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Mare of Easttown (HBO) Kate Winslet mini-series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. When I tell you I screamed in that moment...
  2. I don't remember the last time I physically jumped at a movie/TV show.
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  3. Same. My neighbor knocked on my front door to make sure I was okay.
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  4. Yeah it's either Kate's daughter or Mare's best friend's husband at this point? I can't see it being anyone else but...what is the point of Guy Pearce part? Just to be a red herring or some hope of happiness for Mare?
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  5. Haven’t gasped audibly like this during a television show in I can’t tell you how long. The last ten minutes of episode 5 were INSANE.
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  6. Sister we stan Guy Pearce.

  7. I just mean, casting someone as famous as that must be for a reason. As the Av Club put it; "
    • Regarding the “Guy Pearce did it” theory, his conspicuous absence from this episode feels important, even as I’m not totally convinced of the SVU logic that dictates the biggest yet most underutilized star has to be the killer."
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  8. This is what I suspect, and nothing more. I know it's a smaller role for a big name actor, but I think he was just excited to reteam with Kate.
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  9. I heard on a podcast that the role was meant for another actor and he needed to be replaced last minute and Guy was game. So, I’m not sure the “too big a name to be a non-event” fits here.
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  10. I've just binged all available episodes over the last couple days, what a great show. I'm sad about Evan being gone though.
  11. Not that cliffhanger. What's in the photo?
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  12. I hated how this episode ended. It wasn’t enough of a cliffhanger to really get me excited - it just felt like the episode... stopped. Anyway, I need the finale stat.
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  13. Give this show every award possible! I’m obsessed. The streaming service Binge autoplays a behind the scenes clip of the cast and every time I hear Kate’s normal speaking voice I jolt up. She’s an incredible force, especially in this.
  14. I'm enjoying this show, Kate is amazing, but that's nothing new, she always delivers imo. I didn't like how episode 6 ended either but it was a cracker of an episode otherwise!
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  15. Thoughts on the finale?
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  16. Loved it.
  17. Such a great ending. Kate, Jean Smart and Julianne Nicholson all knocked it out of the park.
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  18. Loved the finale so much! I liked how everything came together, things that I didn't expect to be related to the main case were. Excellent performances too.
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  19. I enjoyed it but I think maybe the twist was one step too far in trying to outsmart the viewer. I just don't see it.
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  20. I loved the last ep. What a SENSATIONAL show.
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