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Mariah Carey - Caution

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by man.tis.shrimp, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. True. But still not camp enough.
  2. Use the code LNMARIAH and it'll open up.
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  3. Got my tickets, waaaah, I’m too excited to hear this album live!
  4. Bless you, thank you so much! I managed to get two tickets in the stalls. This has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders and I’ve been anxious all week about it, so thank you so so much!
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  5. No problem! It was a little confusing for me too. Glad to help
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  6. Wish I could get to London that weekend, but just can't due to commitments! Oh well, enjoy Lambs!
  7. We still don’t know about the CD next to Caution. It only takes one Bretzel Jizz to destroy the whole reputation.
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  8. My boyfriend is okay, thanks for asking.
  9. Thanks for this - I'm abroad and was gonna have to stay up til 1am, was having Kylie Christmas ticket flashback palpitations.
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  10. Just got tickets in the fifth row of the floor for Dublin! Can't wait to festivate.
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  11. The Amsterdam date is selling horribly. Every block except the front three is almost fully unsold despite the top price being €77. I'm tempted to get tickets but it's surely gonna get canceled?
  12. Got great tickets this morning for the Dublin show. So thrilled to be finally seeing her, been a fan since Day 1 and she’s never disappointed me (apart from Charmbracelet ). Can’t wait for this!
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  13. It’s just gone on sale.
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  14. Yeah, I bought a ticket for the Amsterdam show because I fancied a little summer jaunt and thought it’d be ‘two birds with one stone’. I got my ticket as soon as they went on sale and so it’s natural people are gonna buy from the front first. It should be fine, right?
  15. Also people smoke there. Probably all amsterlambs just chillin.
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  16. My bank after seeing the Enhanced Experience tickets being charged to my credit card:

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  17. I got my ticket for the Barcelona show. It was absurdly expensive - since it’s only 2k capacity, it was to be expected. I couldn’t spend more than 150€ but I got a decent seat in the upper stalls. I’m so happy.

    Primavera, Mariah, the Spice and Kylie within 5 weeks. I don’t think I’ll cope.
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  18. Its a bit expensive though and doubt she'll sell a lot... I think the Christmas concert sold a lot more and she was here in December, so don't think people go again (just like me).
  19. I got a good ticket for €54 euros though.
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