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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I love to open Twitter on November 1st and see that Mariah Carey is trending.

    It’s also just amazing how fully into it she is right now. She just owns it. The turnaround since the still kind of recent dark years is just glorious.
  2. She was trending in the UK literally minutes after midnight, her impact is incomparable
  3. It's tiiiiiiiiiime! is the best part of every November 1.
  4. Manifesting that this is the year we finally get her version of Where Are You Christmas…
  5. She is just effortlessly the Queen Of Christmas.
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  6. The absolute Mariah hysteria across social media today is fabulous.

    She just gets it.
  7. She's been filming stuff since March/April for this Christmas so I imagine a lot is coming!
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  8. Are we getting a new Christmas song on Friday? 11/5 seems to imply something is dropping.
  9. She’s announcing what we’re getting on 11/5 at midnight tonight according to her TikTok account. So I would assume it’s a song, otherwise 11/5 would be the date of the announcement (of a new special, etc?).

    That video instilled such joy in me, it feels like we’ve barely seen her this year.
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  10. November is Caution season in my house. It's the perfect lush late fall/early winter album to spin before Christmas music takes over. The run from The Distance to basically the end of the record... that was a classic, that was a classic.
  11. I've found it: the perfect tweet.

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  12. I know it's a very small thing to be annoyed about, but it annoys me how inconsistent they are with the Mariah font now. She's been using this font since the debut, then it changed when she moved to Island/Def Jam... but for the last few campaigns, they've flicked between using both.
  13. Hope we get a new studio album next year!
  14. Maybe we're getting new remixes or something on Friday ahead of a Merry Christmas II You reissue?
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  16. Oh that sounds great! At 5 minutes + Kirk Franklin, I wonder if it pops off? The melody is so classically lush Mariah already.
  17. I was not ready for THAT WHISTLE right away.
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