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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Paintbrush, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. These two, by and large, should have saved pop. Why not? I still have my copy of Looking For A Place and the promo album sampler. x :)
  2. Their image wasn't quite right, I don't think... and for all some of the unreleased stuff was great, some was a bit bland... I think those songs are cursed... look at Frank.
  3. I really liked Mania. Detested Frank. So many mistakes made with them.
  4. What Mania had, potential wise, was the idea that you can make some quite amazing pop records without having to submit to all the crap that comes with being a popstar. Niara is a fantastic writer, as proved in lines like:

    "If that was me, and I was you, I'd tell that girl just what to do, with her skanky ways and flirty self..."

    "It's too damn tough if almost love is the best you've got for me..."

    "I don't want your crap, I'm no maniac, I'm on track, no way, no way, no way..."

    :) x
  5. But you can't - that's why they flopped.
  6. pdf


    I seem to remember that the blonde one looked as hard as nails. Kind of Yvonne Atkins from Bad Girls hard... their image wasn't very, er, friendly, maybe that's why they flopped. Nowt to do with the music. They only released one single, right?
  7. They did indeed - Looking For A Place, video of which is on YouTube. I also have somewhere the making of that video and the performance of it on CD:UK. And the TOTP news feature. :) x Niara's the more bubbly out of the two. Giselle reminds me of Jo Whiley when she talks, embarassingly enough.
  8. I still have their single,though it was quite good. . .Three euro I think it was.
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