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Mariah Carey - #Butterfly25 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sabrina, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Charmbracelet, for me, is easily her worst album.
  2. Much prefer it to Emancipation gotta say.
  3. Mariah is one of the few artists who I think doesn’t have any bad albums. However, Emotions is my least favourite because it's forgettable.
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  4. Emotions, is one of my personal favourites. Love the blend of 50, 60s, 70s R&B Soul and Gospel and 90s House and Adult Contemporary. Her vocals are insane on it too.
  5. Yep, it’s brilliant. Actually my favourite Mariah LP and the first that made me a fan back in 1991. Gorgeous songs throughout and yep, the vocals are absolutely off the scale!
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  6. Yeah, Emotions has no skips. E=MC2 is easily my least favourite and is the album that has dated the most.
  7. Any ‘Make It Look Good’ fans? I know she did the retro 70’s thing across various albums but I think the Stevie-style harmonica is so infectious on this.

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  8. Don’t do Anklemonitor like that
  9. I definitely prefer it to Glitter and Elusive Chanteuse, and sometimes even Emancipation.
  10. Think out of all her 00s albums, it's Memoirs I least gel with. It's only really only Merry Christmas II You though in terms of any MC studio albums I find really meh though. Guess the fact the first Merry Christmas is such a classic doesn't help in comparison.
  11. Why Mariah was this set so limited. Sure it’s nice to have a collectible but release a widely available black vinyl version then or something.
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  12. VMP had a similar set for Whitney, which I feel like they've repressed a few times, so I could see them doing a repress in the future. Maybe in standard black, as you said.
  13. Why were the hoodies so limited on the UK store nn please let me throw my money at overpriced merch @LiveNation.
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  15. Exactly, thought it wouldn't be gone so quickly either.
  16. I got bits and pieces but some of the interesting stuff:
    -Her favorite songs from Me I Am Mariah are Faded, Heavenly, Cry (I think she said Faded first...)
    -Kept talking about the new projects, started talking about how the business side of things was getting in the way of her finishing a current project?
    -Suggested that she might also do what people call a contemporary album alongside whatever she's working on... I guess suggesting a new studio album isn't first in the queue.
    -Confirmed she's working on an original song with Brandy
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  17. Yes, she’s always so great at answering questions. The space is available to listen to here

  18. She's such a mess when it comes to explaining her future projects dd. I hope the original song with Brandy ends up materializing, because their version of "The Roof" was such a letdown, you couldn't even hear Miss Norwood.
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  19. Someone asked for a cd edition of #Butterfly25 ?
    Another duet with Brandy ? Is she so popular in US at the moment ?
  20. Excuse you! That's the Vocal Bible™, Brandy transcends popularity.

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