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Mare of Easttown (HBO) Kate Winslet mini-series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Kate and Julianne were phenomenal in that final episode and even though she was underused, Jean still managed to get a good solid tear out of me.
  2. Subwaykid

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    Jean Smart being cast just for pratfalls and fruit ninja was even worse than Guy Pearce’s role but she was a delight as usual.
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  3. I know I'm late, but I just finished the first two episodes and I am positively riveted ladies. Surely Kate is going to take home every award for this as well, no?
  4. Jean Smart was underused but she probably had the most pivotal line in the series. That Mare needs to forgive herself about Kevin. It was the catalyst for the ending.
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  5. I hate that this show has me possibly rooting for someone other than Elizabeth Olsen for that Emmy.
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  6. Kate was excellent but as contenders in her category I'd have her behind both Michaela Coel and Thuso Mbedu.

    Presumably "Anya Taylor Joy" or whomever takes it.
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  7. It’s certainly going to be a year in which any of them could / should take it, and that in another year they’d all be worthy winners, which is quite exciting!
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  8. Who was also bloody wonderful in The Queen's Gambit, and deserved every award
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  9. Well I absolutely tore through the second half today, and I loved it even if it is basically Sharp Objects: New England Boogaloo right down to the final twist. Overall just a beautifully constructed mystery.

    There was like one too many red herrings, but with the quality of what they delivered for like 95% of it, I'll let them have their gotcha moment.
  10. I still haven’t seen The KWEEN’s Gambit.
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  11. Watch it Hen
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  12. I mean, I imagine there is some truth to these because Kate does seem to be a thoroughly decent person, but I lost it at Kate volunteered to climb in the boot.
  13. The gutsy shock death in episode 5 is what I'll remember the show for, in years to come.
  14. I really missed him in the last 2 episodes though. I wonder if it was worth it.
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  15. I don’t think it’s been mentioned but Guy Pierce was a last second stand in for a lesser known actor. Kate just called him up for a favor ddd.
  16. The last episode was ridiculous. Kinda ruined the whole series for me. I'm still glad I watched it for Jean Smart's performance alone.
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  17. Episode 5 really was the peak but there were some interesting twists and the final scene with Mare and Lori made for a still very engaging epilogue in my opinion.
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  18. Haha! They are all true though. I watched quite a few interviews with the cast and all these things were brought up in different ones.
  19. The biggest gag was Mr. Caroll announcing that he had an affair with Mare's mom at his wife's funeral. It's these moments that made the series stand out for me. The crime part was interesting but it's the full package that sold it.
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  20. @spaceship I agree. Especially Mare's reaction in the next scene. That laugh.
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