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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by pop3blow2, Mar 18, 2019.


What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

    0 vote(s)
  1. No worries! Thanks for responding. Just doing some obligatory tagging to try & drum up some voters. I understand the 'first album struggles' with Mandy... more than you realize. (Just see my intro post, haha!)

    If you try some of her more recent stuff & decide you want to vote, I'd love to have you. There's also sub-ballot where you can submit up to 10 of of your fave Mandy acting roles (if you care about any of her movies/tv.) You can do that regardless of rating the songs.
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  2. I am on a massive Mandy Moore binge ever since this rate started. Bless you for making it happen!
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  3. I was just coming here to say the same thing. I’ve played all of her albums in the past couple of days. I haven’t even started rating yet.

    It’s interesting to see in this thread so far that there’s a fairly even spread of different people favouring different albums. I think there could potentially be quite a few surprises along the way.

    Like I said in my earlier post I’ve been a fan from the start so I really love the So Real, I Wanna Be With You and Mandy Moore albums the most. I enjoyed Coverage at the time but that’s when my love for her music started to decline a bit. I hardly ever played the Wild Hope and Amanda Leigh albums bar a couple of tracks ie Gardina (which is amazing).

    However since playing those later two albums over the past couple of days I’ve started getting into a lot better than before, especially Wild Hope, where I was left feeling “why haven’t I done this sooner?” So thank you for that!

    You also reminded me of Hey, which I’ve had on my pc since it first appeared on her site but I forgot to include it with the rest of her stuff so it never made it to my iTunes and hence I haven’t heard that for years either, which is also going to change!
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  4. I am glad Wild Hope acquired some new found love. I have to say I am finding rediscoveries left and right too!
  5. Awww... No problem. I’m super excited that she’s the first rate I get to host here & there is so much love for her already.

    While I’ve admittedly had many pop obsessions over my life, Mandy is way towards the top on the all time list. I think disliking her out of the gate & then becoming such a huge fan made my fandom of her even more special to me. I mean, it's super fun to just immediately love something, but to have your preconceived notions challenged by new data & then upended makes things a bit more dramatic as a she's special in that regard to me.

    I think I mentioned somewhere, but from like 2002 to 2007, she was the north point in my pop trinity (with Nelly Furtado & Vanessa Carlton). She’s just so immsesley talented, interesting, & somewhat under-appreciated to me... so I want this rate to do her proud.

    Yes! I love that song much. It's like a timewarp to the end of 2003 when I used go to her website like every day & it would autoplay when the site loaded. I used some horrible audio ripper to scrape it off the site, so I'd have a copy. Haha... good times.
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  6. A while back, I said something about Mandy to my best friend, who replied, "The voice of Rapunzel?" I was appalled and obviously had to educate them immediately. Beginning with "SHE WAS ALSO LANA IN THE PRINCESS DIARIES HENCE WHY LANA RANDOMLY SANG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE." There was a lot of caps lock. "SHE DID THAT SONG CANDY."

    Anyway, a reverse @Music Is Life expedition.
  7. As I said before, I'm one of the biggest Mandy Moore fans you'll ever see, so
    I really appreciate the Mandy love here and for the awesome @pop3blow2
    putting together a rate for her. I'm very well acquainted with all of her albums
    but my favorite album has always been her debut album, ever since I first
    randomly discovered her in a small music store in Atlanta and saw her So
    real album and was immediately mesmerized by her beautiful face on the
    album cover for her debut.

    So real just flows so beautifully from song to song. And to me, it is her
    album where I think she sounds the most powerful vocally. Some others may
    disagree but that's okay. Sure the musical production may make her appear
    to just be a "desperate bubblegum copycat" to the uninspired, inexperienced
    Mandy fan, and the lyrics may make many feel like Mandy doesn't have that much
    to express as an original artist...however, the treasure of her talent and playback
    value comes from her incredible, pure voice and "how" she sings, which is unlike
    any other pop singer you'd ever encounter in the pop hemisphere. Back in 1999 or
    now. Another example is the wonderful Diana Vickers! One of a kind, truly!

    The musical production is actually pretty solid if you think about it. Mandy's
    vocals are always at the forefront and the beats are pretty fresh and fun.
    There are so many cool sound bits and creative layers put in to make the music
    have beautiful flow that you rarely hear from a R&B pop albums from that time period.
    Basically, Mandy's music producers make her look like a badass pop force, if a little
    naive at the same time, based on the simplistic lyrics. I could honestly do a album write up
    on why So real is her best album vocally, as well for the musical production, but I'll save that for later.

    Mandy hit us big right after her debut album with her gorgeous "I wanna be with you", which
    captured her powerful vocals so well and turned more people to become Mandy fans that
    weren't really before, like @pop3blow2 which is great! But I wanna be with you was a single
    in the form of a EP and a mini comp of So real. Afterwards when Mandy came out with her
    self-tiled album, for me it didn't quite hit the high marks like her debut did for me earlier, but
    it is still a great pop album filled with several great bops. However, at this point Mandy had
    already detoured away from her strong bubblegum and R&B pop style that she started with.
    In my opinion, Mandy blew away the competition on her debut and she outperformed Britney
    and all others doing the same type of bubblegum pop style then. However not many could see
    it or feel this way because Britney had the bigger established fanbase that would always
    overshadow Mandy.

    It's funny that a lot of people feel like Mandy's debut album didn't really fit
    her voice that well, as I feel like her self-titled album didn't really work
    that well for her voice or her artist persona like it did on So real. Her
    self-titled sounded a lot more like the songs could have been given to
    some other pop tart that could have fit with the musical production
    better than Mandy. This is because Mandy's voice had this maturity
    and wide vocal range that didn't require that much soundscape to cover
    it up. Just my two cents though. I already expect my opinions of her to
    mostly not be of the majority. That is okay by me.

    I've been waiting a long time for Mandy to get more recognition here
    and now that she is thanks to one of our new amazing song contest members @pop3blow2 I'm SO (real) here for this! Expect a big write up on every album, every song. I truly love her, everything about her. But most of all, her incredible voice. She is a pop hero and a huge inspiration to so many, she will always be very close to my heart. And with all that said, I have been inspired today to put on some classic Mandy again, thank you @pop3blow2 ! Thank you for hosting this rate! This is going to be one of the best artist rates in my eyes to ever take part in. Congrats on already kicking off your very first rate in a big way! You couldn't have picked a better artist to do a rate for (expect for Anna Abreu, whom I'm not sure if you know of) than Mandy!

    The only songs that I wasn't already that acquainted with were most of her
    movie songs (hey, I'm a album lover/listener), so this rate will be very fun to discover some new Mandy songs
    from her movies that I'm sure I will love. 84 songs sound like a good lucky number to me.
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  8. Yay! So glad to have you @Zar-Unity & thanks for your wonderful & passionate thoughts about So Real. I think many Mandy fans would agree with a lot of what you said & I know for many on Popjustice that was likely an important album to them. One of the great things about Mandy is how varied all of her eras of music are, which will likely bring out some interesting opinions & results in the rate. The thing I think we'll agree on is the overall talent she had from day one in that Candy video... when that camera zoomed into her bedroom that was straight out of a Delia's catalogue (I saw that comment on Youtube & it made me chuckle.)


    Just so you know, some of my light-hearted draggings of So Real in my intro are as much for dramatic narrative effect, as anything, to highlight how I went from disliking her so much to starting to love her in like 6 months.... to show maybe sometimes your first impressions are wrong about an artist & maybe you write them off too quickly. Despite my somewhat harsh original opinion of So Real, I eventually started to find a lot of it charming. I also completely agree about most of her vocal work on it. There are moments where it's hard to believe she's barley 15.

    I always like to see a Diana Vickers reference, anywhere on Popjustice, too... as I love her! Can't wait to see your scores & read more thoughts from you about Mandy.
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  9. Damn that video is THE reason I had a (small) Mandy Moore poster (among all my metal band ones) in my bedroom, so hot.
  10. Somehow I ended up with a big sexy poster of Britney Spears and Christina A. in the early 00's but never acquired a Mandy Moore poster. What madness is this?? And I still can't bring myself to take
    down my poster of Britney Spears of her in tight blue jeans at a ranch or something one perfect hot summer because...Oh my GOD!!


    Very true @pop3blow2 sometimes our first impressions of certain artists are misleading to us! This has happened to me with some very special artists
    like Najoua Belyzel, Sweetbox and Victoria Beckham. I think it is because some artists are just so special and important that your brain can't even comprehend
    their awesomeness at first and take it all in, until later.

    For Mandy though, it was truly love at first sight back in 1999. So real was also
    the first pop album I ever bought on CD. I would never want a refund back
    for it haha.
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  11. This appears to be a Holy Grail of pop. I've done some research into this & it does supposedly exist, but there appears to be no version to listen to (or buy) anywhere!
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  12. Very proud to say that since I've started scrobbling back in 2011, now with a whopping
    113,187 song plays, I have over 2000 song plays for Mandy in a comfy 8th place next to the amazing Hilary Duff! I do need to listen to her music more often than I have been doing. I've been
    so obsessed with Jolin Tsai and Sweetbox recently.

    What say you for others that have last fm and have Mandy scrobbles?
    Would love to hear what your Mandy play stats are.

    Honestly my Mandy plays should be WAY higher!
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  13. Metal & Mandy Moore... I'm here for iconoclastic posts like that.
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  14. It's perfectly normal - back when "Candy" was out, I was at my friend Martin's (who'd I go out to rock clubs with, and he would persuade me I should try the local goth nights) and this video came on MTV. *everybody* loved the bubblegum pop highlights while taking the piss out of how formulaic they found most pop. Britney, Christina, Jessica, Mandy...such a glorious time.
    Sadly while I got to see Britney last year and could spend a fortune on Christina tickets this year, a Jessica or Mandy tour this side of the Atlantic seems unlikely.
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  15. Wow, that's a lot of scrobbles! Mandy's 8th on my all-time list, too... but I've only been sporadic user of since 2008. Since Spotify became my defacto way to consume music, I scrobble a lot more.
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  16. [​IMG]

    "You know who you are
    Your love's as sweet as candy
    I'll be forever yours
    Love always, Mandy"

    The Mandy Moore Annual: 1999

    Amanda Leigh Moore, ‘Mandy’ forevermore, burst onto the pop music scene in the summer of 1999. As the opening act of ’N Sync, there could’ve been no better opportunity to get her out in front of her target audience quickly. In fact, as I’ll talk about several times in this rate: her initial introduction strategy, the amount of attention/money spent on her, & the overall ‘entryism’ of Mandy Moore’s launch was literally, Epic.

    By the summer of 1999, the bubblegum pop classic ‘Candy’ had been released as her first single. It was a slow burn up the charts, but slowly found it’s way to radio & ever increasing CD single sales. She pulled the double whammy, by opening for the Backstreet Boys on their fall tour which sealed the deal in making her a buzz worthy addition to the burgeoning millennial teen pop canon. Masterful marketing, I tell ya.

    Mandy’s popularity really caught fire when Candy's accompanying video started to make it’s legendary run on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) in late fall of 1999. In fact, rather oddly, the actual Candy single peaked on Billboard (October 30 1999) two weeks before the video ever started its epic run of several months on TRL. (November 10, 1999) in this regard, Mandy’s musical career was fascinating from the start & the Candy video is one of the more perfect time capsules of POP circa 1999. (Buzzfeed's piece is pretty spot on.)

    Towards the end of 1999 she really started to become an ‘it girl’, doing feature promo spots on MTV game shows (disregard the wrong date in the game show video below…. pretty sure it was 1999) & even appearing on MTV’s amazing Y2K Millennium Eve Party. By this time, she was becoming a big deal & the passion of her legion of fans would rival the most passionate of fandoms of today. Why? Well, she was talented, no doubt, but perhaps more so than Britney, Christina, or Jessica... there was something 'relatable' about her that really clicked with teens. There was something genuinely awkward & sweet about her when she was interviewed, etc. She seemed like a pop star that could be your friend and because of this you wanted to root for her.

    And the 'Mandy Millennium' was just beginning.

    Mandy Moore: Early Promo 1999

    Mandy Moore: Being interviewed by a fan after an 'N Sync concert: Summer of 1999

    Mandy Moore Soundcheck (Summer of 1999... so cool!)

    Mandy Moore: Guest judge on MTV Talent show late 1999

    Mandy Moore: MTV Y2K New Years Eve Interview with Carson Daly

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  17. @pop3blow2 We're getting one of these writeups for every year?! I STAN!
  18. Haha! thanks @VivaForever

    Yeah, from time to time in this rate I plan on doing Mandy Moore Annuals for each of year of her career. They will just sorta be general overviews of where she was fitting into the pop landscape at the time, both on a professional level (music, acting, & more) & personal (a bit of her life's journey, relationships, etc). Since she's always kind of been a millennial compass for me, it's been fascinating watching not just her career arc, but her 'life arc'.

    I might even throw in a couple of other essays along the way.

    On that note: If any other Mandy fans want to contribute an essay, too... just let me know. I know many of you will likely write sone amazing song commentary, but if there's a special piece you want to put here (outside of normal song commentary parameters), let me know & I'll help promo it for you. I'd love this this rate to be the ultimate celebration of Mandy's first 20 years. I guess I'm ambitious, if nothing else.

    I figured I'd go all out with this rate, so at least if I burn myself out... maybe I'll leave behind something special here. Mandy is definitely worthy of the amount of time I'm dedicating to her.
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  19. The media training was strong in that clip above! Her over the top lip syncing is even stronger.

    That said - What You Want is SUCH a banger.
  20. At 4:45 in that second video, when she sings a bit of Candy on demand a cappella ... well, that's a bit of early Mandy-magic. Girl could just flat-out sing.
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