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March 2022 PJ Charts | #1 SONG REVEALED (That Charli Reign Just Won't Let Up)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Mar 14, 2022.

  1. And my favourite discoveries from the watch2gether:

    Also Emilia's Cuatro Veinte, but that one's already been posted.
  2. All five six of these added by me.

    (I'll post my fave w2g discoveries and FYC songs soon)
  3. It figures my favourite watch2gether discoveries would have been added by you since you added like 80% of the songs that weren't added by me DDD
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Wasn't this released on April 1, making it ineligible for the March charts? I was planning to vote for it next month.
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  6. This is…my only March recommendation because everyone’s already covered anything else I had sksks

    For the spooky 80s club girlies for sure. The main mix is also really beautiful
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  8. *Hold UP! Got MIMI on the REMIX*

  9. This is definitely getting high points from me! Literally woke up with it stuck in my head today dd
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  10. Confirmed to be more important to your health and nutrition than a balanced breakfast!
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  11. Dddd.

    At this point I'm very curious how many Charli tracks will end up charting in the Top 40. (9 of the 13 tracks released this month have already received at least 1 vote ddd.)
  12. Me when the Top 40 has 13 Charli songs and we barely have one French and Spanish song charting:

  13. I wouldn't worry too much about Spanish representation on the month Motomami, probably the biggest Spanish album of the year as far the forum is concerned, was released dd
  14. tea


    Late fyc but new Ethel Cain!! Please consider for your ballot!

    Some other songs that deserve attention:

  15. Reminds me of my flop thread....

  16. Here to make my monthly post about how March was a month full of amazing releases and I don't know how I'll shrink it down to only 10 songs.

    Also, there's 7 albums I'm excited for coming out this Friday...
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  17. Bad Bitch, I could be your fantasy
    I can tell you got big dick energy
    It ain’t too many of them that can handle me
    But I might let you try it off the Hennessy

    Make ’em sing to this p*ssy like a melody
    And if your girl ain’t right, I got the remedy
    It ain’t too many of them that can handle me
    Bad Bitch, I could be your fantasy

    Oh, when you walk by every night
    Talking sweet and looking fine
    I get kind of hectic inside

    Mmm, baby, I’m so into you
    Darling, if you only knew
    All the things that flow through my mind
    But it’s just a sweet, sweet

    You gon’ have to come and see this
    Pretty like new new, sweet like peaches
    I’ma be your fantasy, you ain’t gon’ believe this

  18. Speaking of Spanish and Spanglish, were there any other songs besides Rosalía people were thinking of voting for? I want to make room for Julieta and possibly Omar Apollo.
  19. @Oleander - this one fits the Berserky bill!
  20. Thanks for the reminder! It is a bop.
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