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Mandy Moore - Silver Landings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crisp X, Sep 12, 2019.

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  1. Crush always felt like a bigger hit. It did far superior on TRL than In My Pocket.
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  2. "Crush" is probably the Mandy song I tend to hear most out in the real world to this day. "Cry" to a lesser extent as well, although it was quite honestly inescapable back in the day. I was shocked to learn recently during the Mandy rate that both songs were flops.
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  3. She's doing an acoustic concert on Instagram right now - When I Wasn't Watching sounds wonderful. Her voice is really underrated.
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  4. It’s so funny, because I don’t even have any memories of listening to Crush growing up, but I feel like I heard In My Pocket a lot. In My Pocket was one of the ones I was shocked to learn years later that it flopped. I would've thought In My Pocket and Irresistible by Jessica Simpson did about the same at the time, but Irresistible actually went top 20 I believe. Meanwhile, I always think of the Jennifer Paige song when I see the title Crush, and my mind has to manually remember how Mandy’s goes (if that makes sense).

    TRL and Now CDs definitely skewed my view of what was popular at the time. In My Pocket was track 4 on Now 7 (my favorite Now CD growing up) and they usually started with the poppier/TRL friendly songs, but as a kid I equated that to how big of a hit something was.

    See, I don’t remember ever seeing the Crush video while I definitely remember seeing In My Pocket. I think there were probably points in the year were I wasn’t watching TRL as much (the summer maybe since I usually watched it after school?) so that probably had something to do with it.
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  5. Crush was one of the biggest TRL hits during Summer 2001, so you may just have completely missed all 3 months of its run. It’s not as if Mandy was getting any radio airplay by 2001, so that was really the only way to be exposed to the song at the time.
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  6. Of the 3 singles from the self titled, I'd say Cry is easily the best known because of the Walk to Remember association.
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  7. This is the only thing people reference when I bring up A Walk To Remember:
  8. That doesn't surprise me, but Cry is still the only one of the Mandy Moore singles in her top 10 on Spotify and I would assume that largely comes down to the movie.
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  9. So many teen-flop acts/songs that nobody else but kids following TRL/Radio Disney back then would remember.

    Come to think of it, the industry moved so fast back then that the likes of Mandy and Jessica already pivoted to adult contemporary by their third albums.
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  10. I miss those days!
  11. Just popping in to say her new album is fantastic. I'd Rather Lose has been stuck in my head for several days.
  12. She is even wearing a similar dress aww.
  13. Wow oh wow. What a beautiful performance.
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  14. This is one of my favourite albums of the year. Perfect for this lonely nights of quarantine.
  15. Gorgeous. I would love an Unplugged record in that style of her other hits!
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  16. I wanna be with you



    Are the only songs of hers I hear on the radio in Australia.
  17. I Wanna Be With You, In My Pocket and Crush felt like they were "hits" to me at the time but I, like others, was only really bumping to TRL, the NOW CD's and nightly Top 10 countdowns on radio. Candy is the one that was everywhere/her "smash".
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  18. In My Pocket reminds a timeless bop to my ears

    Mandy the popstar had a nice singles collection from Candy to Cry/Crush (I don't remember which was the last from her self titled album)
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  19. Oh wow. I stumbled into a blast from Mandy past in the most random way tonight (by unliking her ex-husband on Facebook. Apparently I still did, as a random post floated into my feed and made me feel ill.)

    Anyways, when I ‘un-liked’ him somehow wound up seeing all the times he had been mentioned in my feed & a Mandy Moore TypePad blog post I shared from 2009 came up! I forgot she had a blog there for a few years (might’ve came in handy for some of my rate research last year, ha!)
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