Mandy Moore - Silver Landings

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Damn, I was definitely thinking it would have been in the top 40. I hope this doesn't discourage her from making another record.

With that chart placement, I wonder how well the tour was selling.
Yeah, I hoped it would do a tad better (top 100, maybe) but Mandy as someone who makes any kinda commercial/chart impact never really existed... so I really expected little movement in the needle in that regard this era. (She had a couple of fluke-y moments of musical 'success', but that's it... and that was a long time ago now.) Quite honestly, I was surprised and delighted that her team was able to finagle a 'Special Edition' of the physical release for Target! (Like 2007 up in here!)

I mean, she did have a bit of momentum in the Wild Hope era, but going away for a decade most certainly killed that (as she knows.) I think this album & era is a good way to for her to rebuild & try to find her place in the current music world. I really think the tour was one of the most important components in that process, so I hope she gets to go through with it. From what I understand the tour was on a bit of a tighter schedule due to her shooting/acting schedule and such... so I wonder how all the rescheduling of tour dates and stuff will go.

Mandy has an inner passion for music, so I doubt the sales here limit any chance of another album. She feels 'back' to me, I'm more worried not touring behind the album would do more to sink her spirit some that the sales. But that's just my feeling, though.

I feel like this is surprising even though she's been removed from music for almost a decade. Wild Hope and Amanda Leigh both came in at Top 30--and when Amanda Leigh was released, I felt like she was more irrelevant to the public than she is now given that she is on This Is Us.

That being said, her audience is now probably in that weird age group where they probably are steaming more than buying (I feel like I'm one of the few people my age I know who still buy CDs). And streaming isn't exactly going off for this type of folky pop music (although my favorite). I accidentally grabbed two of the Target CDs--I guess I should throw her some coin and buy a vinyl now, too.

The tour would have probably kept this afloat for a bit longer than it will now.
Yeah, chart placings are always a little dicey with niche artists like Mandy, too. I mean, Amanda Leigh debuted higher than Wild Hope (#25) but then sank like a stone. It only sold an estimated 16,000+ copies. Wild Hope debuted lower at #35, but sold over 100,000 in the US (and sold ok in a few other markets, too). It wound up selling over 200,000 units total.

I think this album is pretty great & general campaign has been run well, considering how far removed from the flow of things she's been for a decade. I really hope she gets to tour behind it... she a fantastic live singer.
I think this is quite a difficult thing to measure...One could say that sales are so low these days that she didn’t even need to sell much to make the charts. So the fact that it missed the top 100 is quite shocking. Had she been an independent act on a little label (yes I know that’s what she is essentially) then fine. But these independent acts don’t get to sing on shows like Ellen and other big tv programs. I was expecting a top 40 charting then completely out the charts the next week if I’m honest.

regardless of its commercial success though, it’s a great album. I listened to it back to back with Wild Hope yesterday whilst I was doing some overtime at work. There are so many rich melodies, complimented by her voice. It’s a collection of songs she should be proud of. Hopefully the tour will resume again soon and she can stabilise some more sales with it to keep the era alive.
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Signed vinyl came today :) it’s beautiful. Curious as to why they sent a separate signed gatefold, and the shrink wrapped regular vinyl... do they usually do that? Seems like a lot of extra packaging.
Signed vinyl came today :) it’s beautiful. Curious as to why they sent a separate signed gatefold, and the shrink wrapped regular vinyl... do they usually do that? Seems like a lot of extra packaging.

Probably because the vinyl was in place A and Mandy in place B so they sent her the empty gatefolds to sign.
"In My Pocket" isn't even in her top 10 on Spotify? "Crush" has more streams???

Yeah, it's weird. 'In My Pocket' was probably more iconic at the time (maybe even now, too), and kinda made a minor splash as the lead-off, but 'Crush' had a bit more lasting power. It got played locally on my pop channels at the time way more than other stuff from Mandy Moore. I still hear it at malls, restaurants & such occasionally (I actually heard it my grocery store last year!). It was also a bigger video hit on MTV, being her only video to get to number 1 on Total Request Live.

Even on 'Crush' has significantly more scrobbles than 'In My Pocket'.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.44.55 PM.png

They both flopped as singles, but 'Crush' actually failed upwards better.
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