations another person has of you in a relationship and what you’re actually possible to give. Taking that into account, it seems fitting those two songs left back-to-back in the rate. That’s where that train of thought ends.

    The narrative to 'Most Of Me' is certainly a denser song & the lyrics are some of the best on the album. Mandy labels herself as damaged goods several times on Wild Hope, and I won’t lie, it’s kinda heartbreaking to listen to... because she really believes it. You just kinda want to give her a hug.

    “You're just crossing paths
    With the way he left me
    I'm not sayin' a word
    I'm watching you quietly
    'Cause you're going to have to
    Prove me wrong
    Before I know this is right”

    This verse is so relatable. I’m sure so many people have been in that position where you have a relationship fail & you quite possibly start the next one too soon. Sometimes you’re still sort of a mess & now that new person, is getting the mess.

    I think a lot the feelings in 'Most Of Me' could even be symbolic of the Wild Hope project as a whole. Mandy came to the project a bit beaten down & rejected by the industry. A commercial failure. With renewed vigor, she reached out & formed new collaborations, relationships, & forged a new duration. What came out was the purest incarnation of Mandy we had gotten yet.

    “Oh, I won't hold anything back
    No, and I won't hold anything in”

    Sonically, I love plucky guitar strumming the main track is built upon. It’s just a folky/country sonic I’m a sucker for. Actually, it awakes reminded me of one of my favorite Rosanne Cash songs: 'The Wheel' (embedded below).

    The unexpected sound this song gives me is the programming for the percussion. On an album that uses mainly organic instruments (this is the only song with drum programming), it’s a little thing done here with artistic purpose to me. It both calls back to a piece of Mandy’s pop past while confronting the real drums being played on the track as it pushes forward. It’s a little production thing that adds a bit of aniexty to the track. It’s pretty brilliant. One of the best moments in her whole discography of ‘old Mandy’ transforming into ’new Mandy’. (‘Do you still love most of me’… Gawd, this woman's mind.)

    In an album built around the concept of collaboration, this is my favorite of the Mandy/Lori McKenna songs, which says something. Their collabs bore many a great songs on Wild Hope & Amanda Leigh, but their connection here was dialed into a whole other level. I also love that Dan Wilson (of Semisonic & Dixie Chicks/Adele songwriting fame) comes back to this song to sing background. He did some work with Mandy on Coverage and to me, this is just another ingredient in this song where she has hand picked specific people, sounds, & ideas to be part of the final portrait on one of her album's signature songs.

    “It was worth it to see most of me
    Oh, do you love most of me?”


    Yes I do.

    My Score: 10

    "Kicking up confetti leaves…"

    Sparkle In The Sky

    @Robsolete (10) - (I'm sorry. I'm right there with you!)

    @ladylloyd (10)

    @Sprockrooster (9)

    @Music Is Life (9)
    I really, really loved her voice and the lyrics on this, but the production holds it back a bit, because I doesn't really do anything but is still gorgeous.

    @unnameable (8)
    Think of how many songs use the words “All of me”? This song is brutal in its honesty, approaching the way her relationship mostly works but they need to wait to see how it develops.

    @Zar-Unity (8)
    This song sounds more like a cover song you'd hear on her last album. But this song is all hers and it's beautiful. Once again this is another song with some very personal lyrics about her past relationships and how Mandy has grown and matured from it. I remember my Dad liking this song and he wasn't really into her music that much. I've always thought that was interesting. This is a very well crafted song that could fit being played on the radio, despite how involved the lyrics are. Not one of my favorites on Wild hope so my score will be a bit lower for this one. But Most of me earns a solid 8 just because of how well the song is performed.

    @Robert (8), @vague (8.75), @RUNAWAY (9.5)

    Corner of your eye

    @ohnostalgia (7.5)
    About a minute thirty too long

    @LKane (6)
    a bit boring… sorry. I’m trying to be nice with my rates in this album.

    @chris4862 (7), @florenica. (7.5), @Remorque (7)

    Still Undiscovered

    @VivaForever (5)
    Unobjectionable but 0% memorable.

    @tylerc904 (5.5)

    For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

    A Random 'Most Of Me' Inspired Mini-Playlist!

    Roseanne Cash: The Wheel (I'd be up for some 80s/90s country themed rates!)

    Lori McKenna: People Get Old

    Sticking with the country theme here- Dixie Chicks: Not Ready To Make Nice
    (co-written with Dan Wilson who sings back up on Most Of Me)

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  13. [​IMG]

    "Someday We'll Know" | 7.911

    Rated 31st out of 84 total songs

    Rated 3rd out of 21 from Soundtracks & Extras

    Chart info or stats:

    The 7th most scrobbled Mandy song on

    *This is the first song we've lost in the top 10 from scrobbles.

    Liner Notes

    Written by: Gregg Alexander, Debra Holland, Danielle Briesbois
    Produced by: Jon Leshay

    Track 3 on A Walk To Remember soundtrack released January 15, 2002

    "My own parade…"

    “Social Security Number please
    Credit card number please
    Money please
    Money please
    Money please
    Soul please
    Please deposit 85 dollars
    For the next three minutes please”

    And so A Walk To Remember finally loses it’s first track.

    I’ve already touched on this song a couple of times in this rate & even other places on PJ lately. Let’s see if I can cover the basis with a quick checklist here for posterity in the Mandy Rate time capsule

    • Is it a cover? Check. It was a song originally done by the New Radicals in 1998.
    • Is it oddly dualistic? Yes. In fact it is Mandy’s first duet & it is with the lead singer from a band part of the ‘inspirational rock’ genre. To boot, they are singing a song by a fairly edgy band (by Nicolas Sparks book tone) that is distinctly ‘non-religious’. Fascinating.
    • Is there some sorta Meta-Mandyness going on here? Why, yes… I’m glad you asked! Said male singer on the song is Jon Foreman, who then wrote the song ‘Only Hope’ Mandy sings on the album. That song was originally recorded by his band, Switchfoot. So Mandy covers a song by Christian-rock band for spirtual-themed movie. But wait, there's more. That song, 'Only Hope', technically part of the in-movie-musical in the movie. (*scream* I love this so woman so much!)
    • Surely that’s all, right? Well, to make it even more interesting… in that scene in the movie where Mandy & Shane's characters are preparing for in-movie play/musical, there is a ‘montage sequence’. That sequence features another song by the original artists of ‘Someday, We’ll Know’. That band is of course New Radicals & the song in that sequence in the movie is ‘Mother, We Just Can’t Get Enough’…. again, an oddly edgy song to include. (I mean, the opening line of the song is 'Make my nipples hard. Let's go!'... edited out for the film of course.)

    At this point in the rate its fair to consider my capacity to connect things (whether they are oddly relevant or completely irrelevant) is either endearing or annoying. Welcome to my mind. Even saying all that, Mandy almost goes to far into inception-mode for my brain to fully comprehend sometimes. (I’m literally listening New Radicals & giggling as I write this!).

    I’ve never been able to completely confirm this, but from what I remember reading on some sites back in the day I think it was Mandy’s decision to cover this song. I choose to go with this for my own Mandy narrative and quite honestly, it makes total sense. (New Radicals broke up in 1999 & this song was picked to recorded for A Walk To Remember in 2001. Adds a whole other level to line in the song 'two years later, you're still on my mind.'

    As we learned about Mandy in the next couple of years, she is both oddly obsessed with balance (choosing the role Hilary Faye in Saved! after playing Jamie is this movie) and she is oddly obsessed with covers. (Preferably covers of 1970s/early 80’s songs.)

    While the New Radicals were current-ish back in 2002 (having broken through in 1999 the same year as Mandy. Take whatever symbolism from that, that you will) they were band deeply rooted in the sounds of 70’s and 80’s. They were continually compared to Todd Rundgren, Hall & Oates, & others. Needless to say, I was huge fan of theirs. For brief moment in the summer of 1999, I’d venture to say they were on the back-burner on my ‘pop obsessions stove’ & real close to moved to the front burner. I played their debut album to death & consider their lone hit 'You Get What You Give' the greatest one wonder song off all time. (You can consult @Ironheade 's amazing 90's One Hit Wonder Rate for more info. )

    And then, just like that, lead singer Gregg Alexander had enough. Like a pop music comet, they went as quickly as they came. They left behind one album & a mere two singles. One was their song of a generation, that bookended ’Smells Like Teen Spirit’ at the end on the 90’s: ‘You Get What You Give’. Their other single was actually reassessed after they weren’t even a band anymore: ‘Someday We’ll Know’. It fizzled out on the chart and a band that could’ve went out with a bang, went out a with a whimper.

    While I love this song dearly in its original form & even as a big fan of New Radicals, I will admit that I like Mandy & Jon’s vocal on the song a bit more than Gregg’s. The overall ambiguity there version brings to the song, though is where I get super interested. I mean, there's just all these questions I have about how this song made its way to A Walk To Remember. We just don't completely know.

    On the surface, I've always gotten hung up on what an odd choice this song seems like. But then I really think about it. What is this song saying? It’s a song about great unanswered questions and how you can relate them on a micro level to your own failures (in relationships, life, or whatever.) The song is really a question is odds with own surface level emotion. It’s actually an oddly positive song. It's not 'we'll never know', it's 'someday we we will know'. In lives in this bittersweet space of optimistic faith that you will get the answers to your question one day.

    Gregg Alexander grew up in a religious house & was obviously affected by it. On many of this songs over the years he challenges institutional, governmental, & religious maxims… normally in a fairly conformational way. On this song though, there is purity to line where he mentions God :

    If I could ask God just one question/Why aren’t you here with me tonight?’

    Religious or not, that’s an amazingly powerful & relatable sentiment for many.

    I realize religion is one of those topics that gets dicey to talk about in a public forum, but it is something I am genuinely interested in pop music. Mandy circa 2002 tapped into that ‘inspirational pop’ zeitgeist that was bubbling up, but she did it in her own very unique way. I do want to talk more about in another post, perhaps. I just need to get my many scattered thoughts together before then.

    In short, while I don’t personally identify with any particular religion or am even necessarily religious at all, there’s a bunch of pop music I really like that is pretty inherently spiritual. Likewise, I imagine there’s a bunch of artists that strong religious affiliations but don’t listen exclusively to ‘Christian pop,’ etc. This makes the inclusion of Mandy participating in this song super interesting to me in both the aspect of the movie & the greater narrative of her seemingly endless quest to build bridges & find balance. In a world with so much division, I like that occasionally music can bring people with very different opinions or beliefs together.

    That last point of this ties into interestingly pop3 reason I love this song so much. Everything about this song & Mandy’s take on is both steeped in distinct spiritual ambiguity & an odd directness full of pure human emotion.

    So, as I write this I’m realizing that maybe I've missed my purpose in life: To teach a college course on this woman! I probably could... dddd

    It’s never too late, right?

    “So many questions
    I need an answer”

    My Score: 9.1

    "Kicking up confetti leaves…"

    Sparkle In The Sky

    @ladylloyd (10)
    Only Hope and Someday We’ll Know are essential Mandy for me (Essential Mandy for Spotify &, too... since her A Walk To Remember songs are among her most streamed & scrobbled songs.)

    @Remorque (10)

    @unnameable (9.5)
    Love this song, but I think the New Radicals original with Danielle Brisebois is slightly better (I also slightly prefer the New Radicals version, by just a tad. Mainly because it's just overall produced better. I do live for the weird 'meta-ness' of Mandy's version, though, and do like the overall vocals a bit more here.)

    @LKane (8.8)
    This is a very good collaboration! She began experimenting with the right sound here. (Yeah, I didn't dive into it as much as I could here, but did get into a bit in that Split Chick essay I wrote. I really think Mandy used this song a springboard for Coverage and beyond. So interesting watching how she moved pieces around on a board trying to get her career going in the direction she wanted it to.)

    @Zar-Unity (8.5)
    I know this song well from the 2005 Candy comp CD. It's a pretty good duo sung pop ballad. Mandy's voice sounds pretty good on this. Definitely the highlight of the some for me! So this was on A walk to remember as well, nice. This song would have been right at home on her Coverage album! (I'm surprised Epic didn't press a limited edition Coverage with this as bonus track since A Walk To Remember was so successful...dddd.)

    @chris4862 (8.5)
    Should have been the follow up single to “Cry” honestly, I really love this one. (I mean, I can't really argue this could've been a single. It seems like all the pieces were there.)

    @Robert (8), @vague (8.5), @Florencia. (8.5)

    Corner of your eye
    @Sprockrooster (7)
    I actually feel like Jonathan does the heavy lifting of this song. Mandy could have done a little bit more in her vocal dedication. Then again if I were to sing with Mandy, if I would also give it all I have like Jonathan does. (As much as I love this odd little duet, the whole thing sounds like one or takes..dddd. It's kinda rough.Does give it a certain charm, though.)

    @Music Is Life: (7.5)
    This is nice enough, I like the production but I feel like it would be better if it was just her. (I used to kinda think that, too, but I think Jon Foreman adds to the whole occurrence of this odd cover in weird way.. epscaily taking into account he wrote her 'big song' in the movie 'Only Hope'.

    @RUNAWAY (7)
    gia-gunn-i-was-so-bored.gif (Hopefully my write-up is less boring...ha!)

    @ohnostalgia (6):
    I’m trying to remember if this is from the in-movie musical or from an alternate ending where Jamie didn’t die. (This is sending me! I imagine there is some great fan fiction buried on the internet I can find for you. Haha! I also love that you brought up the in-movie musical aspect of A Walk To Remember. I am, unsurprisingly I'm sure, fascinated with that part of the movie.)

    @tylerc904 (6)

    Still Undiscovered

    @VivaForever (5)
    One thing I can say for myself, even during my Christian music phase, I never listened to Switchfoot. (This had me laughing. I got into them some because of Mandy.... but of course. Haha!)

    @Robsolete (5.5)

    For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

    A 'Someday We'll Know' Inspired Mini-Playlist!

    Original version by New Radicals

    Hall & Oates cover version (feat Todd Rundgren. I'm out.)

    'Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough' by the New Radical (featured in the film & soundtrack for the film A Walk Remember. This is full version, with the 'edgy' opening line of the song that was edited out for the film.
    Too Funny.)

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  14. [​IMG]

    So, the Mandy Top 30 is set!

    I can't believe how evenly matched her 'big three' albums are heading into top 30. Talent. Buckle up, though, because after a fairly long respite we start eliminating 11s again soon.

    Here's what is left. Does this seem right? Have we messed up badly somewhere? Are there any songs you all feel need to vacate soon?

    So Real/I Wanna Be With You (5 of 16 songs still alive)

    So Real
    I Wanna Be With You
    Everything My Heart Desires
    Want You Back

    Mandy Moore (7 of 13 songs still alive)

    In My Pocket
    You Remind Me
    Saturate Me
    One Sided Love

    Coverage (7 of 12 songs still alive)

    Senses Working Overtime
    The Whole Of The Moon
    Can We Still Be Friends
    I Feel The Earth Move
    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
    Drop The Pilot
    Have a Little Faith In Me

    Wild Hope (7 of 12 songs still alive)

    All Good Things
    Slummin’ In Paradise
    Few Days Down
    Looking Forward To Looking Back
    Wild Hope

    Amanda Leigh (2 of 10 songs still alive)

    I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week
    Love To Love Me Back

    Soundtracks & Extras (2 of 21 songs still alive)

    Only Hope
    It’s Gonna Be Love
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  15. So happy that Mandy Moore, Coverage and Wild Hope are all doing well. Also understandable that it's the Walk to Remember soundtrack keeping the extras alive. Poor Amanda Leigh - at one point I was thinking of giving "Pocket Philosopher" my 11.
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  17. LOOOOOOOVED the new single!!
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  18. [​IMG]

    "So Real" | 7.950

    Rated 30th out of 84 total songs

    Rated 5th out of 16 from So Real/I Wanna Be With You

    Chart info or stats:

    The 15th most scrobbled Mandy song on

    Also released as an international single in 2000 where it charted:
    #21 in Australia
    #18 New Zealand

    Liner Notes

    Written by: Tony Battaglia & Shaun Fisher
    Produced by: The Wasabees

    Track 1 from So Real released December 7, 1999
    Track 7 from I Wanna Be With You released April 11, 2000

    There was also a remix included on I Wanna Be With You (track 5)
    And a mythical version recorded in French for that release

    "My own parade…"

    Returning to debut-era we say goodbye to one of the truly glossy bops of the early 2000’s that maybe deserved better, the title track from Mandy’s first album: ‘So Real’.

    I said, maybe.

    First things first, the lyrics here are at best, absurd. At worst, they some of the more uncomfortably loaded lyrics of the the era… or at least on the debut album of 15 year-old Mandy. There’s no point on dwelling it, they are what they are. I suppose they are very much on brand for the era, but they always made me cringe a bit & still do.

    Then there’s the track.

    I mean, it's nothing special, to be honest. It’s a rehash & copycat of several other grooves/sonics of the era. You can hear a bit of ‘Backstreet’s Back’ in there, some Britney, etc. Nothing really to write home, I suppose.

    But still, there’s something, here. Something I always found appealing about the song. It might be the best example of Mandy's overall personality, as that is really makes the song anything special at all.

    At its most primal level, it just sort of bops…as the kids say. Mandy does get a chance to really dig in a bit vocally. There’s still a bit of that ‘Britney-thang’ going on with her voice in places, but for the most part I really like Mandy’s vocal here. It is a bit messy, but I find it charming in a 'budget Britney' kinda way on this track, more so than some others here.

    The production here is just really properly punchy where it needs to be & Mandy hits the beats & syllables she needs to make it work. The chorus actually probably saves the song. It really did worm its way into my head, more than some other songs from her debut back in the day.

    Like many other aspects of Mandy's launch, the single release of this song was kind of a mess.

    Internationally, it had a fairly decent push as a single, as her second single after 'Candy'. Oddly, it was passed on the US in favor of 'Walk Me Home'. I mean, I sort understand that, as maybe Epic didn't want back-to-back bops from her and wanted to show her range? Sure, we'll go with that.

    I guess it was a decent single pick, based on what they had to work with on the album. The French release of the single produces one of the great lost songs of early 00’s pop. There was apparently a super rare release of the single that included a version of Mandy singing 'So Real' in French. It is literally the white whale for many Mandy fans. I’ve never heard it nor seen it for sale (and I used to frequent the eBay in search of Mandy stuff back in the day...ddd) You know something is rare if you can literally find no upload of it anywhere on the internet these days... as I can usually find a crappy mp3 of some pretty obscure stuff if I dig.

    I tend to not put too much emphasis on music videos as an influence in whether or not I like a song, but sometimes you just can’t help it. 'So Real' is one of those songs that benefits fro the video, in a way. It is so over-the-top early 00’s, it goes from being gaudy to charming in much the way Mandy transforms from a teen girl in a field to some sort of Milineum-Pop-Tinkerbell who’s been shopping from dELiA*s or Alloy catalog. (Many will get the reference, but for posterity...)

    Nothing against Britney, Christina, Jessica, or the lot… but I actually find Mandy’s music videos to be better time capsules on the era now. I mean, a lot of her songs certainly aren’t as good as many of theirs & really her videos aren’t even as good from a production value, etc, if I’m being honest. But watching her videos now for the So Real singles in particular, actually transport me better to that moment in 1999/2000 better than the other Big Pop Girls of the day. The bright saturated colors & cheesy CGI... it's all pretty fantastic. I really like Mandy's crimped hair, too. It was a fun look.

    'So Real' was also one the songs that got the ‘remix treatment’ on I Wanna Be With You. Parts of that version are really nice (mainly the tinkly marimba intro). It then sort of breaks down into a messy racket full of needless drum breaks & goofy raps. It kinda gives me headache. I would’ve much rather they just included the French version of 'So Real' on the album… especially since that album was mainly targeted at international release. More about this later in the rate.

    Oh well. If any of you ever come across that version of the song, RUN DON’T WALK to the forum. Ok? Thanks.

    We do start the top 30 off with a first in the rate though, every score is a 6 or higher... and thus a 'Sparkle In The Sky' or 'Corner of you eye'! Yeah, 'So Real', did that.

    "When we're together, we're in the groove"

    My Score: 7.8

    "Kicking up confetti leaves…"

    Sparkle In The Sky

    @Remorque (10)
    This clearly is some kind of Backstreet Boys/*NSYNC knock-off, but I don't fucking care as she sounds great and can actually breathe some life into that limp awkward chorus. Baby yo... Fuck a Wade Robson remix though. (Yes! This commentary made scream when I first read it... and just did again. Also, yeah... that remix is something.)

    @tylerc904 (9)

    @vague (9.5)
    beyond a bop, but some of the lyrics are way too much for me. "it's my innocence that makes you yearn" = gross to hear from a 15-year-old girl, let's be (so) real. (*scream* I so agree on the lyrics. They. Are. A. Mess.)

    @Zar-Unity (9)
    What a great opener to Mandy's debut album! The production, beat and her vocals play so smooth on this!
    I love the background vocal effects on this, it adds to the songs magic vibe. The lyrics could have used some help but everything else is just perfection. Everything from the bass piano, the cool build up towards the songs end and how the song ends is just cool as can be. This musical production style is no doubt borrowed from the then teen R&B pop craze of the later 90's and it is used to a great effect, simply outdoing most of the other teen R&B pop at the time. Great choice for a single!

    I really like the music video, Mandy looks amazing, especially in her beautiful dress she changes into halfway through the video. But I remember thinking that I could have used more fun dancing from her and perhaps a different scenery that would better fit with the songs dominate beat and attitude. (I love you descriptions of the song. There is something oddly magical about it, in all of its basic glory. Maybe that's why the video works so well, as they actually tapped into that little part of the song. It's a such weirdly fun little video. Quirky!)

    @Music Is Life (9)
    A fun opener, great title track. I love the beat throughout this, and the chorus constantly pops into my head. (yeah, that chorus is one the better ones on the album. Probably why it got shortlisted for a single, honestly.)

    @unnameable (9)
    nails that early 00s sound, but was it wise to use the word “innocence” so much in a song by a teenage artist? (No, no it was not wise. And the comment here prove we all should've been on Mandy's marketing team.)

    @Florencia. (8)
    One of the things that bother me the most during this song (and the whole album, I would say) is the nasality of Mandy’s voice, especially since it seems it is quite faked. But the song itself is cute. Nothing special, but a good album opener and title track. (Yeah, that nasal/Britney tone she was probably directed to do, does her no favors. It's oddly kept in a check a little better on this track than some others, but still....)

    @Robsolete (8), @ladylloyd (8)

    Corner of your eye
    @LKane (7.8)
    So this is a nice way to start the album. The song is catchy but it feels so old now. I cannot appreciate the beauty of Mandy’s voice under this type of music. I’m so glad she found her own style years later. (Hey, were score decimal twins on this one! Also, I basically agree with your commentary 100%.)

    @VivaForever (7):
    Catchy chorus, but really grating throughout. Her voice is not in good form here. (I know you're right, but I'm still inclined to defend this borderline trainwreck of an album opener...ddd!)

    @ohnostalgia (7)
    Very of its time. Would get a higher score without a) the creepy innocence theme and b) some choice vocal directions. I can see why Mandy wanted to get away from these people, they really didn’t understand her voice. (Yeah, she mentions 'inn-o-cence'™ in this song more than a CEO at some sort of 'branding strategy' meeting. It's like, 'we get it. You're young!... and that's not making this song any less weird!')

    @Sprockrooster (6)
    Not really worthy of being to give the album it's name. (Do keep in mind when this album launched I deplored her. I thought she was the fakest of the fake, so naming her album 'So Real' just went all over me. I was like, 'are you kidding me!' Haha! Looking back, 'What You Want' would've been a better title for the album if they wanted to use a track... in my opinion.)

    @RUNAWAY (6.5)
    this song just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. It was cute 20 years ago, but it’s just not aged well at all and she isn’t a cute girl anymore. (Yeah, I'd say by 2002, this song hadn't aged well..ddd. Of course, now it's so 'over-the-top year 2000', nostalgia clouds my judgement on it. Haha!)

    @Robert (7), @chris4862 (7), @CasuallyCrazed (7.5)

    Still Undiscovered

    this area is empty?

    'Baby it's real!'​

    For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

    Live Version From: House of Hits (Serve those live vocals, Queen!)

    Live version from Fox Family. This version is interesting as it is to the Wade Robson remix track. Also, turn your speakers down, as the YouTuber has some 'glass breaking' intro for their channel intro. Yeah.

    Here is the said Wade Robson remix

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  19. I just saw the music video... She doesn't look good with curly hair.
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