Mandy Moore



Candy was such a perfect pop song... it was really fresh and fun, and the video made it's mark (at least on me, that volkswagon beetle is imprinted on my brain). I still listen to it all the time! It's ridiculously sugary (ho ho) and cute.. but it's so catchy. The vocals are brilliant.

Seriously, of all the wannabe Britney songs that appeared in that era Candy really stood out a mile. It still does! I Wanna Be With You is a gorgeous ballad too... I might check her out more. But, really, if Candy is all she gives me in her or my lifetime I'm still happy!

That picture of her is brilliant though... she looks demonic- like she eats children, not candy.
MusicFan said:
In the new Jane magazine, they get various stars to answer the question "What‘s your crime?" for a photo shoot in the form of mug shots. I give you Mandy's...

Mandy Moore should use that picture as her new album cover - at least the record-buying public might know who she is then.
Has anyone heard this? Its fantatsic. It makes an excellent track even more haunting. I''ve always liked Mandy Moore, but I think she really did a good job here. Its by far, in my opinion, the best of the many covers of Umbrella yet. What do u think?
Yeah, very interested in listening to this one if it''s around - Mandy can actually sing. Rihanna''s flatness in the original still grates me to no end.


Heatworld have not long put a video of it up. Damn me for being in work!
Wow... I''''ve always been anti-Mandy, but she has a fantastic voice. This is really lovely. I like how she re-thought the middle eight. And I like how Rihanna writhes in the background. Sexy.
Beautiful. Very haunting. I love the Moore! I''d like some more song''s like ''In My Pocket'' though, I loved ''Mandy Moore'' especially ''You Remind Me''
wow... this is really good! I''m surprised, I never tought that "Umbrella" will sound so good in acoustic, obiously it needed a better voice than Rihanna''s.

Will Mandy ever be a succesful singer? I always liked her.
To me it makes more sense as a ballad and this is indeed a very pretty version.

I still don’t understand the love of the ella-ella bit though. It always reminds me of a Reflex-fle-fle-fle-fle-flex edit.
Gah! This is like ''Crazy'' all over again! People need to stop covering the same songs! This is like the millionth cover of this this year! The song''s not even good anymore!


I''m now rather glad that I''ve finished work and had a chance to listen. It''s rather quite good really.

It may have been covered far too many times, but that''s just what happens when you have a song so popular, everybody decides they want in on the act and attempt to raise their own profile with a cover of it.

"Nothing That You Are" has been confirmed as Mandy next single off wild Hope. It could be a B-Side or a download.
Would she please release ALL GOOD THINGS!!!! It is far better than Nothing That You Are! It doesn''t matter much anyways because an album like hers can never be extremely commercially successful...