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March 2020 PJ Charts: I Should Have Stayed At Home

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. This is so very on brand for you.
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  2. dd sorry for spam but PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS. It's soo soooo good. Also the Soccer Mommy album xx
  4. aux




    I have been informed that another ballot has been sent to only @ohnostalgia, and not both of us, so here is another friendly reminder...

    (@ohnostalgia and @aux)

    Tom Nook is not happy.



    Don't make me have to post this again.

    Thank you.​
  5. Was it the Soccer Mommy song Circle the Drain?
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  6. Also next month I can try to run a watch2gether that’s more friendly for the Asia/Oceania area. I’m basically awake when you guys are awake, just living the opposite part of the day. I would just need some sort of idea of the best time for y’all so I can convert it to what time it would be here.
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  7. @ohnostalgia That’s it thanks though I liked most of what you picked.
  8. Awwwwww that means a lot!
  9. The highlight of the day for me was accidentally traumatizing people with the new Rita Ora video.
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  10. Hopefully my playlist will grow each month I shall be keeping an eye for Indie recommendations now. I added the pop songs I liked to my Spring Playlist also FYC for Hurricane’s Hasta La Vista.

  11. I have so many albums to add to my list. How am I going to rank them, ugh????
  12. Is anyone planning on voting for the new 5SOS album? I didn’t adore it but enjoyed it enough to throw it some points if anyone else wanted me to.
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  13. I think @Diet Pop! is a fan.
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  14. Which Indie Album should I get behind? Cause I’m looking for an new album to listen to today.
  15. That was... an experience.
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  16. Go with either the Soccer Mommy or US Girls albums.
  17. What's the trick to embedding a playlist?
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  18. You need to add user/[username] if it’s not embedding correctly. I forgot exactly where in the link though.
  19. You know you've just created a monster.
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