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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Somebody has uploaded the 1993 Thanksgiving special in full on Youtube. Go and watch 90’s Mariah before it’s taken down.

  2. Hurrah! Thanks for the link, love this.
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  3. Seconded. When I heard it it was so different for her I was hooked. It’s a shame she doesn’t seem to like it very much.
  4. Love this. It’s what made me a fan
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  5. I loooove it. Apart from the unnecessary autotune overload which I mention every time the song comes up in conversation. I still play it often.
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  6. Just played this early MC absolute gem:

    So glad the UK got it as single, despite it stalling at a criminal #54. Love the album version, but think the single remixes by Shep Pettibone, take it to early 90s perfection!

  7. Been listening to Charmbracelet and this is so addictive. Should’ve been in battle with The One for lead single.
  8. She was on Spaces again last night

    There’s a lot more in the thread
  9. I only listened to the first two parts but in 4 mins she revealed part of the overseas promo plans for Me I Am were scrapped because of her arm injury during the Beautiful Remix video, she's working with Lee Daniels on a biopic?, and she's writing/recording/producing new music (holiday and a regular album)! I guess she wants to do a show about the making of the album too.
  10. She confirmed her and Brandy have something in the works, and she's working with some group on something but couldn't clarify further. Also she wrote a new Christmas song she's looking for a younger male vocalist to duet with on (her stans recommending Bruno Mars and...Celine Dion ddd).
  11. Two new Mimi albums possibly on the way?? Yes!
  12. She also said she’s already been working on the visual aspect of her next project, and mentioned that she wouldn’t even care if she’s not on the album cover because she wants it to be all about the music and what she does (I need her on it though dd but it’s great to hear she’s apparently quite deep through it).

    Also, this is really not the first time she’s done it, but she also compared whatever’s coming next to Butterfly and Emancipation, as in her having had time to rest her voice and sit long enough with the material to tweak it to perfection. So yeah, I’m salivating.
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  13. Mimi X Brandy is literally a gay wet dream, I hope it comes to fruition.
  14. Sounds like this will be quite a project.
  15. One of my favourite songs and one of my first memorable encounters with her music. I really like the solo version on the MC30 ep. It's such a small detail (and it's not Cam'ron, I like his inclusion in the main version) but the breezy 'baby I need you' is more prominent at the end and I love it.
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  16. The closer we get, the more worried I am that we won’t get a Glitter vinyl reissue (or announcement) in September.
  17. Yes, does make you wonder!
  18. I want to re-enter the euphoric fan haze of MC30 again with a new album(s).
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  19. That twitter thing was so chaotic
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