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Mare of Easttown (HBO) Kate Winslet mini-series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. The outcome was a little bit of a stretch for me but to be honest I wasn’t all that invested in the who killed Erin storyline to begin with.

    I enjoyed the characters, the relationships, the Easttown setting and the exploration of grief much more.

    Zabbel was missed!
  2. Absolutely. I read an interview by the creator who said that the show was inspired by the women in his life growing up and was intended as a tribute to the women that hold up a community and as such, it worked beautifully. Mare and Lori's relationship in particular, especially how they hold each other up in the face of absolute tragedy was so powerful.
    Here is the interview. I am putting it behind spoilers because they give away the ending in the title
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  3. The finale did a bit too much, but an overall enjoyable ending to a fun series.
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  4. Episode 5....
    Oh My Fucking Hell!
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  5. Not that Kate has ever really been “underrated” but I am absolutely loving that this show is kind of doing for her what Big Little Lies and The Undoing did for Nicole Kidman (I.e. remind everyone how fucking brilliant she is.) Kate has been my favorite actress for decades and this is some of her finest work. Hand her all the awards.

    I enjoyed the twist mostly because otherwise, it would have wrapped up a bit too neatly and early, and even if it seemed like a stretch, there was enough establishing them possibility from the first scene that it didn’t seem out of nowhere. On the flipside, I adore that the show didn’t just “end” and we truly got quality, final moments with every major player.

    A masterful show all around.
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  6. Yeah that's an excellent point. I was listening to a podcast and they pointed out that sometimes in this type of show, everything notable seems to happen to a town and its residents in the space of time it takes to investigate the crime but I'm glad they took the time to pull back and look at everyone's lives months down the line.
  7. I think a lot of shows struggle with ending, simply because it’s easy to either spend the last episode wrapping up the “story” and you truly get no aftermath of the characters you’ve grown to love, OR they do the exact opposite and the second to last episode is basically the finale and the actual episode feels like one extended epilogue. (I am looking at you pretty much every season of American Horror Story.) I think this show did a really nice job striking the balance of the two.
  8. Give Kate Winslet an Emmy for her work across the entire season and give Julianne Nicholson an Emmy for her performance in that episode. She was a little bit sensational!!
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  9. I finished it...
    I cried quite often throughout those last two episodes.
    Great Tv.
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  10. I’m finally binging this. Not reading anything and I’m on episode 5 now. Just wanna say the pace is REALLY slow and kinda not worth the hype. The ending better be good.

    Kate’s acting remains amazing and the mother is everything. I have a feeling that one of the the clues to solve this is in Richard’s book?

    Also Evan Peters is fucking annoying and so unnecessary in this.
  11. Honey I love you but
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Also I hope it’s not Frank cause that’ll be too obvious.

    Edit: Not me reaching the end of episode 5 and they just revealed who it was...
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  14. Just finished it. It was okayyyy. Here I was thinking the twist was gonna be something so shocking...
  15. Last post but this sums up Guy’s character for the show. Ddd

    And I so thought that this was gonna happen:

    And I thought when Mare eventually goes up the attic and finds out that the daughter hides a secret there which would’ve been a perfect setup for season 2...
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  16. It's a one and done, like Big Little Lies.
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  17. Although Big Little Lies did get a season 2 eventually and I heard the creator say he would be open to a second season if the right idea came along. Honestly, in this time of vicious competition among streaming services, I don't think HBO will let go of a hit show that easily.
  18. If the only memorable thing to come out of a second season is a gif of Meryl screaming, it's best to pretend it doesn't exist.
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  19. Am I the only one who found Billy Ross STRANGELY hot? Maybe John too.
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  20. Yeah, it was a good conclusion but I don’t know if I loved it. I’d have preferred if Lori had done it.
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