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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by moorje, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. I was annoyed at myself for not going to the This Is My Truth 20th anniversary tour. I went when they originally toured that album with Catatonia supporting and it would have been nice to revisit (although sadly a Catatonia reunion is never happening)

    Must give the new album a listen.
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  2. Ironically, I don't know that I ever would have gotten around to checking them out if it weren't for the chart battle, but The Secret He Had Missed is amazing. I love the ABBA piano bits!
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  3. Every song on the album pisses all over the two singles they released from it
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  4. On first listen I was disappointed with the new album thinking it was a bit unremarkable but quickly realised I was very wrong after a few more listens. Really is fantastic album without a weak moment for me. Really pleased for them it made no.1, even though realistically probs only about 6000 fans bought it buying multiple copies but that's today's album market for you.
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  5. I didn't realise this is only their second #1 album. I assumed they had more. Quite an achievement really as apart from emails about signed goods I barely saw a mention of this or noticed them do any TV or radio?

    They've already confirmed an anniversary release of Know Your Enemy is coming so will probably expect that some time next year.
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  6. Several seemed to make #2, if I recall. Very unlucky. Even the classic Everything Must Go!
  7. As a matter of fact:
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  8. Blimey, five...that's either unlucky...or....bad planning!
  9. I think they’re always number 1 in the midweeks each time but end up at #2. I’m so happy they’ve got another #1, it’s my favourite since “Postcards From A Young Man”
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