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Mandy Moore Discography Rate - Complete! (Stream 'Silver Landings' on March 6th!)

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What's your favorite Mandy Moore album

  1. So Real

    5 vote(s)
  2. I Wanne Be With You

    1 vote(s)
  3. Mandy Moore

    19 vote(s)
  4. Coverage

    8 vote(s)
  5. Wild Hope

    13 vote(s)
  6. Amanda Leigh

    4 vote(s)
  7. Other (soundtrack, etc.)

    0 vote(s)
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  2. I’m so glad Only Hope made the top 10, and what a great write up as usual!

    I never knew there was a bit of a backlash due to Saved! But it’s easy to believe (sadly).

    I never realised there was a Shane version of Only Hope either. Thankfully the CD I have is just Mandy.

    I love a good Mandy piano ballad (see my 11, Your Face). I love how Mandy can do delicate and powerful within the same song and she really does sound great here. I hope the new album has a piano ballad too.
  3. image.png

    Soundtracks & Extras

    Final album(category) scores & wrap-up.

    Sparkle In The Sky

    @Music Is Life (9.2)
    @pop3blow2 (8.78)
    @Zar-Unity (8.65)
    @vague (8.25)

    Corner Of Your Eye

    @Sprockrooster (7.9)
    @unnameable (7.8)
    @RUNAWAY (7.75)
    @Robsolete (7.63)
    @chris4862 (7.0)
    @LKane (6.8)
    @ladylloyd (6.75)
    - included note:
    Only Hope and Someday We’ll Know are essential Mandy for me, and I See The Light is gorgeous, but overall I don’t use most of these tracks’

    @Remorque (6.65)
    @Robert (6.38)
    @Florencia. (6.2)
    @VivaForever (6.15)

    Still Undiscovered

    @ohnostalgia (5.85)
    @tylerc904 (5.65)
    @CasuallyCrazed (3.69)

    Song Elimination List

    Stupid Cupid (18th of 21 | 81st of 84 overall)
    On The Line (17th of 21 | 80th of 84 overall)
    Only Hope (1st of 21 | 10th of 84 overall)
    Someday We’ll Know (3rd of 21 | 31st of 84 overall)
    It’s Gonna Be Love (2nd of 21 | 19th of 84 overall)
    Top Of The World (8th of 21 | 48th of 84 overall)
    God Only Knows (11th of 21 | 59th of 84 overall)
    Singing To The Song Of Life (19th of 21 | 82nd of 84 overall)
    Secret Love (6th of 21 | 42nd of 84 overall)
    When Will My Life Begin (15th of 21 | 70th of 84 overall)
    I See The Light (9th of 21 | 52nd of 84 overall)
    Healing Incantation ( 20th of 21 | 83rd of 84 overall)
    Wind In My Hair (12th of 21 | 65th of 84 overall)
    Amazing Lucky Scarf ( 21st of 21 | 84th of 84 overall)
    Willin’ (14th of 21 | 69th of 84 overall)
    Invisible Ink (7th of 21 | 46th of 84 total)
    Feel Me (10th of 21 | 53rd of 84)
    Hey (4th of 21 | 34th of 84 overall)
    Swept Away (16th of 21 | 76th of 84 overall)
    Could Have Been Watching You (5th of 21 | 41st of 84 overall)
    Umbrella (13th of 21 | 68th of 84 overall)

    So, with the elimination of 'Only Hope', only Debut-era, Self-Titled, Wild Hope, & Coverage remain.

  4. #9's write-up about done.
    ...Oh my.

    So, anyways... I'll start putting the post together today. It's our first song with over a 9.0 average. So the top 9 all have a 9 or higher average score.
  5. [​IMG]

    "The Whole Of The Moon" | 9.067

    Rated 9th out of 84 total songs

    Rated 2nd out of 10 from Coverage

    Chart info or stats:

    The # 57th most scrobbled Mandy song of all-time on (literally what is wrong with the world!?)
    The 9th most scrobbled song from
    Coverage (That's a choice.)

    Liner Notes

    Written by: Mike Scott
    Produced by: John Fields

    Track 2 from Coverage released October 15, 2009

    "My own parade…"



    This song is purple.

    That’s not my description, that is Mandy’s from the making of the album documentary that came with Coverage.

    “The Whole Of The Moon is my favorite song on the record. It’s like a big can of purple paint… just really thick. I just loved the song so instantaneously… there was just some attraction automatically’.

    That’s pretty perfectly sums up things here…Maybe I should just leave it. We all know that’s not gonna happen, though. ddd

    "I pictured a rainbow
    You held it in your hands
    I had flashes
    But you saw the plan"

    It’s hard to know where to start here. As a music fan, the way many of us on this forum are, how do you try to put into words your favorite 5 minutes of recorded music you’ve ever heard in your life? I mean, this is really is... and has been for over 15 years of some pretty intense music fandoms.

    Usually when I describe this song, I set up an over-the-top scenario to try explain how special this song is to me. It goes like this.

    Let’s say we get a report that an asteroid is heading for Earth. Say, it’s like, 30 minutes out. This is it. It’s gonna be bad... and there’s literally nothing anyone can do. Well, after hugging my cats and saying goodbye to loved ones and friends I can... I’m setting aside 5 minutes to play this song one last time.

    This rate was a completely random & wonderful undertaking that came to me. Being such a fan of Mandy, just doing any of this & sharing with it you all is an honor. I was so happy to get so much support, love, & participation for Mandy. As such, I had very few things that I really ‘needed’ to happen in this rate, for me to not question why I had undertaken the project. This song is my 11 though, so it making the top 10 was one of those things I really wanted to happen. It does. Whew. (It’s also the first of 9 songs to get over a 9 that’s special. )

    There’s so much to love here, maybe it’s best if I just structure my thoughts into some sections. If I don't, I'm going to ramble us all into oblivion.

    The Whole Of Lyrics

    "I wandered out in the world for years
    While you just stayed in your room
    I saw the crescent
    You saw the whole of the moon
    The whole of the moon"

    So, after my nattering on for thousands of words in the rate about Mandy, mirrors, dichotomy, and such... it should be no surprise why someone of Mandy’s persuasions was so attracted to this song. The whole lyric reads like a back and forth (or call and response) about the whole of how two different people experience world... & the two separate paths one could take in their life.

    To me, the whole song is the mission statement of not only Coverage, but quite possibly Mandy’s whole artistic being. Whether she meant that completely, just meant it a little, or the whole thing is totally a subconscious accident... I have no idea. The song’s main theme is very much that of point of view or perspective. One could argue that was the very point of the whole Coverage project. It was literally Mandy, a teenager at the time, trying to bridge the musical gap between generations, between her youth and impending adulthood, and even bridge the gap artistically between her teen pop years and new more mature direction.

    Mike Scott, the song's writer, was never completely forthcoming about the exact meaning or inspiration for the song. Inspired by the writings of both C.S. Lewis & Mark Helprin's novel A Winter's Tale... Scott then juxtaposes that inspiration with a composite of people both close to him in his life and who admires (Prince being one. The color Purple is just all over this song!). The result a song that is both magically stream of conscious & vague while still sounding like it is targeted & has a narrative. That push pull of those to dynamics makes it so unique & special.

    It also makes it oddly custom made for an artist such as Mandy.

    The Whole Of The Production

    I’m a record production nerd. The kind of kid who obsessed over reverb on Beach Boys & Phil Spector records. The kind of kid who dissected liner notes to know what instruments were used on every song I loved. I never would have guessed in 2003 that some fairly new to me random producer (John Fields) and Mandy-Freaking-Moore we’re going lay down a track that not only instantly became a favorite, but that over 15 years later I still consider my favorite pop track of all time.

    Why is it though?

    Well, for me all it starts with the fade out of 'Senses Working Overtime' bleeding into feedback of the beginning of 'Whole...' It’s like the sound of a day starting when you’re a kid... or on vacation. There’s just this excited anticipation to it. Then instrument by instrument, John Fields layers in tracks in a very strategic & building fashion... almost like he is creating a world:

    • Acoustic Guitars
    • Drum
    • lead guitar
    • keyboards
    • and then Mandy’s vocal

    My goodness. Mandy’s vocal.

    "I was dumbfounded by truth
    You cut through lies
    I saw the rain dirty valley
    You saw Brigadoon
    I saw the crescent
    You saw the whole of the moon"

    We joke about hearing the sound of god in songs on PJ sometimes. I may not be joking here. Let me clear, it’s not like mind blowing in the overall technics of her voice, etc. Arguments could certainly be made for other vocals by her in that regard. What makes her vocal so special here, is the sheer conviction of the reading of lyrics. There is complete commitment to both the exasperated wonder of the song and how she incorporates it into world of Coverage in a 2003 pop landscape.

    If there was ever a song I can imagine Rapunzel singing as she paints in her tower, it’s this one. Likewise, this song, especially coming out in the year of How To Deal, has this glossy, coming of age soundtrack feel that makes me think of her character (Hayley's) dynamic in said film. It was a missed opportunity not including some Coverage music in that film. But I digress.

    Her vocals through. There's just so many little things.

    It’s the way she *sighs* in the background when she sings the word 'sighed'. The complete exuberance in her voice at lyrics like ‘you swooned’. It’s this odd conversational style that of lyric reading mixed with a completely soulful wonder when she needs to make a point. I’ve never heard another pop vocal like quite it. Nelly Furtado is the closest (at times on Whoa, Nelly! ... and recently Carly has ventured there, but even then, there's just a specific tone to Mandy's vocal on The Whole Of The Moon, that I've never heard another singer convey.

    Meanwhile, John Fields just builds more sounds into song. You know it’s happening, wrapping around you in this beautiful rainbow wall of sound. Mandy sprinkles in double & triple tracked background vocals and all kinds of vocal confetti (those 'la la las' at 2:22... with the ‘I spoke about wings line’. My gawd.)

    I could literally timestamp dozens of moments in this song I consider amazing. I very well just make a special post doing that! I’ve spent hours of my life thinking about this song. It's her vocal on the bridge that did it for me, though. The moment where I decided I she was too good for this cruel world.

    "Unicorns and cannonballs
    Palaces and piers
    Trumpets towers and tenements
    Wide oceans full of tears
    Flags rags ferryboats
    Scimitars and scarves
    Every precious dream and vision
    Underneath the stars"

    That was it my friends. The way she sang those two lines, on that day in my life, in October 2003... well, it was I needed to hear more than Amanda Leigh Moore will ever know. It's one of, if not my single, favorite moment in any pop song I've ever heard. I smile every damn time... and get a rush of life.

    The Whole Of The Original.

    "I wondered I guessed and I tried
    You just knew"

    Look, I loved The Waterboys version of this song before hearing Mandy’s. For many a people in the 80s and beyond, they deem it rightfully a classic.... a classic that maybe no one could ever do better than the original. It's considered the band's signature song by many. So, where does a 19 year old pop star get off touching this?

    That is where I would divide from them.

    After my first play of Mandy’s version, I not only thought her's was better in every respect (production & vocal) but thought her reading captured the essence of the song better than Mike Scott’s. Actually, I’ve heard many covers of this song.... and none of them even get close to Mandy’s. I mean, this song has been covered by some heavy hitters over the years (Prince, The Killers, Jennifer Warnes, Boyzone, and even Fiona Apple recently.)

    I would never try to take away anything from the original artist, their intent, their vision, or even the approach of others who have covered the song. There are tons of ways to approach any song as an artist. Sometimes you just hear a version of a song, though, and it instantly becomes the definitive version for you. I’ll be damned if Mandy didn’t do that several times on Coverage, but none more so than 'The Whole Of The Moon' for me. This song, rebased a year after she was born, was waiting for her. It was her Brigadoon.

    I think Mandy captures a key part of the song every other artist has missed: it’s magic. This comes through in how she reads the vocal. The words in this song conjure up all kinds of magical thoughts & ideas (Rainbows, unicorns, palaces). Her voice just translates all the imagery better. Nothing against Mike Scott, but his voice is just to a bit too gruff & staccato to fully paint this song in that way. Likewise, many other covers come off as kind of underselling the scope of this song. Mandy gets it all right. I also can’t help but think some of this was her age. At 19 when she recorded this, there is enough wide-eyed optimism in her to really capture those concepts in the song perfectly. On the other hand, Mandy is an old soul and at this point had experienced life in a completely different way than many of the friends & family. She felt alimented in many ways: from her generation, from her peers, & and even from label. All of this alchemy led up to perfect person, place, & time to approach this song.

    I also think its placement, right after 'Senses..', helps the song immensely. The one-two punch of those opening the album... especially the way they run into each other as one track, is among my fave album sequencing decisions an artist has ever made. I still use it as a measuring stick when reviewing modern pop albums.

    The Whole Of My Eleven

    "I was grounded
    While you filled the skies"

    I know I’ve rambled on a lot here. Oddly, even after dumping as many words & feelings about Mandy in this rate as I have, trying to talk about your favorite pop record of all time is hard. I have so much to say, so many feelings, but wasn’t sure where to start. So I just opened up the Notes app on my iPad and just started typing.

    Obviously never any doubt this would be my 11. Outside of Vanessa’s 'Who’s To Say' being in a rate against this song, 'The Whole Of The Moon' is a no brainer fave of all time. (Since 'Nessa's is an original, I give her slight advantage when stating what my favorite song of all time is.)

    I started the post off with Mandy’s description of the song : ‘Purple’. That’s actually not far off from how the final thing i have to say about it for now.

    Ultimately, the reason this song means so much to me, is that it symbolizes everything I love about Coverage... and in turn everything I love about pop music. Joy. Mandy just radiates a pure and simple joy about music on this song and Coverage. It’s unpretentious, real, and healing. It's almost a love letter to very concept of art.

    Pop music is this renewable lifeforce that when the power is harnessed correctly, will fill your heart with exactly what you need to not only survive, but perhaps even find joy. With Coverage, Mandy not only paid respect to the past, but shined her own special light on musical treasures to make them refract and diffuse entirely new colors in the revolving kaleidoscope of pop.

    This color here is purple.

    "With a torch in your pocket
    And the wind at your heels
    You climbed on the ladder
    And you know how it feels
    To get too high
    Too far too soon
    You saw the whole of the moon
    The whole of the moon!"

    My Score: 11

    "Kicking up confetti leaves…"

    Sparkle In The Sky

    @Sprockrooster (10)
    - I love how this song this highlight of the production talent that went in making this album. This is not your average cover album (take a note Anastacia and several others). Instead of covering the songs musically they feel like samples more instrumentally with great production additions. However due to the lyrics being copied also in their entirety it is undeniable a cover, but it doesn't sound like one. Mandy is probably on her best here vocally. She is selling the song with such dedication I am motivated and inspired the rest of the day. Where the lyrics are a bit unclear, it however highlights rainbows and unicorn and my gayheart is instantly triggered. Aside from the middle-8, which is fire, that outro is instantly demanding a replay. And here I am replaying the hell of out. Did I ever listen to this masterpiece just once. No, physically impossible. An 11-contender. Fuck How did I not 11 this. Cause there might be even a better song here. The sheer talent. But in a covers rate: an 11 for sure. (Gawd, had you elevened this... #stannedu4life. Haha! Seriously, wonderful words. Your ballot was the first one in, so reading this praise for The Whole Of The Moon off the bat was such a pleasure.)

    @unnameable (10)
    - She does amazing things with her spoken word bit near the end. I adore the way she says “every precious dream and vision underneath the stars!” (Are you sure we weren't separated at birth?)

    @Music Is Life (10)
    - I love this too! I wish I could credit her for the creation of the song, but it's okay, because I can at least give her credit for covering it, as well as the music direction of this and the whole album. And I can give her credit for her amazing voice. (I mean, this is her song now. Sorry all other people who attempt it.)

    @RUNAWAY (10)
    - the way this song perfectly segues from the previous song creates a big mood, and the song is stellar as well. I forgot how incredible this album is. (That segue... my gawd. It's never been topped for me. We're taking Brian Wilson levels, for me here.)

    @Robsolete (10), @chris4862 (10), @Florencia. (10)

    @Zar-Unity (9.4)
    - The way the first track just glides right into this one is just magic. Way to keep the album flow going strong! I'm not really familiar with this song but I really enjoy Mandy's beautiful cover of it. Once again, really well produced and her vocals sound truly amazing on this. At the same time I do feel a bit weird listening to older pop hits by someone who is much younger but perhaps Mandy has an old soul and I can appreciate that.
    There is so much going on in this song and it is quite colorful. Mandy's voice really soars on this and the way she is telling you a story through the songs lyrics really works. (Yes, I knew Zar would bring the MAGIC! That's what this song, so is.)

    @vague (9)
    - i'm wholly unfamiliar with the original versions of most of these songs, but i'm really enjoying Mandy's takes on them so far. (The originals of all the Coverage songs are well worth checking out. Some are better, some are worse, some are basic, some are just way different. I actually made a playlist that has Mandy's & the original. Her version here though, whew.... it's just superior.)

    @VivaForever (9)
    - This has always felt like it needed slightly different production and it could have been a 10. (I don't know what the world 'different' means here... and I am shook.)

    @tylerc904 (9), @Remorque (9), @CasuallyCrazed (8.5)

    Corner of your eye

    @LKane (7.8)
    - The ending of this song is everything. (The ending is such the icing on top.... but y'know, the rest ain't too bad either...ddd.)

    @Robert (7), @ladylloyd (7)

    @ohnostalgia (6.5)
    - I appreciate that Mandy extensively reworked the instrumentation, but I don’t particularly care for The Whole of The Moon (original or otherwise). I gave her an extra 0.5 for the spoken wordish bridge. (*Oomph*... this hurts me! Haha! Seriously, I totally understand not caring for a song, so thus being generally disinterested in a remake. At least Mandy's Magic squeezed an extra half point out of you on that bridge... thus proving my points above!)

    Still Undiscovered

    None! Yay!


    For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

    The Waterboys Original

    Jennifer Warnes' Version

    Prince's Cover

    Fiona Apple's Recent Take (Interestingly, one of the lead characters in the play Brigadoon is a girl named 'Fiona')

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  6. What is going on this week. Bash Sprocky in every rate he participated? Again a very rough cut. This rate was already painfull with those disaster cuts from Wild Hope and Only Hope. At this moment it is getting harder to stan for something to win knowing there is so much better.
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  7. I saw the messages in the Sweden/Norway rate & almost just told you to stay away from here!

    How do you think I felt... haha?! This is not only my beloved 11 in my fave pop star's rate I decided to host, but my favorite piece of recorded music. I knew it was coming, but had no idea how I was going to approach this write-up. I hope it was ok. No amount words could do this song the justice it deserves in my heart.
  8. That write-up is honestly a light in this pitch-black darkness.
  9. the write-up for #8 is about done. Hope to get it posted this weekend.

    In the meantime....


    Today, December 7, 2019 marks the 20th Anniversary of Mandy Moore's debut album So Real. While I loathed her (and it) at the time... I started to do a 180 on it in the next year and in the proceeding years found the album completely charming in places (but yes, still cringe inducing in others!)

    I feel the need to chime in with some thoughts on the album on it's anniversary, as one of the main draws to me doing a Mandy rate (outside of my absolute love of her) was the symmetry of said rate lining up with her 20th year in pop... or as a pop culture thing, period.

    Mandy was so young when she recorded & released the record: 15.There was a lot of pressure put on her, as Epic put a fair amount of money into the album's launch (toys...she had toys!!!). While she had found an audience with the 'Candy' video & MTV, in the build-up to Christmas the album sold significantly fewer copies than Epic anticipated. In short, it flopped... fizzling out #31 on the album chart. (It should also be noted that on December 4th, that same week of the album's release, the second single from So Real, the R&B-lite ballad 'Walk Me Home' was also released... to a general thud.)

    While the album was *officially* certified platinum (a dubious claim for units shipped sometimes in the 90's/00's) but it sent the label into panic & damage control for what to do next with Mandy. I'm not sure they ever really figured it out. As we've discussed, the album was eventually reworked into I Wanna Be With You & re-released both domestically & internationally only 5 months later.

    The one thing that couldn't be denied about her, was that even 15, when she had the right song and production behind her... girl could sing. For many of her fans, the album will always have a special place. I totally get it. It's a perfect time capsule of millennial pop. While Mandy understandably disowned the album for many years, when she was trying to separate from her teen pop post, she seems to have softened on it some in recent years.

    There's only one song from So Real left in the rate. It's her possible signature song to some, still to this day.. which I think speaks to her impact at the time. That she was able to parlay the niche success of 'Candy' (which didn't even make the top 40!) into an MTV personality career... and then into film & such only speaks to her talent & perseverance.

    Happy 20th Anniversary So Real, in all your glossy bubblegum glory!

    image.png image.png
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  10. I'm sure we were not separated at birth, being separated by an ocean and a good few years. Instead, life has happily led us by wildly different paths to appreciating pop music, including a whole bunch of the same classic rock, country and teen pop artists. God bless radio stations and the internet.

    I just checked ebay for those Mandy dolls....they're not that expensive for 10-20 year old collectables, but the international postage and customs from the US makes me weep.
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  11. [​IMG]

    "Saturate Me" | 9.122

    Rated 8th out of 84 total songs

    Rated 4th out of 13 from Mandy Moore

    Chart info or stats:

    The #62nd most scrobbled Mandy song of all-time on
    The 4th most scrobbled song from Mandy Moore on

    Liner Notes

    Written by: R. M. Barlow, S. Green, T. Mitchell
    Produced by: Emilio Estefan Jr., Randall Barlow, Tim Mitchell

    Track 3 from Mandy Moore released June 19, 2001

    "My own parade…"

    "The desert I wander lacks its mirage
    There's no mistaking the barrage
    Of sand and wind that tears my skin
    Leaving what's without, exposing what's within
    Forsaken, left here in my barren desolate"

    I love a good ‘headphone masterpiece’ album. The thrill of firing up an album in your own little world and just being transported. Back in the day, it was my Sony Discman, that provided this vessel for transport. From about 1992 to 2002... I went nowhere without my Discman. For the better part of the early 00s... I always had at least one Mandy Moore cd with me (usually more.)

    For all of 2002, 2003, & 2004 I had Mandy Moore & Coverage with me pretty much at all times. Of course, by this time many of us were all starting burning mix cds and such, too... so slowly carrying albums with me got replaced. About 2005 I got my first iPod... and slowly the cd dream stated it’s slow irrelevance in my life.

    The reason I’m reminded of all this, is that little era of Mandy from 2002-2004 was my last real love affair with cds... in that ‘carry them with me & play them’ type way. So, I have some real added nostalgia for the in that regard. Adding to my love is the fact that for over a year in 2003, I worked third shift, as overnight stock manger at a department store. One of the perks was that we would listen to our devices whilst working. Booya!

    Listening to those two albums as much as I do for a couple years, made me ever more acquainted with their ins & outs. While Coverage was my fave, I like it better blasting loud over speakers. Mandy Moore, though, is quite an aural experience when listening in headphones. Perhaps the peak of this experience is ‘Saturate Me’.

    "My days stretch long into the heat
    As the sun brightens my defeat
    My lips are chapped, they're parched and dry
    My thirst it builds with every day gone by
    Forsaken, left here in my barren desolate"

    Long before ASMR was hip with the YouTube, Mandy & her team took the concept and ran with it on ‘Saturate Me’. Instruments, vocals, and sounds flow in and out your left and right ears, like the very water the song speaks of. (I'd love to have a copy of just the track.) The song is the aural equivalent to an IMAX movie in some ways.

    Of course, one of the things that stands out most on Mandy Moore, was her sound’s inclusion of more world-centric based sonics. These flourishes are either your thing or not, and while it’s fair to critique there is a bit of trend chasing with such production on the album, the reality is that Mandy Moore is a product of its era. As such, I don’t ding it too hard here. As I’ve said, I think album had oddly aged very well. It was kind of a weird album in its era and in the modern era, where pop sonics have been completely obliterated... it makes the record sound remarkably fresh still.

    ‘Saturate Me’ did always almost sound like it could’ve almost been on some other big pop girls album of the day. As such it, it might not surprise anyone to know one of main writers here is Tim Mitchell... who this same year co-wrote and produced Shakira’s seminal crossover breakout smash: ‘Whenever, Wherever’.

    The lyrics to 'Saturate Me' are interesting. One one level they create some of most vivid imagery on the album and when combined with the production make for a truly memorable experiences (especially for a lowly album track!). That said, I've always found the chorus a bit clunky here. It's not anything that ruins the song, but I never felt the melody scanned great with the lyrics on the chorus. It was always like the 'evaporating/saturate me' rhyme was a bit too clever for its own good. I like the verses, bridge, & overall production so much, that it's not a major hiccup in my enjoying the song. (I do actually like the metered rhyme in the chorus, in how they near rhyme 'Rain down on me with life' & 'Storm around me bring the tide'.)

    While the song could've easily wound up in another big pop girl's repertoire of the day, Mandy still does take ‘Saturate Me’ song in some neat directions. Her spoken word bridge & the ‘chicka chicka’ vocal bits after said bridge (at 3.00 in) are one of my fave moments on the whole album. Full tingles when you listen in headphones, I tell you.

    "The dunes that shift, drift and lift in the wind
    Cover up my hope as I start to give in
    To the cracks and creases and the dips in my will
    As I am pushed toward the brink, I drink down arid swill"

    As we've discussed, Mandy Moore is really divided into separate albums in some ways... (just the way our Split Chick likes it.) There's the very distinct world music-tinged songs. Then there's the more post-Imbruglia alt-pop element (and a couple ballads for good measure.)

    I'm very happy both styles were pretty well represented from that album in the top 10, here. I mean, 'Saturate Me' is an odd little song on many levels... and wasn't even a single! That it clawed its way into the top 10 & is one of only 3 non-singles in the top 10 speaks to its creativity... and the overall impact of Mandy Moore.

    I was also super-elated this song got an 11, from none other than @ohnostalgia. It was a not a song I expected to get an 11, so I can it to list of other surprise elevens in this rate.

    My Score: 8.9

    "Kicking up confetti leaves…"

    Sparkle In The Sky

    @ohnostalgia (11)
    - A is for atmospheric. S is for Sultry. M is for Mandy. R is for Raspy.
    - (Acronyms are fun! ddd)

    @vague (10)
    - utterly gorgeous. great lyrics, too. the slight change-up at the middle 8 is... waow, Bethenny, waow. i really love this. (You Saturate Me stans be making me feel like I underscored this...haha!)

    @Robert (10), @Robsolete (10), @ladylloyd (10), @CasuallyCrazed (10)

    @VivaForever (10)
    - Another one that belongs in movies / on TV. It’s breezy and peaceful. (It does have a soundtrack quality. Though, with Mandy's luck, it would've likely wound up on some reject soundtrack where the actual lyrics here are better that said movies script!)

    @tylerc904 (9), @chris4862 (9), @RUNAWAY (9.5), @Remorque (9)

    @Music Is Life (9.5)
    - A great mid-tempo. I love the production, especially the drums and the middle-8 is a highlight once again. (People love that middle 8, here... me included obvs.)

    @unnameable (9)
    - the chorus of this really feels romantic. It’s a shame that Taylor Swift, composer of “Enchanted” has to make do with her voice when she could be having her songs interpreted by someone as amazing as Mandy. (I mean, Enchanted was my 11 in the Taylor rate! I get what you're saying on one level... but for some reason I feel the need to defend Taylor Alison Swift, here. A very uncomfortable position sometimes on the PJ. Why you be doing that to me unnameable?! Haha! But yeah, in general I have lots of thoughts on the way the music industry has sometimes become a place where great singers insist on writing their own average songs & great writers insist on singing their own songs when they have average voices. )

    @Zar-Unity (8.7)
    - Again, this is another song, at least for how it starts off that sounds like it was made for another artist. Not entirely a bad thing as Mandy still makes the song her own and pulls the weight of potential for this song to shine later on. With that said, this one was never one of my favorites as a semi pop ballad, but I do love the change at 2:45! Very exotic and unexpected! This song ended up getting a lower rating because the main melody doesn't really resonate with me. (I actually understand where you are coming from here on many levels... as I touched on some of these aspects in the write-up. It's an amazing song, that just never fully clicked 100% with me. Still, there moments in the song that are some of the best on the whole album, if I'm being honest.)

    Corner of your eye
    @LKane (7.6)
    - This one is catchy. I can hear some single potential here. (This certainly could've been a single. I think the label cooled on 'world pop Mandy' after 'In My Pocket' underperformed.)

    @Sprockrooster (6), @Florencia. (7)

    Still Undiscovered


    For Your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

    There's really no other live versions of this song, etc. So, here's a mini-playlist of where my random brain sonically wanders to when thinking go this song

    Whenever, Wherever (written by Tim Mitchell who also co-wrote Saturate Me)

    Selena Gomez: A Year Without Rain (another desert/water song I love)

    Another 'worldly water quest song'. Phildel : 'Storm Song'
    (One of the best pop songs of 2010's? Maybe.)

    Another fave of the 2010's for me... that I will share whenever I can.

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
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  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  13. Oh crap! Oops. Rate Host Fail. (I fixed it.)

    I actually did that once before (since username tags autofill as you type), but I caught it before publishing.

    Welcome to the Mandy Moore rate @ohnoitisnathan!
  14. Poor @ohnostalgia opening the thread without a tag from the host and seeing her 11 is gone.
  15. I did tag her correctly in the actual write-up!
  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    At least I still have 4 10s so not all is lost.
  17. I didn't mind 'In My Pocket' (which I thought was Dannii at first ddd), and the 'Candy' video is kind of fun as a snapshot of the early 2000s.
  18. Uno


    Saturate Me is so good. I prefer it over most of the songs left, but I can see why it left when it did.
  19. I do have a lot done on #7... just need to get it put together. Had a bout of the Seasonal Affective Disorder the last few days & it pretty much sapped my soul. *ugh*

    I did get some of my year-end lists worked on though (for charts on PJ, personal playlists, etc.)... so that's something.
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