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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. One of them sounds like she's trying to sound like Mariah.
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    8 brand new songs was always going to be a reach girls (I know what the video said, but we know how these labels are). I was assuming maybe one unfinished demo at most, with the rest being acoustics/live/remixes so I'm not that surprised by what we got ddd. It's nice to have the Brandy version of The Roof on streaming in any case!
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  3. The fact it’s actually amazing quality and not just disgustingly upscaled. I’m gagged. It looks amazing.
  4. Wow, it looks GLORIOUS
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  5. I genuinely don't think there is anything left in the vaults for Butterfly, barring maybe some demos of released songs. The only thing I think we know exists is a demo/early version of Lead the Way.
  6. Mariah is obviously too good at writing songs for her to need 20-30 tracks per album.
    Just very good at having 12-14 ideas and turning them into great additions to her catalogue.
  7. Happy 25th to Butterfly! An truly remarkable and landmark release for Mariah and without an doubt, one of her all time best.
  8. I have had several moments listening to these bonus tracks. (Disclaimer, I'm a teeny bit stoned and dancing in my house to these remixes) I was initially unexcited about the acapellas but I'm pretty sure I will replace the original of Fourth Of July with that. Gorgeous. The remixes went beyond expectations. I was worried about that Butterfly mix having nothing but that one phrase repeated over and over for 2 minutes but once we got there, a wonderful modern addition to the other mixes. And Morales killed this one as well. Finally, what a blessing to have that Letterman performance in high quality. You can really pinpoint when that backup singer overstepped her bounds. Haha

    I apologize for rambling.

    Edited to include my favorite Mariah look of all time, the look she gave that backup singer. I keep it on my Fire Stick screensaver.

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    Do we know if the main album (and/or bonus material) are remastered?
  10. What is this conspiracy? I see it everywhere... she's not even looking in the direction of the backup singer.
  11. I wish the streaming artwork said “25th anniversary edition” or something, the image of her is iconic and perfect but i wish the text resembled what the edition actually is
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  12. Yes, this IS Butterfly 25 after all. To have it acknowledged as such would be an nice simple added touch.
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  13. The artwork is so iconic that it would be a shame to butcher it for what will become the definitive digital release.
  14. I actually just realised the digital cover only says Mariah Carey and no mention of Butterfly, which doesn't make any sense. At this point I would prefer just the photo, like the original cd sleeve which had no text, the name and title were printed on the bit of the tray card that shows through the jewel case (why is this so difficult to put into words?)
  15. Bizarrely, the 25th anniversary edition on streaming is the original album version. There's a separate Dolby Atmos version which sounds much better than other Dolby Atmos remasters.
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  16. When I play any of the album tracks from the 25th Anniversary edition it does play in Dolby Atmos - all the bonus tracks aren’t which I guess explains why it’s not tagged as a whole as Atmos under the title.
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  17. I created my own separate Butterfly 25 called Butterfly 25-Remixes & Rarities. Made for quite a good listen I think:
    1. The Roof (When I Feel The Need) (Mariah Carey Feat Brandy)
    2.Whenever You Call (Mariah Carey & Brian McKnight)
    3.Butterfly (Live From The Late Show With David Letterman)
    4.My All (Live From VH1 Divas Live)
    5.Fourth Of July (Acapella)
    6.Outside (Acapella)
    7.Honey (So So Def Radio Remix)
    8.The Roof (Back In Time) (Mobb Deep Radio Edit)
    9.Breakdown (The Mo' Thuggs Remix)
    10. Mi Todo
    11. Close My Eyes (Acoustic 2020)
    12.Honey (Smooth Version-With Intro)
    13. The Roof (Back In Time) (Morales Radio Mix)
    14.Butterfly (Meme Club Radio)
    15. My All (Classic Radio Mix)
    16.Butterfly (Amorphous Anniversary Club Remix)
    17. Honey (Another Taste Of Honey David Morales Remix)
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  18. I'm expecting the 3rd and 4th LPs of the boxset to be something like this, LP1 being the album, LP2 the 8 'new' tracks, and then 2 discs of remixes from the singles!
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  19. A solo version of 'The Beautiful Ones' is likely to exist.
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