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March 2020 PJ Charts: I Should Have Stayed At Home

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. aux


    I love you for doing this! My co-hosting skint being remembered in the thread title, I have no choice but to stan xx
    You know what else opens in exactly one week?

  2. @aux you were a fantastic co host, thanks once again for helping and the theme was genius. I envy anyone who is currently in possession of this game but I know I’ll enjoy it once I do. Except for that one part that I read about in the Animal Crossing Thread that doesn’t thrill me.
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  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I think both of them have done better. I didn’t vote for Little Mix for the same reason.
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  5. @aux really enjoyed your co-hosting you did a great job and your commentary was so fun.

    It goes without saying that @ohnostalgia has done it again, I just love these charts and everything you do for the forum, thank you so much!!! Can't wait for next watch2gether.
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  6. This was really great chart month. I tend to love solo @ohnostalgia 's editorial blurbs on the eliminations, but it was fun have @aux in the mix for added entertainment value! Thanks to you both for your hard work.

    I died on my Maisie hill with 'Daydreams' as my 10, but I may not give up on it (it did come out late in the month). I was super happy to see Maria McKee at least bubble under on the album chart & for Nessa to debut so strong. Also, I suppose the 'Experiment On Me' chart dream is completely dead since it didn't even bubble under this time. I guess I'll have to prepare my Halsey rate essay for that song.

    Mainly though, 'yay Mandy!'. A top 5 album & I believe her third top 20 song in the chart here now. I think her Wikipedia should be updated to include these PJ chart achievements!
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  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Okay but are you going to come for @aux for being shady against Mandy. We need some entertainment dddd.
  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Would it be helpful for people to have the thread up earlier? I ended calling in sick for the rest of this week so I could find a few minutes to whip it together and reveal the small amount of music I put on the April FYC playlist.
  9. Considering some other thoughts & reviews I've seen Mandy & Silver Landings get in other threads... I'll take @aux's backhanded compliment of her album & move on! I really satisfied with the whole era so far. I hope she gets the chance to tour behind it (I know she was so excited)... & I think it would sound great live.

    I have a few songs to throw into the new playlist whenever its up.
  10. aux


    @ohnostalgia found searching other ways to cause havoc in the thread.
  11. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    @Robsolete, what's your take on Rita missing the Top ten?
  12. aux


    Hold the FUCK up. She has found mess. I was just looking at the 2018 charts to see rightfully Honey take over the October charts, only to be greeted by this blasphemous, disgusting SLANDER.
  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Wait until you get to when @Sprockrooster couldn’t figure out who had the number one spot during reveals.
  14. aux


    I did see that, but Miss Thing voted in The Robyn Rate™ (2020 Edition), so I let her off.

    @Dangerous Maknae @eccentricsimply what's good?
  15. Naturally I’m having to fight the urge to tear everyone limb from limb who didn’t vote for her, but luckily for those people most of current venom is being directed towards the BASTARDS at Spotify for not playlisting the song.
  16. That was a classic.gif and a mind blank I forgot I had. Glad to be not blacklisted by @aux
  17. That was 2 years ago hunty, I know who she is now.

    I've actually wanted to listen to her albums since forever, thanks for reminding me to check her soon x
  18. aux


    I'll happily send you a Robyn 101 playlist! Her discography can be a bit daunting since it's essentially split into two very different halves. Some prefer the first, the large majority prefer the other half.
  19. 1st Japanese SNSD album was basically their response to Body Talk so get your life unnie!
  20. Proof circumstantial evidence if you need it:
    On vinyl no less.

    You can skip to 1:18.
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