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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Mikl C, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. He's always been my favourite.

    Best potential popstar out of the lot of them.
  2. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    He's a competent performer but he needs to shave his mustache. I don't think he has 'the X factor' though but he can definitely sing and dance.
  3. It utterly GORGEOUS.

    Its a three horse race, Marcus, Misha B and Little Mix
  4. With the right direction and production, he could be a brilliant male popstar the likes of which we haven't had since Justin Timberlake. But he'll never flourish in the X Factor environment.
  5. I think he's brilliant. From all the acts he has the most potential to become a great popstar. Plus, he's very attractive.
  6. Exactly that's why I really don't want him to win in the end. He's getting the right exposure with X Factor but I would love for him to do what he want's to do with his image and album. Basically if he get's good managment and PR team he's set.
  7. He needs proper choreography rather than flailing about a bit. And I don't really like the Bruno Mars direction they seem to be sending him in.

    But other than that, he's great. Between him, Misha and Little Mix, this years X Factor has been a success in finding potential popstars. Oh and Kitty.
  8. He has a lot of potential, and seems like one of the nicer ones left. At least he always tries to put on a performance too. I do find him a bit dated though.
  9. All about Marcus for me at the moment.
  10. Love love love Marcus. Got lost in the mix initially, but he's a good example of why consistently good upbeat performance can ultimately be more impressive than the same number ballad performances. He definitely feels like he's on a similar trajectory to Alexandra.

    Please get rid of the iffy porno tash though.
  11. He's fantastic, and he really deserves to not win. He needs to make the final and get a good contract, and be built up as a genuine popstar.
  12. I'd actually buy his album. He's adorable and I love his voice.
  13. He's definitely my favorite in the competition. And his smile really is amazing. I hope he gets to the final.

    With acts like Leona, Matt, One Direction, JLS and others you kind of knew what you were getting once they were signed. I have no idea what Marcus would do. There are different roads he can go down. And I still haven't seen a performance on X Factor where I've gone "That is what I want Marcus to do" like I had when Alexandra sang Toxic.
  14. For me there's something about him which doesn't quite connect. Like the previous poster, I just cannot figure out what he would be recording an album of following the competition. And that just makes me think of what happened to Joe McElderry.
  15. I'd love for him to be the JLS/Olly/Cher and not win but come back in the summer and be number one. Having said that if he won I wouldn't complain and I think he has a clear vision of who he wants to be so I don't think he'd let The X Factor turn him into a Leon/Joe/Matt. I definitely get JT vibes from him. We desperately need a solo male artist who is a pure popstar and not a teen star/rapper etc.

    And it doesn't hurt that he's gay and absolutely gorgeous.
  16. I don't get Justin vibes off him at all. He has potential but will probably be turned into a John Legend or whatever. I'm not here for that.
  17. I'd hate him to be made into a Bruno Mars or a "look he's from olden times! el oh el!" Jackie Wilson tribute - but I can imagine that happening.
  18. Same. And considering some of the songs being chosen for him, I can definitely see that being the case, which would be a waste.
  19. Nah, you can be influenced by old-fashioned soul or RnB and still be current. See Winehouse, Cee-Lo, even Ne-Yo in terms of his styling if not his music. That stuff is big at the moment. If Marcus gets the right songwriters he could fly with that kind of persona.
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