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Marcella Detroit - Jewel

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by absintheboy, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Having been reminded of her solo stuff due to her being on Popstar to Operastar, I had a rummage on Spotify had discovered Jewel, in full. It's a really good album.
  2. vasilios

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    Out Of My Mind is the best song in the world ever. Or close.
  3. moorje

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    I Believe is a modern masterpiece. Perfect World, I'm No Angel and her cover of Cream's I Feel Free are also excellent. The bside to I'm No Angel was her version of Lay Down Sally, which she originally wrote for Eric Clapton. It's so good it even used to get played on the radio.
    Wouldn't it be funny if she ended up eclipsing Shakespears Sister's comeback!
  4. I let this CD go in my late 90s cull, then ended up buying it again for £1 a few months ago. It's a pretty good little album. Shame more didn't follow.

  5. Oh noooooo! How did I not know this?

    I love her voice.

    I Believe is just as good as any of those Sophie B. Hawkins style 90s ballads, her vocals just drip and I love the yelps, I swear Dragonette are influenced by her...

    I Hate U Now was a bit like Cyndi's 1996/7 releases - good but just no chance of becoming a hit. I love organs.

    If was stunning.

    Then I don't know what happens with her story.

    But Jewel was a nice track, all slightly obsessive, unerving and twisted! 'It's got this sickly glow, It's growin, It's strangling me' and all that ... oh the drama!
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  6. moorje

    moorje Guest

    She's had about 4 albums out since Jewel. One of them is called "Feeler" which has "I Hate You Now" on it.
  7. Has anyone ever seen the (1995) 'Perfect World' video? It's on my holy grail list of videos to find, that I probably will never see. A video definitely exists, as a 1-track (out of stock, of course) promo VHS is listed on eil.

    There's a video for the 1988 version that her husband unearthed a couple of years ago, but they don't seem to have the '95 'proper' release one. How careless!
  8. Was it the one where she was crawling across a table smashing food in her fists and stuff? I remember that on The Chart Show and whatever song it was never charted.
  9. That sounds like it would have been 'I'm No Angel' (but it did chart in the UK... at #33).

    'Perfect World' came out 8 months after this, oddly, and peaked at #134 (#100 on the compressed chart).
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  10. There was a 1988 version of Perfect World??? is it different? do you have a link?
  11. Yes. Her husband uploaded this video after a friend who is a Marcy fan asked if he/they had a copy of the 'Perfect World' video.

  12. So during my monthly binge of any and all Stay performances, I decided to watch some of her vids on youtube. I can tell I may not enjoy her albums as a whole, but I Believe and I Hate You Now are seriously brilliant. Since you can't buy her biggest hit in the US iTunes store, I am gonna get the Jewel album for a $1 (Japanese edition on Discogs from my trusty seller). Decided to just buy I Hate You Now on iTunes for now. I must say her material sans-Shiv seems slightly stronger overall than Shiv's-sans-Marcella. That said, the #3 songs that are on the Shakespeares Sister Best of are all fantastic.
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  13. I Believe is seriously one of the greatest songs of its kind. That middle eight gets me every time. She should've been far more successful.
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  14. Her latest album "Grey Matterz" is brilliant. Also love "the Vehicle". She is absolutely amazing.
  15. 'I Believe' (just) made the top 10 in Australia, and went gold (though our gold, proportion-wise, is less than the UK's silver for singles). No other singles made even the top 100 though.
  16. She's got a new album? Cool, Ill have a look
  17. She wished wished siobhan the best with the Bananarama reunion on Facebook this morning.
  18. WHAT????!!!!!!
  19. She also revealed this, with a little prodding:

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  20. I Believe was a total classic, shame it did not manage to enter the top 10. To be honest I enjoyed Feeler a lot more than Jewel, production-wise it is a bit too "safe". Although there are some good tunes there, Perfect World, the gorgeous Prima Donna or the atmospheric title track are worth the money.

    Marcy has such a voice that she can sing absolutely every style and make it sound good. I even bought, and liked, her blues album from the last decade.
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