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Marc Almond- General solo discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Pye, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. I was hoping to buy it in HMV but the deluxe CD/DVD is £20.99! That's terribly expensive.
  2. I got it from Amazon for about £16, which is a bit better. This is the problem with "boutique" releases, the attempt to make up for low volume sales with higher prices. I'm not sure the DVD content justifies the premium really.
  3. I ended up ordering the standard version. WowHD had that and the new Jimmy Somerville album for £8.99 - even cheaper on one of their discount weekends. I loved When the Comet Comes and Scar so expectations are high. If there's anything as good as Nijinsky Heart I'll be elated.

    It's #31 in the midweeks.
  4. Fantastic, although probably just a reminder of how few copies one needs to sell to crack the top 40 in 2015.

    For those who might be interested, the same press that did the lovely Saint Etienne book are doing a Marc Almond edition. Information here.
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  5. It didn't end up making the top 40 after all.
  6. I know there's a lot of factors that shape the pricing of albums like this, but I don't think it helped that stores were charging over £15 for a physical copy - and Almond's fan base strikes me as fans that would want a physical copy. Just not at that price.
  7. pdf


    Has anyone purchased this new 'Trials of Eyeliner' anthology? I'd really like to know if it's worth the ££. Thanks.
  8. Yes, it's gorgeous. It's about 10"x10", the box itself is very thick and sturdy, glossy finish all over and inside that are two tri-fold cardboard disc holders with pockets for each disc, and a hardback book with loads of amazing career-spanning photographs on textured paper. It's very high-end from a design point of view - nice and luxurious, I think. These days, box sets can be pretty basic things, but this one feels like a good, solid value for money purchase. I say that getting it at the slightly cheaper, pre-order price-point of about £62, I think it was. I have to confess to not making it through all 10 discs yet, but it's something I'll be working through for weeks to come.
  9. It's rather unfortunate for Marc that such a long-awaited project was released the same week as the Dead or Alive set, and the passing of Pete Burns. Nobody's talking about it, and yet it looks like an amazing collection (if a bit out of my price-range for now).
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  10. I only have Non Stop Erotic Cabaret and, aside from that, I only know a couple of Marc's songs, but that box set looks so lovely that I wish I was a fan. It seems excessive to invest into it at this point, but it's definitely raised my interest. I need to check him out more.
  11. I'd definitely get Tenement Symphony, his 1991 album with Trevor Horn at the helm.
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  12. Will do. With Trevor Horn on the helm, how can you go wrong?
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  13. Answer: you can't!
  14. Yes, Eric's suggested a decent starting point. His late 80s to mid-90s solo stuff is pretty poptastic, really. Very commercial, OTT and great art direction - the videos and sleeves are mostly brilliant. Some of my favourite Marc (very POP) songs;

    Tears Run Rings The Justin Strauss Remix is my favourite
    Jacky 7" is perfect, but the Youth 12" mix is also great (on the US maxi CD)
    A Lover Spurned The original LP mix (5:40) every time...
    The Days Of Pearly Spencer The CD single has a short classical instrumental piece as track 1 and that's how I like to hear it...
    Waifs And Strays Every version of this is very good, I just love it!
    The Desperate Hours A slight preference for the Justin Strauss Remix or the Extended Flamenco Mix!
    Lie [Beatmasters 12'' Version] Very camp and ramped up club banger!
    Yesterday Has Gone [Balearico Mix] This is a bit bonkers, but if you ever wanted Marc to work with Xenomania and My Life Story on the same song, then here it is... because they're both on behind it! I think it's a bit Eurovision-ish myself...
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  15. I love Waifs & Strays...the original LP version has a very Blancmange-esque vibe to it.
  16. As much as I love Waifs And Strays, City Of Nights from its b-sides is just one of the best things he's recorded. Such a waste as a bonus track on the CD single. It was eventually added to the Treasure Box comp which is also highly recommended.

    But, talking of favourite Marc things... Violent Silence. A mini-LP of Marc performing Bataille homages at a Jazz festival with pretty much just Annie Hogan accompanying him on piano with scant embellishments. It's very dark, but shows just how good he is as a performer. The final track, Unborn Stillborn, when Annie's piano rises against him repeating 'I will never love again' and drowns him out is just jaw dropping.
  17. Much appreciated, thanks. I'll look them up and report back.
  18. My box has been dispatched and I can hardly wait. I check this thread reluctantly, expecting to find some Dead or Alive box set level drama about mp3 files or incorrect track listings, but thankfully nothing yet. I am hoping for the best...
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  19. Yes, Violent Silence is an extraordinary record.
    My favourite Marc solo album (and one of my faves of all time by anybody) is Vermin In Ermine. It´s utter, amazing genius in every note!
    You Have, The Boy Who Came Back and Tenderness Is A Weakness is the holy pop-trifecta of singles. Every 7", 10" and 12" was filled with amazing b-sides and gorgeous design.
    This was released the same year as the last Soft Cell album (which is another masterpiece) and he had already released two double albums as Marc and the Mambas before. He was certainly riding the crest of a creative tsunami at that time.

    Another slightly overseen must have is his A Woman´s Story EP. It´s camp as hell, but all the better for it.
    As much as I like electronic music, I always preferred Marc Almond records when he was backed by a full band (The Mambas, The Willing Sinners, La Magia...all basically the same people). Those records have a disctinct, gritty quality that some of his sleek, Fairlight-productions lacked.
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  20. I've always been quite curious about his discography, but it is far too vast to go diving into it and I'm quite scared of it being such a behemoth. Where should I start? Is a GH a nice place to do it?
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