Mare of Easttown (HBO) Kate Winslet mini-series

Evan Peters’ exposition and character-building speech about how he’s seeing his life in his 30’s hit a little too close to home.
Him talking about that 15-year high school reunion as I’m coming up on my 16th year out of high school... triggering.

I’m really enjoying this show. Wish we got more Cailee Spaeny, but I also feel like she only took this because it’s such a small role. Also Jean remains such an underused kiii in this.

Considering I date a PA-native, so much about this show reminds me of our rare visits to his hometown, but I’ll never tell him that.
Just watched the first episode of this, and I am completely pulled into it all. What a great cast to give us what I expect to be big drama.
That ending was very powerful, in all it's Twin Peaks ness.

I sensed it may of been coming after the kiss but I still gasped
It certainly looked like his brains got splattered all over the wall and with everything that came before (him coming clean about his previous case, his mother warning him about Mare, the kiss) it seemed like his arc was coming to a close. I think it will be another thing Mare will have to carry around with her.
I still think the daughter is my main suspect. I’m thinking maybe the dead son is the father of Erin’s baby and the catalyst for his suicide. Or with the money found with her journals and her allegedly not having been active on the escort site, I wonder if she was selling the dead son drugs? Both would be the reason for the daughter to seek revenge.

Either way, what a great series!
Bitch... this last episode... I gasped!
I love the way this really creeps up on you - it's building little by little this dreadful ambiance (who will ever eat a Wawa joyously after watching this?!) and the acting is delicious (on the verge of melodramatic but it stops right before it becomes too much).
Is it going through beaten paths? Yes. Is it doing it masterfully? Definitely.