Maren Morris - 4th Album


Sorry to the anti-Antonoffs, but Maren's cooking with dad.

We know Jack's mileage varies, but I'm excited to hear what Maren sounds like with new collaborators. I'm curious if this will be a Chicks-like affair, or if Maren's finally had it with trying to make singles for country radio and will whatever she wants. Something different. I hope it's the latter.
This might be her most lively record since Hero nn; the last two were just too vanilla for me to connect with.

I think she's gone through some transformative personal experiences that will shape this record. Humble Quest felt unsure. She simultaneously got back to sounds and melodic approaches from Hero while also losing some of the carefree perspective of that album. Girl remains a mixed bag, and I appreciate some of the R&B vibes.

Having a child, being a vocal ally and advocate for racial justice and LGBTQ issues, the perhaps humbling (...) reception to the last album - she's set up to do something out of step.
Background Music is a career highlight but yeah, the last album didn't do much for me. I think her working with Jack is interesting. I liked his work on Gaslighter so I'm perched. She needs a change of pace so any new collaborators are welcome.