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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. That snippet sounds amazing! Is it greedy of me wanting a new Christmas album this year? I guess they usually release Christmas albums as early as October for sale? She being the queen of Christmas but only having two proper Christmas albums just feels wrong.
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  2. So it begins...

    All I Want For Christmas returns to the US Spotify chart at #45 with 373,357 streams yesterday. On the Global chart it's at #106 with 889,177 total streams.
  3. The press release makes this sound like it might just a performance of the new song? With last years special available to stream after?

    If its more songs I'm really hoping 'One Child' gets an airing. I'm SO excited for Friday... the track is over 5 minutes long... and she's referenced sticking around for the outro... I think we about to get taken to CHURCH #gospelriah
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  4. Bring it on Mariah.
  5. Rise, Lotus Pointsettia, rise.
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  6. I feel Scroogey for saying this, but I would've preferred some new regular music over another Christmas song.
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  7. Hopefully that will follow next year too.
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  8. We'll get that. She's talked about it a lot and I think it'll be special. In the meantime, let's get festive as fuck.
  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Considering she's a legacy act, her social media presence is incredible. The "it's time" video has over a million likes on Instagram alone.

    (Meanwhile my other fave is too busy reposting random Facebook videos with nothing more than "#GoinIN" and "#iLuvIT", yes I'm very bitter).
  10. The full press release:

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  11. Yeah new music is definitely coming soon. As long as the Christmas format remains profitable, I don't think we'll ever get anything but full-on festive vibes from Mariah's Q4s again.
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  12. Screenshot_20211102-173211_Twitter.jpg

    I have a good feeling about this song.

    Khalid must be LIVING.
  13. My sixty year old mother has sent this year's "it's time" video to our family group chat nn, this is incredible levels of GP breakthrough. Now to finally convince her to read The Meaning of Mariah Carey!
  14. She looks so radiant.
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  15. Does anyone have a copy of The Ballads CD with the 2008 re-recording of Hero? I was under the impression it was only used in the promo video but apparently it's on the early US pressings (it was re-pressed a few years later). Just wanted some identifying info from the disc to help me hunt down a copy.
  16. Have you checked discogs?
  17. I have but there's no mention of 'this version includes the Hero re-recording' etc or this supposed 2014 repress annoyingly. Might just have to blind purchase a copy and accept any extra international shipping costs.
  18. Fall in love at Christmas is incredible
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  19. A gorgeous song. It has the vibe of the new We Belong Together version, very sophisticated and chill while very wel constructed.

    Also the whistle at 2:42 - where did that come from? Queen of resting her voice just to destroy us.
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