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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 2720, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Well I have finally decided to start a Marc Almond solo thread as surprisingly there is only a Soft Cell thread in the main General section.

    I have been a huge fan of Marc since my early teens and I have grown with him over the years. He has inspired me and introduced me to some fabulous artists I may never have bothered to listen to if he had not covered some of their songs. He is true Icon which is very rare these days for male popstars.

    My favorite Marc cover is the Cher song 'A Woman's Story'. I only got around to listening to Cher's original version a few weeks back after all these years and have to say I was very disappointed.

    So any Marc fan's here? Would be good to hear your thoughts on his post Soft Cell material.
  2. jacques i absolutely adore, but i'm not sure it'll ever unseat the stars we are as my favourite. stars is one of those records i listen to when i'm just too exhausted with everything else (ie. the world at large) and always give me whatever it is i'm short on. my favourite track is meet me in my dreams, the opener from the rather fabulous tenement symphony. for latter stuff, i think open all night is exquisite and stardom road from a couple of years ago was shockingly terrific...particularly his cover of happy heart.

    my angel.
  3. I can never miss the opportunity of posting in a Marc thread as he's without doubt the single artist that's had the biggest effect on me. I loved Soft Cell (who didn't?) when I was younger, but it wasn't until 'You Have' that it really clicked with me that he wasn't quite the same as other Pop stars. And to be able to appear different from the strange creatures that inhabited the charts at the time is quite an achievement in itself.

    I can't wait for 'Orpheus In Exile'.
  4. moorje

    moorje Guest

    "Waifs and Strays" and "Tears Run Rings" are excellent singles of his. I find his Brel stuff a bit of a mixed bag though. His cover of "Jackie" is atrocious! Wasn't keen on Neo Burlesque with Punx Soundchecks or Please Stay with Mekon either.
    "Heart on Snow" album is outstanding however! I know he's been working on a comprehensive compliation for years but I hope it's still going ahead.
    His books are also hilarious. He is borderline deluded but tongue-in-cheek enough not to take himself too seriously most of the time. I wish he'd write more.
  5. Who would have thought that after Soft Cell, Marc would have been so successful as a solo artist and produce so many amazing albums. Just reading what you guys have posted has reminded me of how good some tracks are that I haven't listened to in ages.

    It is really difficult to choose a favorite album but 'Motherfist' just really connects with me the most and I just really loved the theme and atmosphere of the album. I love it's dark broodingness. 'The Room Below' just reminds me of my teenage years living in grotty bedsits and hanging around with the arty drop-out crowd. 'The River' has the most wonderful line in the middle eight 'Beware Of love and of dark eyed men. they're sweet and they're tender but they have no hearts.Just long-smashed cruel shards of broken glass............... It just summed up my experience of men at that time.
    'Melancholy Rose' is such a uplifting song with really bitter sweet lyrics but most of all I love the video! Marc really did look great with the white face and the sailors outfit, very theatrical. The gummy guy that laughs at the beginning of the video always makes me smile! I was most surprised 'Ruby Red' was never a hit especially as there was the dance mix that was played in clubs and the rather raunchy homoerotic video!

    As far as albums I don't like much, I have to say 'Stardom Road' simply because I think he has covered better songs in the past and I would prefer some new material maybe co written with some people from his past (controversial)....... 'Fantastic Star' was also a bit of a let down.... I really thought it was a disaster of an album but it had a few good tracks. I did love the energy of the single 'Adored And Explored' it was a really pleasant surprise and really radio friendly... Chris Evans loved it and camped it up every time he played it. I haven't played it in years so I must drag it out next time I have a Marc session.

    I really would love to see a Marc Almond anthology DVD released, I have a few videos including the one that has his earlier video's on it but the tape has seen better days.I know there was talk of one being put together but somehow I don't think it will ever see the light of day...... I hope I am wrong
  6. Sorry, I don't like double posting but what the hell, I just wanted to say this.
    After reading your comments I decided to put on 'Tenement Symphony' as it is a album I haven't played in sometime and I have to say it has aged really well. I actually had forgot what a brilliant album it is. You are so right.... 'Meet me in My Dreams' is wonderful and I really think it should have been a single. It gives me the same feeling I get when I listen to Soft Cell's 'Youth'.

    Why wasn't 'Hand Over My Heart' a bigger hit !?

    What do other people think of this period in Marc's music history?
  7. i think perly spencer was his biggest hit from the record, which i think went top 5? jacky was released too and did alright, not quite a smash though. i like how the whole record has a very classic, sophisticated feel about it, but with big early 90s production and pulsing digital beats, etc.

    i haven't stopped listening to vermin since my reissue arrived in the post a couple of weeks back!
  8. My favourite album of his is Open All Night. I love all the songs!
    Glorious from strager things is also a beautiful song.

    Fantastic star was weak, but its booklet was totally fantastic.
  9. I'm a fan of 'Enchanted', which often gets overlooked. I love songs with a nautical theme, and 'The Sea Still Sings' is so gloriously romantic that I get so hooked up on its mood every time I hear it. Also, you have the tongue-in-cheek bunny-boiler narrative of 'A Lover Spurned', the fatal tango of 'Death's Diary' and the irresistible bacchanalia of 'Carnival Of Life'....

    Why can't we have pop albums like this today? I know, I'm getting old...
  10. I adore this album so much. ' A lover Spurned' is probably one of my favorite singles of the 90's... Julie.T Wallace was a brilliant choice to do the speaking part on that track.... Why wasn't she a bigger star?

    I am with you with the nautical theme, that's probably why all my favorite Marc tracks feature the theme of love, tragedy and the sea........

    Now don't get me started about 'Broken Hearted And Beautiful' probably one of the saddest songs he has ever written.... 'Waves break over the shore her heart breaks over him' ...or something like that. It's such a beautiful emotional song.
  11. Don't forget the epic Child Star!
  12. According to his official website Marc will be signing copies of his new album 'Orpheus In Exile' in HMV Oxford Street London, on 7th September at 6.00pm.

    Anyone here going to buy this album? I will, but I have low expectations ..... but you never know it may turn out to be a real gem. I have listened to some clips but I really need to listen to it louder on speakers.
  13. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Ooh, I might go actually. I lived in Southport for a while, hopefully I can get him to bitch about it with me!
  14. I might pop along to this. I'll see if I can not embarrass myself this time.

    I'm pissing myself with excitement regarding the new album. I've heard the clips and they sound absolutely marvellous to my ears, although I would prefer an album of original, self penned material.

    Anyone heard anything about him working with Dave again? I know it came up a few months ago that he was talking about collaborating again, but possibly not as Soft Cell. It sounded quite interesting.
  15. I love Tenement Symphony...but then anything with Trevor Horn producing = essential listening for me. He helps to create a wonderful atmopshere throughout the album, and unlike - say -Violator's attempt at linking together tracks on Side 2, Tenement... gets it spot on. It's a very deliberately commercial/mainstream-sounding record for Marc, but I was still surprised when Pearly Spencer shot to #4! It wasn't one of the tracks which screamed big hit single when I first bought the CD. Pity none of the other singles really took off (Jacky did #17, but its chart run was very brief).

    Not everything Marc does will appeal to me, I'm used to that by now, some of the more outre/exotic things from the 80s will never be my "thing", but he's earned the right to do as he pleases and I'm always curious to see what he does. Shame that various reasons will prevent a definitive retrospective ever getting released.

  16. i'd very much love to see all of marc's records in print, perhaps compiled into some sort of fabulous box, but i'm not sure what sort of justice a compilation would do him? his records just sound so incredibly different. and, often, very wonderful. tenement is absolutely underrated. anyone that fancies introspective/behaviour/very-era pet shop boys would do well to have a listen.
  17. I would love a box set of all his albums. It would be good to have all the albums re-released with bonus tracks such as demo's and extended mixes and b-sides. I am still hoping that one day we will see all his promo videos on one DVD, although I believe this may not happen now.

    Interesting fact folks 'Tears Run Rings' entered the UK charts 21 years ago this week..... boy I love that song! I found that although this track only reached #26 in the charts it is still fondly remembered and loved by people.

    The album 'The Stars We Are' also must have been released this month 21 years ago. I remember playing this album to death. It is certainly one of Marc's most commercially successful albums. I was a little bit gutted that the very 60's sounding 'Only The Moment' did not get inside the top 40. I thought after the success of the #1 'Something's Got A Hold Of My Heart' he was going to have a follow up top 20 hit. I suppose this album reflects the ups and downs in Marc's career. Marc certainly new how to get a #41 hit, I always chuckle when Ladytron fail to hit the top 40 I always say they are doing a Marc!

    Any love here for 'The Stars We Are'?
  18. Stars We Are came out on Sep 26th 1988, so you're right. I liked the album a lot, it was probably my favourite of his solo albums prior to Tenement Symphony coming out.

    Only The Moment was my favourite track. It was nice to see Tears Run Rings actually debut inside the UK Top 40 at the time, and even dare to climb to #26, given that most singles of his by that point would fall short.

  19. stars is still my favourite. these my dreams are yours is one of his finest moments. the production work, though not quite trevor horn, is still gorgeous. i also think it's one of his more well-rounded efforts, making it a lot more appealing to a wider audience than the likes of mother fist or stories of johnny.
  20. I partially put right a past wrong of mine today, when I found a nice vinyl copy of The Singles 84-87. I used to have the CD many years ago, but foolishly let it go. Now it sells for £30+ on amazon.

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