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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Playing the opener of Caution as we speak.. GTFO, is truly still such a moment:
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  2. And all so iconic too. Surprised Dreamlover isn't on there too, if any song of hers scream Summer, than it's that. Guess maybe released too late in the season though perhaps to count?
  3. It was released in July. Topped the chart once summer was over - in its sixth week and stayed there for eight consecutive weeks (September 5 to October 30, 1993)
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  4. Obviously I understand about release dates and chart runs but it's funny that neither Fantasy (arguably one of the best Summer songs of all time) and Dreamlover don't appear on that list. Evergreen bops.
  5. Stereogum posted the My All article for their Number Ones column today. Here are some highlights:
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  6. I find it funny that those are the Mariah songs that feature in Billboard's Summer Songs. I get it's based purely on charts but for an artist who is one of my favourite "summer" artists of all time, not one of those songs really screams summer to me! Dreamlover, Fantasy and Heartbreaker have been on pretty much every summer playlist I've ever made. I would have bet my life that at least one of those featured in the lists.

    Speaking of Mariah sounding great in the summer months- Me. I Am Mariah is a great listen in the sunshine- the whole album is wonderful but Beautiful, You Don't Know What To Do and Money are all sublime listens in the heat.
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  7. Giving me Life just gave me life. It is so so so good. As the whole album is, Not making The Distance a single is a hate crime though.
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  8. Easily two of her best modern days songs right there. Giving Me Life certainly lived up to it's title.
  9. Caution is fantastic and I'm glad it seems to get so much praise.

    I don't think Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel and Me I Am Mariah get enough credit though, both are brilliant listens.
  10. Always Be My Baby definitely screams 'summer' to me. It's funny to think about how huge we let We Belong Together get during the summer months when it's so emotionally bereft. Hardly a feel-good song or party song, which is what you expect from a summer anthem.

    And then three years later everyone at Island/Def Jam thought the world would spend Summer '08 bopping to "this is for my people who lost their grandmothers."
  11. Did anyone order and receive the Fantasy / Daydream T-Shirt announced in March, with an end of April release? Did it arrive? Mine hasn't and I've had no emails about a delay or anything.

    Update: dd the customer support email address on the website doesn't even work, I've contacted Paypal and they instantly refunded it.
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  12. Memoirs is a masterpiece and she worked with The Dream when he was at the height of his powers.

    It's only let down by that cover of I Want to Know What Love Is........the only skip.
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  13. My only gripe with I Want to Know is it’s abrupt fade out. Would have preferred 30 more seconds of wind down.
  14. This is my issue with it too, it seems to end just as it's getting going, I remember there was fan made extended version going around made using a live performance that had a longer outro dd.
  15. Mariah, has so many Summer feeling bops I think.
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  16. This was really cool to listen to.

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  17. #MC30 is returning by looks of it, confirmation that Jump Smokers album is being released
  18. LPT


    I am shaking.
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  19. Fantastic news and so unexpected!!
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