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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. So much going on - but she's working on three musical projects.

    One she was unspecific about, one which could be songs for the [Meaning of Mariah scripted series] or a docuseries & one which is a 'themed album people have been requesting for years but not done in the traditional sense...working with a lot of eclectic new & older legendary artists'.
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  2. I have the old liquid gold reissue of Butterfly and I think I'm good with that. I can't justify $150+ on an album I own already and I'm not a remix girlie, but I'm happy for those who are getting it!
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  3. Me signing up for a 12 month VMP membership at the start of the month and bagging $150 store credit in time for this landing.

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  4. It's so gorgeous, but I don't need it. I have the original '97 album pressing and the gold UO one (and fucking picture disc) this would just be a pretty box I'd be buying during a time when people are struggling. I can't do it.

    Announce a Daydream boxset and we'll talk.
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  5. Apparently this works: Non-VMP members, download the SHOP app, search VMP Mariah Carey, and check out without a membership.
  6. I think the boxset has now sold out on VMP. The 2LP sold out on her store as well.

  7. ....The lies. This is now on Waitlist for members in under an hour.
  8. If you count on Mariah for one thing, it’s giving anniversary treats. Vinyls, re-recorded songs, new remixes, *real* 4K video, a 2-hour podcast on the album, and more stuff to come?! She’s such a treasure.

    Sincerely hoping for the Butterfly tour audio!
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  9. Indeed, just love her. Lucky fans/lambs we are.
  10. UK left with dust.
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  11. For the briefest of moments the 4LP was available via the UK store. I didn't hesitate and I managed to get a copy!

    I'm elated, yet I also feel very uneasy after spending £160 on a vinyl just like that. However it's not just any vinyl, of course... it's Mariah, it's Butterfly and it's truly gorgeous. It's due to ship a week after my 35th birthday so I'll consider it as a present to myself. I can congratulate myself on being both old and poor!

    The 2LP is still available for £49:

    Keep an eye out via this link in case the 4LP comes back in stock:
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  12. Thank you! For some reason only the cassette is showing (as sold out) on my browser.
  13. Congrats to those who got the vinyl boxset-looks truly goregous!!
  14. I'll believe the alt rock album release when I see it! She's been teasing it for so long and if she is in fact working on 3 other projects, I imagine that will get lowest priority.

    But I think I want it second most behind a new album.
  15. Just knowing she has it is good enough for me right now, the Chick album as it stands feels like a whole new Mariah record.
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  16. Is there a reissue planned for the Chick album ? ? ?
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  17. It’s said there is no cd option, it would be worth it just for the Bossanova remix of Butterfly!
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  18. Wait, so the 8 bonus tracks are digital only?
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