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Mariah Carey - Caution

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by man.tis.shrimp, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. According to her Instagram, something is coming this year.


    Just saw this is already being discussed in the general thread. If these needs deleting, please go ahead.
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  2. I think having a separate thread should be fine.

    I'm glad she's not sticking to just doing singles like she mentioned earlier this year. I was worried for a moment.
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  3. Someone fresh and new needs to jump in.

    Or get Mike Will to produce a solid ten track. I need a few more Faded's in my life.
  4. I am so excited for this. That's my release for 2017 to look forward to.

    Just hope for a slightly different sound from her as the 'Mimi' sound has gone on for a while now.
  5. Considering the last album was (in my opinion) a return to form for her musically, I'm intrigued and also a bit tentative.
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  6. It wouldn't surprise me if this came next year.
  7. We don't need that sort of negativity.
  8. In my opinion she should totally embrace her favourite r'nb and find her calm niche OR go with strong pop melodies and big vocals if she wants another number 1 so much (it won't happen anyway). I feel like she wants both now and it just doesn't work.
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  9. I'm glad LA Reid has realistic expectations in terms of how her singles will do. Hopefully that means no album delays when the time comes.
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  10. BML


    Honestly, she should do a The London Sessions-type album. Be very clear about her intentions, work with hip and popping alt-rnb acts and producers, emphasize the fact it's a one-off experiment and then she can go back to her precious Johnta Austin/Jermaine Dupri rehashes for the following album.
  11. I'd kill for some new producers, leave Jermaine Dupri at home.
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  12. I wish everyone would do this, honestly. He's been responsible for many a jam in his time but it's been diminishing returns for a while.

    "Y'ALL KNOW WHO IT IS" - yes, we do, and we would like you to maybe just sit this one out.
  13. I'm perched to say the least.
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  14. I want her working with fresh, more contemporary producers. She does her brand of RnB so well, but she has the voice and talent to deliver something left of center and different. Me I Am.. was a return to form in many regards, but I don't feel like it was necessarily anything fresh or new. It was Mariah doing what Mariah does best.

    I would kill for her to do something more in the quiet storm or alt-RnB realm. Get her in the studio with Dev Hynes and I'm sure she could cook up something amazing. I know this is all wishful thinking since those sounds don't really seem congruous with Mariah, but she's at the point in her career where she doesn't really have anything to prove to anyone anymore so I'd like to see her take a few more creative risks.
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  15. Agree. I think The Roof is somewhere in Dev's universe. Lets have 12 The Roofs please.
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  16. People might think I'm absolutely crazy, but I was listening to Devotion the other day, and I can totally picture Mariah's voice on something like the title track.

    I want her serving lush, atmospheric soundscapes with this next album. No more cheap ass, tinny, productions.
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  17. BML


    A Bliss Pt 2 in the vein of Needed Me though.
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  18. Oh Jesus yes please.
  19. Please use I Don't as inspiration. As in give us music as furthest from that as possible.
  20. I Don't want songs like her most recent single for this album. I was just very bored with that one. If she's going to stick to her R&B sound, maybe more of Infinity and Thirsty would be better.
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