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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Yes it was quite bad, a mediocre interview with Zane Lowe who just doesn’t *get* Mariah’s brilliance and two forgettable performances. I wish they had at least done a ‘live’ version of Fall In Love instead of just lip syncing to the track.
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  2. I just hope the next Mimi music project is that follow up to Caution!
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  3. I played Caution while taking a shower and beautifying earlier today and had the best 38 minutes and 30 seconds in ages.
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  4. LPT


    You had a 38 minute 30 second shower?
  5. I was out of the shower by the start of A No No! Can't lie I took my time applying my creams and drying my hair I don't get out much and playing Runway straight after Portrait is the cherry on top.
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  6. Is the cdsingle of Fall in love exclusive to Target or is it available somewhere outside US??? A new, official MC cdsingle!!!
  7. It's available on her US store which ships internationally.
  8. Mariah finding out she hit a billion streams, she deserves all this success

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  9. This is all so amazing. That Nugget dipping and obviously not biting it is it for me.
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  10. ^**Pa pa pam pa pam**^
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  11. *With a $1 min. purchase, dahling!
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  12. The T-shirt is sending me

  13. This being better than all her merch ever. I’m so annoyed it’s not just for sale.
  14. All I Want... is #3 on the Hot 100 this week!
  15. This SO needs to be on sale. Rude not too.
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  16. I NEED THAT T.
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  17. According to the press release, the shirt will only be available on Dec. 21 to the first 10K people in the U.S. who order a sausage McMuffin with cheese through the app.
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  18. LPT


    So it's actually real?
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  19. Are delivery orders eligible or pick-up only? Fully prepared to order something to a relatives house for one of those shirts…
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