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Maple Glider - To Enjoy Is The Only Thing (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Andy French, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. For whatever reason I can't embed the Bandcamp link, but today unsung folk-alt-pop heroine Maple Glider announced that her debut is finally coming on June 25th.

    She also dropped the video for Swimming:

    @LE0Night I'm like 94% sure you manifested this by posting about her the other day, and for that I thank you.

    Tagging some of the usual sisses for this one @Jonathan27 @Petty Mayonnaise @ohnostalgia @Jwentz
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  2. Y*s, Good Thing and As Tradition remain excellence. Nine track albums are typically homeruns so I'm very perched.
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  3. My recommendations hitting it off so well I don't even have to make the threads for them myself anymore, loving that. (I got the bandcamp email last night too, ff, thank you xx)


    Somebody do Madi Diaz for me next, thank you.

    @aux @Island @slaybellz @Kuhleezi @constantino, hiya.

    Top shelf Weyes Blood-flavoured Carpenteuse debuting this year, get into it. Disenfranchised Lana fans could probably find something to like too.

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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Yup. and about 15 other ones too hjëlp

    @enjoy @Trouble in Paradise sis get into it.
  6. Downloading now for my flight tomorrow based on pure trust of your taste!
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  7. Oh fuck oh god oh fuck I forgot this is out tonight too fsldkahfg WHY DID EVERYONE ON EARTH DECIDE TO RELEASE SHIT ON THE 25TH
  8. How are you girlies liking the album?

    I decided to put it on this morning because the dreary weather here has given me a bout of something and it's disarmingly cathartic. The skeletal song structures feel so delicate but weighty in a way that reminds me of Clairo's Alewife in parts, like a single labored breath could cause it all to topple.

    I suspect this one is going to be a steady climb towards the top of my albums for the year because I'm such a sucker for this sort of existential confessionalism and she pulls it off remarkably well.
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  9. Also double post but Pitchfork reviewed the album!

    Score isn't as high as I'd like (this is exactly the sort of album that gets a 7.9/8.0 from them traditionally) but I did really love this part, sums up the album really well:

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  10. Bumping this thread so we get to two pages!

    @Jwentz @xOJakeXo @Euphoria I think y'all would really enjoy this and I refuse to stan Ms. Glider alone.
  11. This album deserves time and space but when I’ve carved time for deeper listening, it’s remarkable. Swimming is that sad bitch
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  12. It's a lovely album and I gave it a lot of points in the June monthly chart. Hopefully that can serve as some forum #promo.
  13. Having a full body ugly cry to Mama It's Christmas and I love that for me.
  14. This is Aldous Harding’s sadder, more sophisticated sister. There’s an off kilter nature to the way these songs are structured and produced that keeps me on my toes more than their more serious contemporaries. And the quiet natural texture of her voice makes it perfect headphone music
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  15. View From This Side may be one of the most genuinely affecting songs about a mother daughter relationship I've ever heard. The way she traces her own relationship with her mother from her mother's perspective really hones in on how parents only ever really emulate what they've known.

    If you had have known that in the same year
    Your mother would go and that I would have my first birthday
    Would you still marry the man of your dreams
    And build up a life that would be deemed so perfectly sewn at the seams?
    Oh, I wonder if you would have stopped just a while longer to listen
    To all the weight of her breathing
    Notice the sound of her screaming
    Promise to love her even when she couldn't feel it

    This is really starting to compete with Japanese Breakfast as my album of the year so far.
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  16. [​IMG]

    She sounds absolutely angelic live (and like a sweetheart in general). That Mama It's Christmas performance, oof.


  17. This album is my most played of the year so far. Can't wait to sit down with the Tiny Desk performance and watch these songs live!

    @RJF dare I wake the beast but I feel like you'd like the ominous energy of Baby Tiger. Get into it.
  18. Minor update but I watched the NPR set and decided this is my album of the year.
  19. Wowowoowowwow 30 seconds into the tiny desk and the way her voice is so RICH and FULL and BETTER THAN THE RECORD!!! Also though it has no bearing on the music, she is a beguiling beauty!!!
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