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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. She has classics that are too essential for me to really put it on top but I understand what you mean because it is that good.
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  2. Assume this will be for Butterfly 25 - hopefully it’s a new re-sung remix?
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  3. Interesting and great news if so, always loved his remixes. Him and Mariah were magic together.
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  4. This looks way too good to be true, but this is rumoured as a Butterfly 25 tracklist. Morales did confirm yesterday that an unreleased Mariah remix will be coming soon, and this would explain the 96-00 gap on The Rarities…
  5. It’s fake according to Liron, screamed too good to be true.
  6. I'd scream if a Lead the Way demo was released but the song wasn't even recorded until 1997.
  7. Halle Bailey was the give away
  8. Here at the Barbican Glitter screening and the girls are out in full force!
  9. Hope we do indeed get some proper Butterfly 25 celebrations. Considering it's now mid August, wonder if we will anything about a release soon for this year?
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  10. I absolutely need this remix in better quality. Hope she puts it on a Butterfly deluxe edition
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  11. I was there as well! I haven’t seen the film since it came out and it is so different than I remembered. It’s actually another Star is Born more or less (not a criticism) which I didn’t recognise at the time. Mariah is better than I remember - the script and the pacing and that crazy rushed ending are the problems. It really made me reassess the era and how horrible everyone was to her. Also, I hated Loverboy at the time, and, to these ears, it sounds so much better now.

    ps I loved the woman who did the little slide show at the front
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  12. I was also there!

    I liked the film but you can see how it dealt with a lot of interference because it's a little all over the place.
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  13. I’d also never seen it before and honestly? I thought it was terrible but I still greatly enjoyed being there and the presentation at the start was fab. I’m just glad I got to share in the communal laughter every time she picked up that damn cat!
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  14. Hahahahaha THE CAT
  15. She should go for Queen of Xmas and Sitting.
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  16. Mariah herself has bristled every time someone's called her that, so I'm assuming this trademark application was more her team's initiative. I don't know the first thing about this trademark law but I would've thought it's far too broad for her to claim it? Even if this Elizabeth/Darlene mess didn't happen, some form of media blowback was surely predictable - is it worth having the exclusive rights to stick that on a t-shirt?

    That said Elizabeth Chan's bitter Obsessed.mp3 self can fuck off! The girls found years of shady tweets and postings from her. Darlene wasn't cute for her vocal shade either but we'll overlook since she is an actual Christmas queen...
  17. It feels unnecessary on first thought? No artist has such a hold on a specific holiday like she has with Christmas. No need to monetize it more? But I am also careful with this stuff because who knows which specific case Mariah is thinking about. Maybe it is also a reaction to somebody else using that and trying to cash on Mariah when her team is using this universally seeming term in press releases and stuff? Like a „why should someone else make me pay?“ kind of way. So for us it may generally feel weird but in her position it may make sense? In the end it’s copyright nonsense I think.

    I also hear all the points of the people already coming for blood but she really is deep into that Christmas thing. Criticism for All I Want For Christmas because it sounds like a classic is plain silly to be honest.

    Is it inspired by what came before it? Yes. Is it legitimately one of the best pop songs ever - and I am not saying Christmas but Pop on purpose here? Yes.

    It’s not like Lindsay and her sister are saying they own Christmas because they once made an EP.
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  18. I get what you’re saying. But it just doesn’t feel very smart to solve one problem by creating another set of issues. I’m not even trying to defend the likes of Darlene or Elizabeth who here. It just feels like she needs better advisors.
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