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Mandy Moore - Silver Landings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crisp X, Sep 12, 2019.

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  1. Yay more coffee house music, this time made with her husband. Just what I wanted [/sarcasm].
  2. I'm (wild) hopeful. I love her voice so really anything new is a bonus, considering she's forever going to be on This Is Puss.
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  3. I loved Wild Hope, but didn't ever really check out Amanda Leigh. I'll be interested to see what she does anyway.
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  4. The new song is beautiful, I'm thrilled with it.
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  5. So great! So happy to have her back!

    Thanks for sharing the video. I just saw this on Twitter a bit ago, but hadn't seen the video yet...
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  6. Its an ok song, and she sounds amazing, and just happy to have her back. I don’t follow social media or sign up for singer stuff , but is someone able to tell me is she doing a new album ? Or just a one off song
  7. A good song and it’s pleasant enough, reminds me a little of that ‘Haim’ sound which isn’t a bad thing. Just wish in some ways she had come back with something a little bigger in sound or a little more upbeat and chart friendly, really allow her voice to shine and show off. However, I don’t think that is what she is going for anymore.

    Pleased she is making a return and focusing on music again, hopefully this will lead to something more, an album or even a couple of songs and even an EP.

    Still waiting for Invisible Ink to appear on UK downloads or ITunes however! That needs to be uploaded and released over here!
  8. I love everything about it but there was something off during parts of the chorus. I think it was her tone, it just sounded a little odd. Nonetheless, I am so thrilled for new Mandy music.
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  9. Ummmmmmm

    This is fantastic.
  10. There is a new album in the works - won’t be coming until early 2020 though.
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  11. Verses are much better than the chorus, where she sort of sounds like she's imitating someone. It's more or less what I was expecting.
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  12. I love this. I'm so glad that she is stepping back into music, she is truly a gem.
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  13. Thank you
  14. This was even better on second listen. The chorus does feel familiar, and she sounds so warm on it. I like how expressive she’s being in the verses, too. Also love the 90s feel of the bridge.

    Am I crazy for getting White Lilies Island vibes, which might actually be a perfect direction for her?
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  15. I can hear that. It wouldn't be the first time I've gotten some Natalie-vibes from her!

    I'm in love with this. To be fair, the anticipation of waiting could be clouding my judgement... but I don't even care. Straight to repeat, for me.
  16. This sounds great on first listen. It’s so good to have her back.
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  17. MB


    Love this, very much in line with my all time fave of hers 'Nothing That You Are' (nothing will ever beat that for me). Listened a few times and definitely gets better each time.
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  18. This is excellent. I can't help but sing Boys Don't Cry by Teddy Sinclair over the chorus though dd.
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  19. Oh wow, I love this, glad to have her back.
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