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Maren Morris - GIRL

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. I'd understand All My Favourite People if they did push that, but Just For Now?

    An entire team of people at her label have sat down and genuinely believe that Just For Now would be a better single choice than A Song For Everything? Fire them all.
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  2. Let’s be real this album has like one song that is country the rest range from pop to soul?

    Good Woman is that Memphis soul lush tinged bop that I need more of.
  3. They'd be nuts not to release All My Favorite People. That song screams hit.
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  4. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    All My Favorite People and a Song For Everything double single release and watch her be the biggest popstar on the planet I am planting that seed!
  5. I actually really like Just For Now and I guess I could see why the label thinks it makes sense to push a newer song with the physical re-release, but if the campaign ends without A Song For Everything getting pushed then everyone has failed.
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  6. Just For Now is definitely the better of the two new songs but Jesus, there are so many songs on the album you’d pick before either of those songs....

    The Feels, All My Favourite People, A Song For Everything, Flavour or even The Great Ones or Gold Love!!!!

    All My Favourite People has been rumoured for ages, even before To Hell And Back but seems to have been payed dust so far...

    Any of those first 4 I mentioned are guaranteed hits and could keep this era alive, on radio atleast, for atleast a year to 18 months.
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  7. Given the glacial pace at which radio has picked up her singles and her touring the US again next fall in support of GIRL... they could easily squeeze 2 more singles out of it and then give her time to work on the next one. The slow burn of the album campaign has been interesting
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    What is Just For Now?? Was that on a re-release or something?
  10. The single (and album!) campaign that never ends!

  11. True, but that's no different than HERO, really. Maren's never really been country in the traditional sense. More a blend of it all together at once. I love her and both her albums, 3 if you count the Highwomen record.
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  12. She won Female Artist of the Year, which is pretty darn huge.
  13. Nice! She's so tiny. I met her at a meet & greet and she's the littlest thing. Then again i'm 6'4 though haha
  14. Full performance from last night:

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  15. Smash smash smash.
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  16. The Girl tour was amazing. She was so great live. I went to the meet & greet and she's TINY. So sweet.
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