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March 2018 PJ Chart: I'm Still The Girl From Golden

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Me adding the entirety of the Kali Uchis album to the playlist

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  2. Me scaring @digitalkaiser with my Pop 2 average now that I don’t have to do this.

  3. [​IMG]

    Oh my God @Petty Mayonnaise @A&E I can't believe you remembered ARK and that I forgot oop. And not ORKID nearly getting enough votes to actually chart, wow.
    Also can everyone who voted for Kimbra kindly do it again next month, please, I'll do the same.

    I'm not sure I can be trusted with collaborative playlists re: moderation, but I would genuinely love to see these ladies catch some kind of attention next month.

    For your particular consideration, though, the hottest contender for April's top scores just so happened to drop while I typed this out.

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  4. Can the chart just be all Janelle and Hayley Kiyoko songs? A thought.
  5. With all the other amazing albums out this month?


    (Although, if Janelle doesn't trample the other contenders into dust for the #1 spot this month, something is seriously wrong with the forum.)
  6. Well the forum needs to change colours if so.

    Also, I am so glad Kacey got her moment at the top last month despite lack of my support (due to a late release). Cause this would an impossible battle for her, especially with rumours of Ariana releasing something too this month.
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  7. Ya'll rude for forgetting Kylie already released Golden this month.

  8. I still haven't listened to it, because I've found out that my only working CD player is the car.
    I know, I'm a flop.
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  9. Then it's time for a road trip!!

  10. Aye. I'll fire up to Inverness when I eventually get it out of the garage.
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  11. This is Janelle’s moment, Ariana needs to back off until May.
  12. Don't forget Tinashe is droppin' Joyride this Friday!

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  13. Is she going to release any impressive songs though? Everything I’ve heard pre release is blah.
  14. That's true if you're talking about No Drama and Me So Bad, but Faded Love isn't blah!!

    We really didn't need all those featuring rappers though... Tinashe: Queen Of Not Giving The Gays What They Want

    There is a Little Dragon feature, that may be cute??
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  15. I fully expect Janelle to be number 1 this month, but I also think Kylie, Tinashe and Kacey will still put up a hell of a fight for albums.

    Ariana and Nicki may also fight for the top track if they end up being good. It's going to be a bloodbath!
  16. But we already decided Pynk was winning yesterday.
  17. And Kali! Don't forget our Latin Queen!

  18. This feels personal.
  19. Here fore Jesse McCartney trying the comeback.

  20. *bops in April #1 song*
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