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Mare of Easttown (HBO) Kate Winslet mini-series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Launches 18 April 2021 on HBO MAX.
  2. Nearly started a thread for this - anyone else watching?

    I really enjoyed the first episode - Kate is phenomenal in it - but it looks like it'll be a very different proposition to the glossy trash of The Undoing. So much sadness already.
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  3. I lived for it. I will be tuning in every Sunday.
  4. I’m not sold. The first episode didn’t give me much to invest in, but Kate was as great as I expected and I do adore Cailee Spaeney & Jean Smart, and with the lack of other programming right now, I’ll likely watch the entire thing.
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  5. I loved the climate more than the plot or characters, like the town itself was most interesting to me so far.
  6. Whew. This is where I grew up / my entire family lives so it is very very weird seeing it on TV. Kate was literally driving down a street in a neighborhood I used to drive by regularly. They pick up every little detail from Wawa coffee cups (it’s a big deal here) to the bars to the accents to the overall atmosphere. It makes me realize how it’s probably one of the most unique places in the world, for better or worst. Kate Winslet’s Delco (Delaware County) accent is spot on.
  7. The new information that was revealed as the cliffhanger in the 2nd ep shook me...I didn't think this was going to be THAT type of show.
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  8. I had no idea she was promoting this! Every recent thing I've seen of her (like Colbert etc) had Ammonite in the video title!
  9. Same. Suddenly, I’m FAR more intrigued. This is becoming the sort of soapy trash posing under the guise of prestige sheen that I crave.
  10. Yes I'm totally hooked by this after the first episode. I feel kind of the opposite of you though @lushLuck, in that I was really struck by how middle-of-the-road procedural the first episode was — it didn't feel much more ambitious or nuanced than your average Sunday night ITV1 show — and I feel like it's going to be revealing more depths and complexity as it goes on. Which is the opposite of so many of these recent "highbrow" crime-adjacent dramas which are actually pure schlock, all surface.

    It's giving me season one Top of the Lake but make it Debra Granik.
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  11. All I can say is, wait until the very end of Episode 2.
  12. I’m usually a sucker for these kind of dark, thrillery slow burn shows ... but I couldn’t get into this at all.

    The cinematography is gorgeous though!
  13. Hooked. The end of episode 2 had me screaming, and Kate's acting during the scene with the pediatrician reminded me why I love her.
  14. Sorry, I meant to say "second episode" in that first sentence! I found the first ep very procedural-ish and the second much more compelling, though I know what you mean about the reveal up to a point.
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  15. This is so good. HBO really does put the other girls to shame! I almost can’t watch shows from other streaming services because they lack that film-like quality that everything from HBO has. Give Kate her things immediately!
  16. First episode I wasn’t sold at all. But the second has gotten me hooked.

    Kate really is a phenomenal actress. We been knew but it’s so good to see her stretch a bit.

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  17. I am loving this, before the "twist", I was still very into it. Do we trust Kate Winslet's daughter ladies?
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  18. No!

    She clearly lied to the male detective by saying the victim told her “no” about a ride, something we saw didn’t happen and also not what she told her mom.
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  19. Surely it can’t be the daughter because that would be the same ending as Sharp Objects. Agreed she is suspicious though!
  20. Also do we think they cast Jean Smart just to be a grandma that never leaves the family room and has 10 lines an episode? No no no.
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