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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Former member 330, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Too cool for Popjustice? She's been around since 2011-ish and she's rather amazing. Insert loads of made-up genres like darkwave, synthwave, etc. but it's like a mixture of lo-fi, disco and 80s/90s dance. For starters, I recommend her collaboration with LA Vampires, an album called 'The Integration LP', from October 2012. My favourite track is 'Supercool'...


    One to watch! Especially if you like Charli XCX and Glass Candy/the Italians Do It Better label. She's featured on the new Hervé album, along with Niki & The Dove and Austra, and has a brilliant track on the forthcoming Pharaoh's album, too...

    And her label, 100% Silk, is cool also!

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  2. Supercool indeed. I've no idea who she is, but this sounds lush.
  3. She's just an underground, indie gal based in London... but she's slowly building up steam this year. Everything she does sounds like it's from 1982-92 and made on a cassette. And that cassette got mangled up and wound back in with a biro before she sent you it.
  4. Supercool is, well, supercool. Album ordered. Thanks Anfunny.
  5. I've been a huge fan of hers for a while now. I think another good introduction to her work is the music video for Luvcool.

  6. Excellent! I'll be receiving some of her CDs in the post soon also!
  7. This is why I love her (from her facebook page)...

  9. I read that earlier. The bit about $9 royalty cheques is depressing. I bought one of her CDs!
  10. New tune.
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  11. Immune To My Charms is very good. It could easily fit on Histrionic, which is her most melodic album to date - if we don't include her best album which is The Integration LP with LA Vampires. What happened to her? I think I love this new one. I'll have to find details about her new album, and I'm glad she's back.
  12. I've been waiting ages for new music. And where is LA Vampires?
  13. She's back! The Integration is one of my favourite albums.
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  14. And another - this release is just so divine. Roll on Feb 15th for the last few tracks.
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