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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. It’s been 4 years since Caution. I’m ready for a new studio album and not these side projects that’s never really grabbed my attention.
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  2. I need Gospelriah. A gospel themed album from her would be the death of me.
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  3. I was hoping that there would be a radio mix of David Morales' remix of Honey but looks like it doesn't exist.
    Other than that, the 4LP tracklist looks great.
  4. I wonder why the 8 bonus tracks are digital only though.
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  5. Still but gutted about no CD edition gotta say.
  6. Same, let’s pray in a change of mind.
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  7. I'd really love the sweater, but £60?!!
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  8. Is the 4 LP realy sold out? Surely they would be aware of the demand after MC30?
  9. So, it's just a mess of release !
    Cassette and standard lp with 12 tracks (cassette shipping in October, vinyl: time unknown)
    Digital expanded edition with those 8 tracks (out now)
    4LP edition with 28 tracks (12 + 16) (shipping from 3rd March 2023)
    No cd at all.
    I want to believe in that final " More to come " on her IG post.
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  10. She should just release a 3 discs boxset with everything, the bonus tracks and the remixes album.
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  11. I hope the 4LP set includes all these outtakes, so stunning.
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  12. They don’t, the set includes a selection of remixes. Not even the new Morales mixes are on it.
  13. This is the tracklist of the 4LP set
    Expanded Tracklist:

    A1 Honey 4:59:00
    A2 Butterfly 4:34:00
    A3 My All 3:51:00

    B1 The Roof (Back in Time) 5:14:00
    B2 Fourth of July 4:23:00
    B3 Breakdown 4:44:00

    C1 Babydoll 5:06:00
    C2 Close My Eyes 4:20:00
    C3 Whenever You Call 4:21:00

    D1 Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) 3:49:00
    D2 The Beautiful Ones 6:58:00
    D3 Outside 4:46:00

    E1 Honey (So So Def Mix) 5:11:00
    E2 My All / Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix) 4:43:00
    E3 The Roof (Back in Time) (Mobb Deep Extended Version) 5:31:00
    E4 Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix) 4:58:00
    E5 Butterfly (Classic Bossa Nova) 4:10:00

    F1 Honey (Bad Boy Remix) 5:32:00
    F2 The Roof (Back in Time) (Full Crew Mix) 4:58:00
    F3 Butterfly (Meme Club Radio) 4:17:00
    F4 Whenever You Call 4:21:00
    F5 Mi Todo 3:51:00

    G1 Honey (Def Club Mix) 6:18:00
    G2 Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Fly Away Club Mix) 9:50:00
    G3 My All (Morales Classic Club Mix) 9:06:00

    H1 Honey (Classic Mix) 8:05:00
    H2 Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Def "B" Fly Mix) 8:40:00
    H3 The Roof (Back in Time) (Morales Funky Club Mix) 8:28:00

    The 8 (digital) tracks are not included in the £155 4LP set !

  14. I hear God. Still my favourite song in her whole catalogue.

  15. One of her best video, too !
  16. The singles run from Butterfly, could quite possibly be her finest.
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  17. The photos, I meant. I wouldn’t classify any of the ‘new’ material / remixes as outtakes.
  18. Am officially obsessed with this:

    Proof that the Morales remixes, were always the best.
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  19. I really hope she does something similar for the other album anniversaries. It’s so fascinating listening to Mariah describe the recording/writing/producing process of making her albums. Charmbracelet turns 20 in November, and I’d love to her thoughts about making that record.
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  20. I really could listen to her talk about the recording process for hours. Love her passion for music. And anything regarding Charmbracelet would be most welcome!
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