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Mare of Easttown (HBO) Kate Winslet mini-series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. They really nailed the mother-daughter relationship in all its layers. The last time I saw this done so masterfully with in Sharp Objects.
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  2. Are we aware Kate Winslet and Julianne Nicholson are actual, real-life friends? Julianne’s husband is Kate’s son’s godfather, and Kate held Julianne’s child when he was less than 24 hours old. Emmy’s for them both!
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It feels like Kate's been gone for years, but what a return to form. It's also quite clear she's really in control which is always good to see.
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  4. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I loved Sharp Objects, but this was grounded in a way that series wasn’t. Patricia Clarkson needing to lie down every time Amy Adams walked into the house? Camp.
  5. Why am I howling at this description
  6. What's crazy is that this was actually Jean Smart's first filmed scene.
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm so glad this was brought up, it immediately stood out to me and I was so confused. I guess there are ways to explain it but I don't think it was the fool-proof twist the writers thought it'd be.

    But like others have said, I loved the show not for the murder mystery but for the relationships and community. The dynamics between all of the family and friends in this little town and the way intergenerational trauma was explored was masterfully done.
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  8. I’m almost tempted to say it didn’t even need the murder. The setting and the characters and the acting were so good and believable that they could have held their own just as a kitchen-sink family drama.
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  9. Words can not express how happy I was to see Kate finally taking on such a meaty role again and carrying a project on her capable and talented shoulders like this. I love Kate so very much, but before Mare and Ammonite it felt as though she had kind of disappeared off the radar? I don't know. If anything, Mare Of Easttown has proven that, when she’s on, she’s a veritable, electrifying force of nature. What an acting masterclass this show was! Those Emmy nominations are more than deserved.
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  10. I binged the full show two days ago and let me just say, I absolutely loved every minute of it. Give all the actors all the awards. It's so strange because the basis of the show is rather pedestrian, but the way it's acted, the characters, the mother-daughter dynamics, and the realism of it all really sold it for me.
  11. For me, what sells the entire thing is Kate. Without her this show wouldn’t have worked AT ALL.
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  12. Scene-stealer Jean Smart disagrees.
    Kate is obviously incredible and the main selling point of the show, but it's one of those rare series where every single character felt essential. Julianne Nicholson's portrayal of Lori still sticks with me. She just seems so... real?
  13. The moment where Jean calls her Marion! for the one and only time in the entire series has really stuck with me. Such a small thing but I kinda gasped. It made that moment so much more powerful that we’d finally heard what had been a bit of a secret.
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